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France Ashley Cemetery

submitted by Rick France

On August 23, 1939 Thomas J. Dillingham interviewed Mr. and Mrs. Everett Mellen. It is noted on the record that George and Elizabeth France “were the great Grandparents of Mrs. Everett Mellen.” Rick France saw and copied the document at Indiana State Library Genealogy Division on June 19, 2013 and again March 18, 2015.

The cemetery’s location is reported as “3 miles north of Boonville, Boon Township, Warrick County, land owned by Godfrey Owens, about 350 feet east of the Lynnville Road from the Helmbock Corner.” It is identified in a (undated) transcription was published in 1967 as being on the “right side of the road” traveling east, “about one city block” from the intersection of the “Lynnville Road and Martin Road.”

Both descriptions match the location Rick and Pat France visited in June 19, 2005. They determined that location based on verbal directions from Delta (Brown) France. In June 2005, that area was a large truck garden, not knowing exactly how far off the road the cemetery might have been.

The Dillingham interview noted that no marker existed. It is not known if there ever were markers. The 1967 transcription reported “on examination you will find only bricks covering some of the graves.”

Remarks (Items of Interest) from the Dillingham interview report:
• “No Markers”
• “George born in North Carolina. Died about 1845. Killed by a horse. Fought in the Battle of Tippecanoe. At time of enlistment lived near where Oak Hill Cemetery is located (near Evansville, Ind.). On return from Tippecanoe came to Vincennes; (he told) about swimming in Wabash River.“
• “Elizabeth – Maiden name: Whetstone. Born in Kentucky. Died about 1843. Wife of George France; They were the parents of Warrick France (a native of Arkansas). They were the great grandparents of Mrs. Everett Mellen.”
• “Jane Ashley – died about 1852. Wife of John Ashley. Daughter of George and Elizabeth France.”
• “Frances Luther Ashley – Born Mar 29, 1833. Son of Francis M. Ashley who was born Jan. 31, 1796 and who died Mar. 20, 1866 and Elizabeth (Hargrave) Ashley who was born Dec 17, 1797 and who died May 2, 1871.”
• “--?—Ashley – Little sister of Jacob B. Ashley, Dau. Of Wm. and Sophia Bosley Ashley.”
• “Infant Ashley – Child of John and Jane Ashley.”
• “Infant Ashley – Child of Barton and Loretta Ashley.”
• “Warrick France (Son of George) was named in honor of Captain Jacob Warrick and he moved here in 1838 after which he moved his parents here. Mrs. Mellen stated that their (sic) were a number of Dunnigans buried here but were dug up and re-interred in the Old Boonvile Cemetery.”

Rick France’s Comments:
Rick France’s research shows that Mrs. Everett Mellen is Allie Gertrude Williamson (1871-1951), daughter of George Williamson and Mary Elizabeth France, granddaughter of Warrick A. France and Nancy Moreland Ashley, and a great-granddaughter of George and Elizabeth France.

Jane Ashley is Eliza Jane France. She married John Haynes Ashley.

Col. Jacob Warrick was killed in action in the battle of Tippecanoe (November 7, 1811) and was buried at the battlefield. - Rick France and Delta (Brown) France) have found no documentation the George France “fought in the Battle of Tippecanoe” or the War of 1812. Another transcription reported that he “died at the Battle of Tippecanoe,” clearly an error since George died in 1845.

Delta (Brown) France is the wife of Dr. Roy France, son of William Jasper “Jep” France. Delta France is a D.A.R. member and experienced researcher.


Dillingham Thomas J. France-Ashley Burial Plot: Notes Taken August 23, 1939. Cemetery #34 in a manuscript of Dillingham’s interviews housed at Indiana State Library Genealogy Division [977.201Gpg, W295, No. 1.

France, Rick - Conversation with Delta (Brown) France. A conversation in the Roy and Delta France home, 1623 Washington Avenue, Boonville, Indiana. June 19, 2005.

Phillips, Mr. & Mrs. J. Oscar. Cemeteries of Boon Township, Warrick County, Indiana. 1967, p. 78. Cemetery #14 in an untitled manuscript housed at Indiana State Library Genealogy Division.

france ashley cemetery

Rick France standing at the reported location of the France-Ashley Cemetery, June 19, 2005. [Photo by Patricia France]

The 1939 Dillingham interview of Allie Gertrude (Williamson) Mellen about the France - Ashley Burial Ground.


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