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Myrtle Ridge Cemetery  / Old Newburgh Cemetery

Names submitted by Samantha Miley, history submitted by Tamara Kincaide. Pictures submitted by Neil Chase.

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The early pioneers of necessity buried their dead along the trails as they came west to seek their fame and fortunes and as they acquired land of their own and settled down the dead were placed to rest in burial grounds on family property.

As the years went by and more families settled in the town and villages this practice became impractical and town cemeteries were laid out to accommodate the need.

Myrtle Ridge was the first formally laid out cemetery in the town of Newburgh. The lots were 18x18 feet and enclosed by white picket fences which were locked and as there was no sexton the owners and survivors cared for the lots themselves.

ELDORA MINER RALEIGH states that the first formally laid out cemetery was begun in 1846 but stones in the cemetery do not bear this out there are some with much earlier, possibly as early as 1828.

Whether they were buried in some other places and reinterred at Myrtle Ridge is not known and no early records of the cemetery have been found.

Brenner, Dortha    1806-1868  Mother 2nd image

Brenner, Jacob    1802-1885 2nd image

Brown, ?? 12-5-1861

Bullett, G. W. Capt.   Co H 12th KY Cav.

Bunch, A. J.    CO F 60th Ind Inf

Cormick, Sarah 12-25-1855

Dennison, Lewis    Apr 5, 1813 at Bellows Fall NH - Mar 27, 1864 in Newburgh far away from his childhood home.

Dickerson, ?? 7-5-1855

Edmonson, Thirzah    died Nov 12, 1849 age 23 yrs, wife of REV J.C.

Edmonson, Mary Jane     died May 12, 1849, age 6 mths, dau of Rev. J.C. & T   - only the strong survive

Dorr, Elizabeth     May 12, 1843 - Nov 30, 1885 w/o Phillip nee Brenner

Fellows, Dorcus Capt.    Jun 22, 1862, CO H 25th Reg. IN Vol., died  of wounds received in Battle of Shiloh

Foster, Francis M. 6-23-18?? 1-27-1850

Foster, George W. 7-31-1838 4-1-1844

Foster, Mary 2-28-1829 8-15-1829

Foster, Ralph H. 1800-1863

Foster, Theodore 4-26-1846 7-6-1847

Germany, Johan  dates unreadable

Gray, Elizabeth    1843-1859

Gray, Keziah McMurtry     1811-1866

Hepp, Ludwig 9-1859 63 Years Old

Holder, Amanda Walden 3-16-1840 11-7-1909

Joseph, Cordia M.    Sep 23, 1909 - Jan 8, 1914 d/o W & I

Joseph, Ida Belle    Jan 1, 1873 - Mar 22, 1917 Mother (dau of Wirty Joseph and Cordia Joseph) second image

Joseph, Wirty   Aug 3, 1872 - Oct 17, 1932 Father second image, closer image

Houghland Can't read name or dates

Kepley, Barbara W. No Dates

Marshall, Luther    Aug 3, 1860, 39 Years Old

McMurtry, Hester Ann 1791-1869

Miner, Aurelia Medora    died 7-10-1863 3y 4m 10d d/o LM & MS

Miner, Aurelia Udora H.     Apr 10, 1855-Aug 4, 1856, dau of L. M. & M. S.

Miner, Eldora  no dates, dau of L. M. & M. S.

Miner, Dora  Can't Read Dates

Miner, Luther M.    Aug 3, 1860, 39 yrs 19 days

Miner, Lucy Maria    d. 8-31-1847 6m 11d d/o LM & MS

Miner, Mary Medora    d. 3-8-1859 10y 11d d/o LM & MS

Miner, Mary S.    Nov 10, 1911, 87 Years Old

Miner, William Henry    d. 4-9-1859 1y 8m 9d s/o LM & MS

Mobley, Richard D.   stone is unreadable, 4th KY Inf., Co. E, Enemies in war but in the end buried within hailing distance of each other.

Morrison, Nancy    died Jun 6, 1848 27y 8m 6d, wife of E.

Noel, Elizabeth 1-20-1850 17 Years Old

Pepmiller, Mary L.    died Nov 9, 1890, 78y

Peppmiller, Charles    Oct 23, 1867 - Nov 5, 1867

Prets, Johann 1854

Reed, Richard    1830-1870 Father

Reed, Salina 1838-1915 Mother

Ridley, This is all the stone reads.

