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Bethabra Cemetery ~ A-C

This  cemetery list was donated by Jerri Houston. All names marked with a * are people the cemetery office feels certain are buried here, but are not listed as to location. There are 138 unmarked graves in this cemetery. If you know of any people buried here that are not on this list, please contact Marsha.

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Abshire, Minerva
d. 1851
Daughter of John Abshire and Mary Jane Polk

Abshire, Claudie
b. Sep 3, 1892  d. 1892
3 mo, son of Joseph Abshire and Isabelle Reed

Abshire, Henry
b. Sep 3, 1892  d. Jul 11, 1927
Son of John Abshire and Mary Jane Polk, Husband of Flora Campbell and Rebecca Ann Crow

Abshire, Isabella Reed
b. Jun 23, 1869  d. Feb 28, 1961
Daughter of Phillip Reed and Elizabeth Fisher, wife of Joseph Abshire

Abshire, James
b. Mar 23, 1866  d. Jan 16, 1945
Son of John Abshire and Mary Jane Polk, Husband of Nina J. Floyd

Abshire, John
b. Jul 19, 1832  d. Jan 31, 1900
 67 yrs 6 mo 12 days
Son of William Abshire and Nancy Reed, Husband of Mary Jane Polk

Abshire, John F.
b. Sep 24, 1887  d. Oct 18, 1897
Son of William Abshire and Sophronia E. Dorsey

Abshire, Joseph
b. Sep 22, 1862  d. Oct 5, 1939
77 yrs, son of John Abshire and Mary Jane Polk -Obit
1st marriage Sarah Matilda Bullock
2nd marriage Isabell Reed - May 8, 1892

Abshire, Mary Jane Polk
b. Nov 16, 1825  d. Feb 2, 1902
Daughter of William Polk and Francis Phillips, wife of John Abshire - Obit

Abshire, Nina J. Floyd
b. Feb 23, 1868  d. Jan 16, 1930
Daughter of George Floyd and Maggie Gorley, wife of James Abshire - Obit

Abshire, Rebecca Ann Crow
b. Jun 7, 1861  d. Dec 7, 1945
Daughter of James Perry Crow and Permillia Dimmitt, wife of Henry Abshire -Obit

Abshire, Son
b. & d. Nov 17, 1889
Son of William Abshire and Sophronia Dorsey

Abshire, Sophronia Dorsey
b. Jan 9, 1863  d. Jan 13, 1938
75 yrs 4 days, daughter of Dan Dorsey and Nancy A. Blackford, wife of William Abshire -Obit

Abshire, William
b. Feb 27, 1856  d. Mar 24, 1928
Son of John Abshire and Mary Jane Polk, Husband of Sophronia E. Reed Dorsey -Obit

Adams, Donald
S/O S T Adams & Catherine Eifler
H/O Wanda Sue Grimes

Aigner, Aletha M. Lamar
b. Sep 2, 1896  d. Feb 21, 1941
44 yrs 5 mo 19 days, daughter of William Jasper Lamar and Mary F. Powers, wife of Frank A. Aigner (Frank is buried at Memorial Park -Evansville, b. Sep 12, 1897, son of Joseph & Margaret) -Obit

Aigner, Elva Marie Lamar
b. Aug 17, 1899  d. Sep 23, 1953
Daughter of William J. Lamar and Mary Powers, wife of Richard B. Aigner

Armstrong, Katherine
b. Oct 7, 1878  d. Nov 11, 1964
Daughter of Phillip Felker and Sarah Newton, wife of Elza Armstrong -Obit

Armstrong, Elza Gillison
b. May 25, 1878  d. Oct 20, 1951
Son of Willis Armstrong and Naomi Clark, husband of Katherine Felker

Ashley, George F.
b. Apr 15, 1853  d. Jan 20, 1932
Son of John Ashley and Eliza J. France, husband of Sarah C. Brown -Obit

Ashley, Grover C.
b. Jul 4, 1886  d. Nov 26, 1912
Son of George Ashley and Sarah C. Brown -Obit

