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Hinman Cemetery

submitted by Judy

There were only 5 stones were here when copied by Opal Phillips in mid 1960's. Original markers were probably of wooden construction and deteriorated due to exposure to the elements.  Later markers were stone and still legible. This cemetery is almost inaccessible and entails a short walk to reach it.  It is south of Boonville on what was originally Hinman property and later the Steven's farm.  The Mt. Gilead Baptist Church is on ten acres of property that was deeded to the church in 1825 by  Asahel Hinman shortly  before his death.  Only  a small section of wooded area separated the Hinman Cemetery from the lower end of the Mt. Gilead Church Cemetery .  However, it is easier to reach by  using an old dirt lane from the Boonville -  Yankeetown Road.  It takes a  person with knowledge of its whereabouts to locate it.

According to several reliable sources in old family tradition there are approximately 16 persons interred in this cemetery.  Probing has confirmed the existence of a least 16 gravesites.  One life-long resident of the Mt. Gilead area, who has requested anonymity, stated that in the 1920 time period, he personally observed numerous legible markers, a few illegible sandstone markers, and some deteriorated wooden types.

Eight of the gravesites not identified by markers were known to be members of the HINMAN and PERIGO families 3 of which are identified in the ADDENDUM that is dated 14 October 1986.Since Jonathan Perigo resided in the general area it can be safely assumed that 3 of them hold the remains of his children that died young.  Their mother was Jonathan's 2/w Mary  "Polly" Baker.

Bogan, Elisha    d. Aug 8, 1885, 20 yr, no marker (source: Shafer Bros Funeral Home records)

Hall, Catharine  d. Apr 19, 1853

Hinman, Asahel  b. Mar 23, 1742 d. Sep 25, 1825 , Revolutionary War Soldier in both the Continental  Regulars  & the New Jersey   State Militia.  DAR National Line #219687. The body of Asahel Hinman was disinterred and the gravesite and D.A.R. headstone was relocated to Maple Grove Cemetery in 1970.  The new burial site is in the old section in the Hinman Family  plot. 

Hinman, Mary  Harris (Hinman)  b. May 30, 1749  d. Jan 8, 1842, w of Asahel

Perigo, Artis   Infant son of Ephraim Y. & Anna E. (Hiley) Perigo  d. Jun 29, 1885, See Shafer Funeral Home Records

Perigo, Isabella (Mc Gill)  b. Jan 14, 1799  d. Jan 31, 1831   1/w of  Jonathan

Perigo, Jonathan  b. Feb 25, 1798  d. Mar 1, son of Romey  & Rhoda

Perigo, Mary  b. Feb 27, 1843,  d before 1850 

Perigo, Rhoda (Hinman)

Perigo   b. Nov 4, 1774   -  d. 1822, daughter of Asahel & Mary and 1/w of Romey

Perigo, Romey  1779 -  May 25, 1830, his 2/w was Rachel McGill younger sister of his dau in law  Isabella.

Perigo, Thomas B.   b. Sep 6, 1834  d. after 1840 

Perigo, Willis Youngblood   b.  24  Oct  1832  d. before 1840

McCord, John R.  d. Jul 20, 1885, aged 59 yrs (source: Boonville Enquirer)



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