Sargeant, Jacob    Jul 29, 1797 - May 20, 1867

South, William    Co. F 60th IN Inf.

Also lie here are the REEDS, BALDWINS, MINERS, PEPMILLERS, FOSTERS, HOUGHLANDS, BRENNERS, STOUTS, NOELS, MCMURTRY�S, GRAYS, as well as many others. One of the last known buried here was WIRTY JOSEPH in OCT 1932.

As the town grew a larger cemetery was laid out now known as Rose Hill and many of the early dead were moved there.

Tombstones not Found in 9/2002 are listed below- Some of these missing graves could be ones that were moved to Rose Hill Cemetery.

Adkins, Helen Frances 5m d/o LD & Maria Adkins, L. D. 4-1-1819 10-9-1850

Baldwin, Alfred 3-13-1802 2-17-1848

Bell, James Daniel d. 3-4-1851 2y 15d s/o JR & Eliza

Bullitt, C W Capt CO H 12th Ky Cav

Dickerson, Eleoty d. 3-8-1855 45y 10d w/o Charles

Edmonson, Mary Jane d. 5-12-1849 6m 24d d/o Rev JC &T

Edmonson, Thirzah d. 11-12-1849 23y 10m 9d w/o Rev JC

Fellows, Doras d. 6-22-1862 Capt CO F 25 Ind Inf: d. Battle of Shiloh, TN 31y 9m 2d

Fellows, Sophronia L. 6-14-1802 10-28-1853 51y 4m 14d cons/o John

Finney, Joseph d. 1-16-1869 CO F 60th Ind Inf : Mason 28y 1m 29d

Fisher, Henrietta C. 9-1-1832 4-25-1861 28y 21d w/o JP

Fisher, John P. d. 11-10-1858 31y

Foster, William L. 5-14-1835 9-3-1871

Hockhalter, Phillip Heinrich 12-24-1798 9-16-1864

Houghland, John M. 8-19-1840 9-9-1862

Hugh, Jonathan 11-30-186 6-28-186 6m 28d s/o W & MJ

Hutchinson, ??? d. 4-25-1861 28y 21d w/o John T.

Jackson, Bethany d. 4-2-1853 w/o GW 27y

Katterjohn, John W. d. 8-18-1859 1y 2m 12d

Lemaster, Henry Clay 5-19-1848 10-13-1849 s/o Simeon & Carolina

Lemaster, Philena Jane 9-9-1834 3-4-1858 Cons/o BF

Loehr, Mary d. 9-7-1869 14d d/o H&J

McFinney, Joseph d. 1-16-1869 28y 1m 29d

McReynolds, Infant Daughter 3-15-1852 3-15-1852

McReynolds, Laura Curtis 6-8-1849 6-12-1850 d/o AA & LH

McReynolds, Milbrey Adelia 12-24-1850 2-1-1851 d/o AA & LH

Moore, Doretha M. d. 9-30-1852 23y 11m 2d

Moore, William F. d. 6-14-1852 8m 14d s/o H & DM 

Noel, Clay 

Noel, Henry C. d. 7-29-1867 23y 6m s/o J & E

Noel, Joel B. d. 10-16-1859 32y s/o J & E

Palmer, John W. 

Pepmiller, Henry d. 8-29-1890 76y

Perrin, William 

Phillips, John J. d. 1-29-1849 28y

Pigou, Mary A. 11-8-1833 1860

Reed, Melvina 2-23-1834 4-6-1853 w/o Richard

Schreiber, Christain d. 11-19-1894 63y

Schulle, ?? d. 7-17-1866 57y

Schwartz, Frederick d. 3-15-1851 29y 3m 13d

Stout, Charles F  5-21-1867 8-25-1867

Stout, Henry M  4-29-1862 1-14-1870

Stout, J A CO H 25th Ind Inf

Stout, Marion L.  2-24-1858 9-14-1879

Stout, U Grant  1-6-1865 11-22-1865

Stout, W. Sherman  1-6-1865 8-19-1867 s/o JA & V

Taylor, Ida May d. 1-27-1907 4m 8d d/o DM &BJ

Walden, Martin W. d. 4-21-1863 32y

Walden, Tilly d. 1-24-1864 6m d/o WW & AJ

Weihr, Johan Hermann 7-24-1796 12-6-1856



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