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New Hope Cemetery

This is a partial listing of this cemetery. If you have anything additional you would like to add or better yet the full cemetery listing, please let Marsha know. This cemetery is on Lashbrook Rd near Bullocktown. Most names were given by Shirley Bailey.

Broken Marker-  Feb.23,1857

Dillingham, Urie   Jan 12, 1861  - Nov 26, 1933 

Gunn, Charles W.   Sep 12,1848-  -??

Gunn, Mary A. wife of Charles W.   Feb.7,1837-  Sep 31,1912
age 75yr 7mo 23da (Sep has 30 days error)

Nolan, Carrie   1885-1936, wife of Bud

Paul, Daniel-Co 153rd Ind Inf

Paul, John H.  Aug.16,1854 -   Oct 1,1854

Rhoads, Catharine   Feb.9,1814 -  Feb.22,??-wife of G.W. 

Rhoads, Elizabeth   Dec 31,1776 -  Oct 20,1848, wife of Henry

Rhoads, George W.   Jan.18,1810 -  May 14,1873-63yr 3mo 26da 

Rhoads, Henry   Mar 20,1772 (Warrick Co.) - Sep 5,1840 ??, husband of Elizabeth

Rhoads, Henry C.   Oct.22,1846 -  Dec 13,1911

Rhoads, Sarah E.   b. Jan 28,1858- ?, wife of Henry C.

Trisler, J. W.   Dec 16, 1855 - Jan 15, 1903 

Trisler, Mariam  Oct 26,1838 - May 2,1863, wife of John Trisler 

several sandstone markers

2 metal markers (Mr. Day says they are Bud Nolan's mother and he thinks a child. Bud Nolan intended to be buried here but rains had softened the ground so that was impossible, therefore his body was buried at Mt. Zion in Spencer Co.)

Jan 12,1861 - Nov.26,1933



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