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Small Cemetery aka Henry Small Cemetery

Located off of Geyer Rd. more east than south of Boonville. Take Rockport Rd. southeast out of Boonville to Geyer Rd. Going east to Two Story Rd. (originally Two Story School House Rd). On Two Story go south a bit till Geyer picks up again then go east .3 miles to the cemetery before you get to Decker Rd. Small Cemetery is the official name of the cemetery at the Warrick Surveyors Office and is marked on the Warrick Road Map. Degonia Springs is about 8 miles east of Boonville on Hwy 62. The Small cemetery is about halfway between the two but too far south to be considered in Degonia and not near Hwy 62. 

Thanks to Jim Small for the listing of people buried in this cemetery. See also Jim Small's page on this cemetery. It gives the background of the cemetery.

Images from the files of Virginia Aldridge

Brown, Children    Two graves marked by a cedar Tree (no stones), children of William & Easter Small Brown

Cain, Hearold     Jul 1923 -  Nov 1924, son of Ruby L. Small and Etchel Cain, closer view

Marts, Charles     all 3 Marts family stones are identical and illegible

Marts, Jacob Marts   all 3 Marts family stones are identical and illegible

Martz, Mary Jane  (Mary Jeanette Small)  d. Dec 24-25, 1887, 30 yrs, daughter of  Lewis and Mary Z. Luce Small, all 3 Marts family stones are identical and illegible (date from death records)

McCool, Easther     Mar 20, 1809 - Nov 16, 1874, wife of George M.

McGinis, Nellie     Nov 17, 1896 - Apr 9, 1914, 17 yrs 4 mo 22 days, closer view

McGinnis, Nellie Belle     Nov 7, 1891 -  Apr 11, 1914

McGinnis, Ollie Grace     Aug 28, 1891 -  May 10, 1909, closer view

Reynolds, Opal Gertrude     born Mar 4, 1915, stillborn daughter of Robert Ingersoll and Mary Wheeler Reynolds, gr. dau of Mary J. and sister to George Reynolds

Small, Blanche May    May 28, 1899 - Aug 20, 1923, daughter of  John and Melissa Green Small

Small, Charles T.     1862 - Aug 20, 1885, 28 yrs, typhoid, son of  Lewis and Mary Z. Luce Small, see Shafer Funeral Home Records

Small, Clifford Daniel     Sep 29, 1901 -  Jun 8, 1923, son of John T. Small, closer view

Small, Clova Pauline     Oct 25, 1910 - Jan 1, 1926, daughter of John T. Small & M., closer view

Small, Davis M.     Nov 7, 1872 - Jul 13, 1873, son of  G. W. and Nancy Small, newer stone

Small, Della Lorance     1880 - Jul 6, 1900, age 20 years, wife of S. Small (G. Sherman Small, son of Lewis)

Small, Easter  1809 - 1874, shares stone with George M.

Small, George M. (McNeely)   Apr 4, 1803 - May 23, 1865, also shares 2nd stone with Easter

Small, George Sherman    born 1865  - 

Small, George W. (Washington)    Jan 9, 1835 - Nov 26, 1916, 81 yrs 10 mo 17 days, son of Geo. & Easter, closer view

Small, Harrold Lewis     Jun 4, 1908 -  Sep 17, 1936, son of John T. & M. Small

Small, John Thomas     Nov 5, 1867 - Aug 17, 1942, son of  Lewis B., closer view

Small, Nancy Jane Smith     Sep 7, 1846 - Apr 13, 1894, wife of Geo. W.

Small, Roy     Oct 19, 1897 - Dec 19, 1899, age 2 yrs 11 mo, son George Sherman and Della Lorance

Smith, David Leamon     1810 - Feb 4, 1892, age 81, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Leamon Smith, see Shafer Funeral Home Records

Woods, Jim     (grave location unknown)



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