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Births in Warrick County from 1848-1920

In the area below you will find the descriptions of the birth records I have on line. 

WPA & Supplemental WPA Records

There are two WPA listings for birth records. The first listing, Microfiche WPA 1882-1920, is from the text of the WPA index. The second listing, Supplemental WPA 1880-1920, is also from the WPA index. Many names are the same, but there are some differences. There are also some names on one list that do not appear on the other list. Please check both sources. 

German Evangelical Church Birth & Baptism Records

Make sure you check the German Evangelical Church Birth and Baptism records if your ancestors were of German descent. They are a great source of information.

The Submitted Births - Prior to 1910 records are those records that were submitted by researchers.

You may submit your Warrick County birth records (prior to 1900) to me. I will post those on the submitted birth records page with your email address. I do not post birth record to people born after 1910.

Compute Birth Dates

If you have the tombstone information or the death record information, use Compute Birth Dates to figure out when your ancestor was born.

I do not have copies of these documents. If you would like to order copies, click the link, "Order Records" .



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If you have questions or problems with this site, email the County Coordinator. Please to not ask for specfic research on your family. I am unable to do your personal research. I do not live in Indiana and do not have access to additional records.

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