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Submitting Cemetery Records

I am always pleased to receive information on local cemeteries. If you have information to send, if possible please send it in this format:


Last Name, First Middle Birthdate-Death date, any information on the tombstone, including "shares a stone with ..." Please use upper and lower case letters, not all caps. For dates, unless you are sending me the entire cemetery list, please use month day, year as the format, otherwise I have to retype all of the dates.
For example:
Smith, Frederick I. Jul 25, 1880-Mar 2, 1937, husband of Mary Elizabeth, shares stone with Mary
Smith, Sue Mar 1, 1902 - Sep 2, 1902, dau of Fred and Mary, shares stone with Tom


If possible, name the pictures in all lower case letters. Use the initials of the first and middle names. Put last name first. When I match the picture with the names, I can easily find them if last names are first. Most servers (including the ones I use) will not take files with spaces or punctuation marks in them (Smith, Fred and Mary). If the pictures aren't named, it's okay. I can rename them.

For example:
If Fred and Mary share a stone, then name it with both names:
I know that I'm asking quite a bit, but I have 2 huge county websites. Please do not send just pictures. It is very difficult and very time consuming for me to go through each tombstone picture and try to read names and dates. Please put the written information in the email.

I will resize and crop all the pictures if needed. If they're not very clear, I'll work on making them as clear as I can get them.
You don't have to alphabetize the list of names, I can easily do that in Excel.

One last thing ---

Please write the name of the cemetery and the county in the subject line of the email. You'd be surprised how many counties have the same names for their cemeteries! One time I posted Mississippi information on my Warrick, Indiana website!

Thanks so much for making it easy for me to get information posted for researchers!



Questions or Comments?

If you have questions or problems with this site, email the County Coordinator. Please to not ask for specfic research on your family. I am unable to do your personal research. I do not live in Indiana and do not have access to additional records.

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