Ashley, Sarah C. Brown
b. 1859  d. Nov 8, 1908
49 yrs, daughter of George Brown and Susan Bryant, wife of George F. Ashley -Obit

Aust, Infant
d. Apr 1, 1879
3 days, daughter of William B. Aust & Ethelda E. Chappell

Austill, Dora A. Osborne
b. Jul 28, 1884  d. Jul 9, 1942
Daughter of Levi Osborne and Lezia Brown, wife of Lincoln Austill -Obit

Austill, Elizabeth M. Gray
Daughter of Alexander gray and Cary, wife of George W. Austill

Austill, George W.
b. Feb 14, 1859  d. Dec 3, 1922
52 yrs 8 mo 19 days, Son of Madison Austill and Hannah Gentry,  husband of Elizabeth M. Gray -Obit

Austill, Girtie A.
b. Apr 29, 1904  d. Oct 15, 1910
Daughter of Evan Lincoln Austill and Dora Osborne

Austill, Herbert Baker
b. Jun 3, 1869  d. Jun 24, 1936
Son of William Austill and Julie Booker, husband of Mary Emma Lindsey

Austill, Izella
b. Feb 22, 1895  d. Mar 8, 1895
Daughter of Herb Austill and Mary Emma Lindsay

*Austill, Julie A. Booker
d. Jun 4, 1901
82 yrs 4 mo 10 days
Daughter of Millis Booker and Prudence

Austill, Karen
b. 1939 d. Jan 7, 1994
Daughter of Ora Austill and Alberta Patmore -Obit

Austill, Lester Lindsay
b. May 9, 1901  d. Jul 20, 1924
23 yrs 2 mo 1 dayd, son of Herb Austill and Mary Emma Lindsay

Austill, Lincoln
b. Mar 26, 1862  d. May 31, 1940
Son of William Austill and Julie Booker, husband of Dora Osborne -Obit

Austill, Loran Leon
b. Aug 26, 1909  d. Mar 18, 1980
Son of Herb Austill and Mry Emma Lindsey -Obit

Austill, Lurie Lawson
b. Sep 7, 1914  d. May 24, 1984
Son of Herb Austill and Mary Emma Lindsay, Pvt. US Army WW2 -Obit

Austill, Manna
b. Sep 1880  d. Feb 9, 1930
Son of Wesley Samuel Austill and Nancy ALice Barnett, husband of Paradine Phillips

Austill, Mary Emma Lindsay
b. Sep 4, 1874  d. Oct 11, 1957
Daughter of Thomas Lindsay and Rachel Edwards, wife of Herbert Baker Austill -Obit

Austill, Mary R.
b. Sep 27, 1916  d. Sep 27, 1917
Daughter of Ira Austill and Fanny Cannon -Obit

*Austill, Media
d. Dec 20, 1888

Austill, Nancy Alice Barnett
b. Jun 16, 1858  d. Oct 14, 1935
Daughter of Jacob Barnett and Percilla Matthew, wife of Wesley Samuel Austill -Obit

Austill, Ralph Wesley
b. Dec 11, 1896  d. Nov 12, 1941
Son of Herbert Austill and Mary Emma Lindsay -Obit

Austill, Wesley Samuel
b. Sep 25, 1856  d. Apr 3, 1944
Son of William Austill and Julie Booker, husband of Nancy Alice Barnett -Obit

Austill, William J.
b. Apr 25, 1893  d. Jan 2, 1962
Son of Wesley Samuel Austill and Nancy Alice Barnett, US Army WW1 -Obit

Austill, William T.
b. Aug 24, 1893  d. Sep 7, 1893
Son of Herb Austill and Mary Emma Lindsay

Autrey, Narcises Roberts
b. Dec 16, 1833  d. Nov 16, 1899
Daughter of Joseph Roberts and Parthena Gouch. Is she the wife of Thomas Andrew Autrey?

