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Warrick County Wills

To the left you will find the index of Warrick County Will Books 1-3 under "Will Book". To get copies of these records, click Order Records above. I do not have copies. If you have copies of your Warrick ancestors will, please submit it to me in text form. I would love to have as many transcripts of original records as I can get on this site.

Warrick County, Indiana
Will Book 1 1831 - 1859

It should be noted that not all wills for this time frame were recorded in Will Book 1. A fee was required for the will to be recorded and some did not choose to have their wills recorded. The wills that were not recorded in Will Book 1 can be found in the various shucks, in the file cabinets, in the basement of the courthouse.

Index to wills from Will Book 1 and will copies from shucks are listed by name and page number from Will Book 1. Proven date is from the will copy found in the shucks. Wills may be accessed by clicking on the name in the index to take you to that page in Will Book 1. Wills in Will Book 1 are linked to the copy of the will found in the shucks. Just click on the link in Will Book 1 to go to the copy found in the shucks. I used the testators name to make the link. Just place the cursor over the testators name; it is either at the beginning of the will or their signature at the end of the will.

No page numbered 118 is found in Will Book 1. I suspect it was lost at some time when the pages were out of the book. I believe the will of Thomas Wood should be on page 118. Page 119 shows the proof for the will of Thomas Wood and states his will is recorded on pages 118 and 119. There are two blank pages in this Will Book. The first one is the page after page 101 and is not numbered; the second one is page 191 which is numbered. The will of Roland S. Ellis begins on page 163, and then the wills of Zachariah Skelton, Thomas Lenn and Hiram Brooner are recorded. Roland S. Ellis' will continues on page 170 and 171. On page 171, the clerk noted he recorded the will on page 163 + 170 + 171.

Will Book 1 is in poor condition, due to its age the pages have crumbled and many of the pages have pieces missing. Most pages have badly tattered edges.

Many years ago, the pages were placed in a plastic covering to protect them. Someone has numbered the pages and underlined names on many of the pages.



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