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Shafer Funeral Home ~ 1885-1919

To the left, you will find links to the Schafer Brother's Funeral Home Records. The 1885-1887 records are the same as the ones John Powell sent in, they just have a little more information listed. See "Images of Shafer Funeral Home Records" for copies of the original records.

Virginia Aldridge sent images of the Schafer Brothers Funeral Home Records.

The Shafer Brothers Funeral Home records are contained in nine books that span from
January 1885 through July 1919. Each book has been scanned front to back and placed
in its own file.

The first eight books are recorded in a funeral home ledger. The ninth book is recorded
in a type of business ledger. Some of the books contain inserts, paper that was glued into
the original book, to lengthen the book. An original index is in the front of each book. In
some cases a page may be missing, in others the funeral sequence for each year has been
numbered incorrectly. The books are very old and in fragile condition. Scanning each book
carefully, so as not to damage the original record, took a great deal of time. Therefore,
some of the pages are not as straight as I would have preferred, but the information is
clearly visible. These compilations of Shafer Brothers Funeral Home books are exact replicas
of the original books.

1885-1919 records shows name, date of death, cemetery, cause of death, age.  These were submitted by John Powell.

1885-1887 records include: name, date of death, age, location, cause of death, late residence, cemetery and who was billed. Typed by Marsha.

*** Make sure you look at the images! I didn't have time to list everyone I found in their respective graveyard. *****



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