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Day Cemetery on Eskew Road

Located at Millersburgh Rd. Near Eskew Rd.

Submitted by Samantha Miley

Images from the files of Virginia Aldridge

Ashley, Hezekiah B. Mar 9, 1826-  Dec 23,1854

Ashley, Infant Feb 18,1850 May 7,1851 d/o B&L 1y 29d

AIY (Footstone)

Day, Charles    d. Sep 4,1877 17y 3m 2d s/o Wm. P. &HA

Day, James Grant    d. Aug 2, 1869 10m 21d s/o Wm. P. &HA

Day, Hetty Ann    d. Mar 16, 1869 31y 3m 7d w/o Wm. P.

Day, James W.     d. Jun 10, 1843 21y 10m 18d s/o Wm. & J

Day, Jenett    d. May 23, 1862 2y 1m 8d d/o John F. & E. B.

Day, Jennie    May 11,1803 - Mar 27,1880 w/o Wm. 77y

Day, John William P.    d. Oct 7,1867 1y 1m 4d s/o Wm. P. & HA

Day, Tillissa    d. Mar 28,1878 28y w/o Wm. P.

Day, William    Sep 4,1799 - Sep 2,1878

Goad, James A.    d. Sep 29,1881 2y 4m 21d s/o EL & S

Hargrave, Albert    Aug 15,1860 - Mar 3,1862 2y 17d s/o Wm. & Lua, closer view

Hargrave, John    Feb 28,1794 - Mar 19,1863 69y 21d

Hargrave, C.T.    Nov 24,1860 - Oct 1,1861 s/o Wm. & Lua 10m 7d

Hargrave, Luann    Jul 20,1837 - Jan 28,1877 w/o WJ

JMD (Footstone) 

Lankford, Sarah    d. Sep 11,1892,  86y 5m 11d, top view, see Shafer Funeral Home Records

Mitchell, E.A.    Mar 1, 1818 - Nov 20,1865 consort of S., d/o JT Hargrave

Morgan Marker

Morgan Stone - next to Sarah Lankford's stone, front view

Morgan, America J.    Apr 9,1826 - Jun 27,1897, wife of R. A., closer view, see Shafer Funeral Home Records

Morgan, Reuben A.    Sep 30,1825 - Jul 21,1884

Robertson, Gilbert D.    1836 - Mar 8,1871 35y

Robertson, Willie D.    d. Jan 9,1871 1y 4m s/o GD &SJ

Wakeland, William A.    Jan 10,1852 - Aug 8,1854 s/o JM&MA 2y 6m 28d

Webb, Rev. William    Aug 9,1792 - Sep 20,1870 b. NC, to Warrick Co. 1814

Willie W. - no dates, no last name, buried on the Morgan plot

Not Found Sep 2002:
Allen, Harry    Nov 6,1868 - Oct 6,1869
Ashley, James A.    Apr 10,1852 - Jun 12,1853
Day, Sarah    d. May 15,1866
Day, Abby Isabelle 
Day, Jane    Apr 15,1860 - May 25,1862
Day, John M.    Apr 30,1863 - Sep 13, 1865
Hargrave, M.H. 8th Ind Battery
Morgan, Perry E. Infant, no dates
Withrow, John H.    Sep 5,1838 - Sep 15,1841



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