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Lynnville Cemetery

Lynnville, Indiana

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This cemetery list was donated by Jim Harbison with additional names donated by Samantha Miley.

This directory is a result of nearly 30 years compilation. The earliest information was recorded from the markers, and even then, many of them were obviously missing. Over the years, and as interest grew in genealogy, additional coverage of the cemetery was made and supplemental information was collected from obituary files, census records, newspaper articles, etc. Regrettably, grave location was not recorded in those early stages, and now, some of those locations cannot be determined. The locations in this directory were made during the past year or so. When the section is pretty certain but the row is not, the bracketed information will include a "?" (A?). When the section is determined due to the date of burial, or the obvious location of "family" plots, only the letter is bracketed (A). In some cases, records indicate that the burial was in this cemetery, but no indication of section of row. This is shown as (??).

Supplemental information was also gathered from social security records, recorded obituaries and write ups, and various web sites that provide genealogy information. Family members and friends also made contributions of information.


SECTIONS: The dividing of the cemetery into four sections, (A, B, C and D) has been made for the purpose of easier locating of grave sites. The cemetery is not divided officially into such system. Officials state that the oldest section, Section A, and at least part of Section B, are divided into sections as a result of selling of large plats to individuals years ago. Sections and A and B are located on the north side of Oak Street and they are enclosed by an access road. A drainage depression separates the two for this directory.

Section C is located east of Oak Street and is fronted by the Old Petersburg Road on the east Section D is the smaller section located directly west of Section A.

ROWS AND GRAVE SITES: In Sections A, B and C, rows are numbered from west to east. Grave sites in Section A are numbered from north to south. Grave sites in Sections B, C and D are numbered from south to north. These are recorded in a separate document, "Lynnville Cemetery: Listing by Section and Row".

ABBREVIATIONS USED: c-child d-daughter f-father h-husband m.-married m-mother s-son w-wife

"No history extant is free from errors. They are generally the result of either of indifference on the part of those acquainted with the facts or the lack of information of the historian........"

Will Forturne, "Warrick and Its People", 1891

* Portion of information from the Social Security records.

** Portion of information from Browning Funeral Home internet site.

(1860C) Portion of information is from census records.

(D4) The letter/number (D4) is the cemetery section and row in which the grave is located.

Information Line: Name, Dates. Comments. (Location)

See also listing by Sections in the Cemetery



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