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Millersburgh Cemetery

Submitted by Lisa Rogier
This cemetery is in horrible condition. There are 17 stones that are broken and have pieces missing. Two are completely gone from their base and 1 stone has been used in a fire. It appears that it is a popular place for parties as there are numerous beer bottles and burned wood from fires. I had to walk through waist high weeds to find some of the headstones.

The stones I could read are:

B. A. W.     Found this stone in the woods, only has the initials.

Bennett, James        died 1863 (Husband of Martha)

Bennett, Martha        born 10 May 1819 (broken, wife of James)

Bright, Charles        23 Jun 1875-20 Nov 1942

Bright, Jessie B.        Sep 1887-14 Mar 1972

Couch, James Levi        1880-1956

Couch, James M.        (Broken)

Kifer, Willie H.        19 Oct 1900-7 Jul 1901, stone is VERY difficult to read

Kifer        b 19 Oct 1900-? 1901

Lockyear, Ella        1859-1950

M. B.        no dates

Mary ? (Unreadable)

Miller, Bessie        11 Sep 1887-1 Feb 1961

Miller, George        12 Dec 1877-31 Oct 1938

Miller, Hiram H.        died 24 Feb 1856 Aged 23 yrs, 1 mo, 7 days

Moog, Robert E.        2 Nov 1939-30 May 2000

Nunn, Ann        14 Jun 1838-9 Jun 1881, shares stone with William, 2nd stone

Nunn, George W.        (Broken)

Nunn, Jonathan W.   Dates unreadable, son of Robert S. and Mary E.  I actually found both pieces of his headstone and wired them together to take the picture.

Nunn, Mary E.        1867-1935        Wife of Robert S.

Nunn, Robert S.        1865-1940        Husband of Mary E.

Nunn, William H.        1896-1948

Nunn, William        28 May 1837-3 Jun 1909, shares stone with Ann

Nunn, William        died 9 Jun 1881 Aged 42 yrs, 11 mo, 25 days

Perry, Jacob        died 22 Feb 1863 Aged 29 yrs, 11 mo, 11 days

Southwell, Harrison        1864-1927

Southwell, John        (Unreadable), Four small markers next to this grave with names of James, Annie, Charles and last one broken and unreadable).

Southwell, Margaret        1868-1899

Southwell, Mariah   shares stone with John

Stubbs, Louisa        23 Jan 1837-16 Dec 1908

Stubbs, Mary        (Unreadable)

Stubbs, William        8 Feb 1843-4 Dec 1883

Thurman ?        (Broken)

Unknown, Annie

Unknown, Charles

Unknown, James

Unknown, Mary

Whetsone, C.A.    Jan 15, 1860-Jan 31, 1940, shares stone with Mary C.

Whetsone, Laurie E.        1836-1885

Whetstone, Mary C.        27 Feb 1860-1 Mar 1923, shares stone with C. A.

Whetstone, Trafton        1829-1864



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