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Land Patent Surnames

submitted by Samantha Miley
(by Patentee Last Name)
from The Bureau of Land Management

To the left you will find the index to the Land Patents in Warrick County. I do not have additional information. If you want additional information, please click on the link above for the Bureau of Land Management.

These record have: Patentee Name, State, Issue, Date, Doc. Number, Accession or Serial Number.
Check this out!

Once you've found your land patent, you can go to the "Maps" link and find your ancestor!  These were submitted by Debbie Nickens.

The land patents are the same as the 1880 township maps that are transcribed. The only difference is that these are a lot older and before so many people moved in. When people hit a dead end in their research the land patents are a good source of trying to find more information.



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