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Bethany Cemetery

This is a listing of this cemetery as read by grave markers. If you have anything additional information you would like to add or the full cemetery listing, please let Marsha know. Pictures submitted by Lynn Spohr

Baker, Thompson

Bates, Betsy

Bates, C.

Bates, G. W.

Bates, L.

Bates, Mildred

Bates, Oliver

Bates, Oliver S.

Baugh, Albert

Baugh, Andy

Baugh, Anna

Baugh, Jane

Baugh, Felix L. (shares stone with Mary)

Baugh, Mary M.

Baugh, Samuel

Bennett, Amos

Boner, Calviry

Boner, Matthew

Boyer, Hubbard

Boyer, Liza L.

Bullock, America (shares stone with Thomas J.)

Bullock, Eli

Bullock, F. B.

Bullock, Jacob B.

Bullock, Laura

Bullock, Nancy - 2nd picture

Bullock, Thomas J.

Bullock, William P.

Bullock, Willie

Comstock, Charlotta (shares stone with Tom)

Comstock, Tom

Conner, Elvira

Conner, Hazel

Conner, Mary E. (Shares stone with William H.)

Conner, Venevra

Conner, William Hand

Conner, Franklin

Evans, James (Shares stone with Jane)

Evans, Jane

Ezell, Evert L.

Ezell, James T. (shares stone with Lucinda)

Ezell, Lucinda

Gray, Bagil

Gray, J. Henry

Hadley, Emma

Hadley, George W.

Hadley, Malisa E.

Harmaon, Martha

Harmon, Martha J. (shares stone with Wm. C.)

Harmon William C.

Helms, Charles L.

Helms, Louis M.- 2nd image

Helms, Henry (shares stone with Lucy A.)

Helms, Lucy A.

Henderson, Evy M.

Hougland, Martha Jane

Hougland, Matilda

Housman, Neoma

Hullett, Doshie

Johnson, Susan

Leslie, David

Leslie, Eliah F.

Little, Charles (Shares stone with Mary)

Little, Mary

Marts, Allen (shares stone with Eldora)

Marts, Eldora

Marts, Effie

Mathews, John

Matthews, Ory Morton

McMillian, Francis

McMillian, James

Metcalf, Edward E.

Metcalf, Rudy A.

Miller, Andy J.

Miller, Frank

Miller, Leonard

Miller, Mary

Miller, Minerva

Miller, Samuel

Miller, Sarah Jane

Perigo, Harld E.

Perigo, Mary A.

Perigo, Nathan P.

Perigo, Norma M.

Rhoades, Emma L.

Rhoades, George W.

Rhodes, Mary H.

Rhoads, Benjamin

Rhoads, Emily

Rice, Unknown1 - picture 2

Rice, Unknown 2

Ross, John

Ruark, Cordie Marie

Saker, Francis

Sanders, Charlie

Sanders, Henson

Sanders, Ray

Sharp, Lear

Sharp, Lear C.

Sly, Albert A.

Sly, Fanie Joe

Sly, Margaret (shares stone with William J.)

Sly, William J.

Tesort, Martha D.

Tesort, Homer W. (shares stone with Martha D.)

Trisler, Elizabeth

Trisler, Henry

Unknown, John

Whitney, John N.

Whitney, Josua M.

Whitney, William Bryon

Whilemus, John Michael - 2nd picture



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