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Perigo Cemetery

Boon Twp.
Submitted by Tamara Kincaide

Also known as Mt. Nebo
Burials removed to Maple Grove & Freedom Cemeteries, and three graves removed to Spencer Co IN, Ebenezer Cemetery

Admire, Nava Alice
b. Jun 17, 1873
d. May 19, 1974
Daughter of S & F

Bates, Emmie L.  d. Sep 28, 1896, 34y 3m 26d, tumor, see Shafer Funeral Home Records

Cain, Sara Jane
d. Aug 23, 1873
Aged 26 yrs 14 days, wife of Eli

Perigo, Guy C.
d. Aug 13, 1800 
Aged 7 mo 27 days, son of Thomas & Mary

Perigo, Hallie 
b. Jun 25, 1898
d. Nov 28, 1898

Perigo, Mary E.
d. Jun 26, 1880
Aged 27 yrs 3 mo 1 day, wife of Thomas

Perigo, Romey 
b. May 16, 1821
d. Feb 19, 1892

Thomas, Martha E.
b. Sep 19, 1860
d. Apr 22, 1908 
Wife of William

Thomas, William 
b. Jul 22, 1853
d. Feb 15, 1905

Weldin, Jane
d. Apr 23, 1887
Aged 60 yrs 1 mo 27 days, wife of Thomas

Youngblood, Bentie
d. Mar 15, 1880
Aged 3 mo 9 days, son of AL & NA

Youngblood, Hubert Orr
b. Nov 28, 1892
d. Dec 4, 1892
Son of SM & ML

Youngblood, Nancy A.
d. May 19, 1880
aged 24 yrs 1 mo 23 days, wife of A.



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