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Mundy Cemetery

This is a partial listing of this cemetery submitted by Marsha Bryant from death records. If you have anything additional you would like to add or better yet the full cemetery listing, please let Marsha know. See also Tamara's Mundy Cemetery list.

Gasaway, Mrs. Pearl    d. Oct 7, 1923, 23 yrs

Hart, Alvis E.   d. Nov 13, 1916, 10 mo 23 days

Hopper, Phoebe   d. Mar 3, 1915

Hunsaker, Verdie   d. Sep 19, 1896, about 20 yrs old

Mayo, George     d. May 5-7, 1887, pneumonia

Polk, James   d. Sep 19-10, 1887, 25 yrs, fever

Smith, Francis Merrit   d. Nov 10, 1914, 54 yrs 7 mo 20 days

Smith, John W.    d. Feb 15, 1923, 69 yrs 10 mo 2 days



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