Avery, Michael
b. Feb 18, 1950  d. Nov 22, 1998
Son of Theodore Avery and Joyce Steproe

Avery, Effie L. Hunt
b. Feb 22, 1894  d. Mar 17, 1978
Daughter of Marian Hunt and Eliza Conner, wife of Theodore Avery -Obit

Avery, Theodore Luther
b. Mar 8, 1899  d. Feb 12, 1980
90 yrs, Son of William G. Avery and Julia Eskridge, husband of Effie Hunt -Obit

Avery, Theodore Thelbert
b. Aug 21, 1924  d. Jan 18, 1985
60 yrs, son of Theodore Avery and Effie Hunt
1st marriage Frances Harrison
2nd marriage Joyce Steproe
3rd marriage Joyce Hall
4th marriage Helen Chase

Barnett, Catherine
b. Feb 9, 1925  d. Apr 5, 1999
Daughter of Charles Ray Garland and Daisey Gentry
1st marriage Donald Krantz
2nd marriage Howard Barnett

*Barnett, Priscilla A. 
b. 1834
d. Mar 18, 1895, D/O Wm. Mathews. Wife of Jacob Barnett. (Jacob is probably buried here also as he died between 1860-1870 -Enquirer Mar 30, 189? obit)

Barton, Garland/Gordon
b. Feb 22, 1898  d. Oct 2, 1900
Son of William Barton and Ada M. Hesson -Obit

*Barton, George
b. May 5, 1857
d. Oct 10, 1908
Husband of Martha Prince, 2 marriage Caroline Hart

Barton, John A.
b. May 23, 1845  d. Feb 12, 1897
25 yrs, son of James Barton and Mary Stroud, husband of Louisa Austill

Barton, Louisa Austill
b. Apr 28, 1840  d. Sep 20, 1926
86 yrs 4 mo 22 days, daughter of William Austill and Elizabeth Gentry, wife of John A. Barton
2nd marriage James C. Dimmitt
3rd marriage Thomas A. Lacer
4th marriage James Wright

Barton, Lulie A.
b. Sep 26, 1896  d. Nov 26, 1896
Daughter of John A. Barton & Louisa Austill

Bass, Essie
b. & d. Sep 9, 1993
Infant daughter of Jeff Bass and Dana -Obit

Bilderback, Arvil
b. Sep 10, 1898  d. Feb 18, 1981
Son of John Frank Bilderback and Susan Ashley

Bilderback, Claud Otis
b. May 18, 1891  d. Dec 5, 1950
Son of John Frank Bilderback and Sally Conner

Bilderback, Lucy
b. Nov 6, 1891  d. Oct 15, 1991
Father was a stone in Lyon Co., KY, wife of Arvil Bilderback -Obit

Blackford, Clifford
b. Aug 27, 1920  d. Nov 11, 1920
Son of John Blackford and Mirilda Eastham

Blackford, Elena Abshire
D/O George Abshire &
Marie Williams
H/O Harold Blackford

Blackford, Elza
b. 1892  d. Sep 2, 1968
76 yrs, son of George Blackford and Sally Thompson, husband of Susan E. Leslie

Blackford, Eulilia Hocker
b. Jun 3, 1903  d. Sep 30, 1858
Daughter of Thomas E. Hocker and Margie Spencer, wife  of Louis A. Blackford  -Obit

Blackford, George
b. May 1864  d. Apr 1893
Son of James Blackford and Margaret Bethel
1st marriage Rosey B. Skelton
2nd marriage Sarah T. Thompson
3rd marriage Amanda Tennison

Blackford, George
b. Nov 26, 1907  d. May 19, 1984
76 yrs, son of John Blackford and Mirilda Eastham -Obit

Blackford, Gurley E./B.
b. Jul 22, 1901  d. Aug 12, 1981
80 yrs, son of John Blackford and Marilda Eastham, husband of Gladys Gentry -Obit
2nd marriage Hattie Pfingston
3rd marriage Opal Henson 

Blackford, Harold
S/O John Blackford & Marilda Eastham
H/O Elena Abshire

Blackford, Imogene Daughtery
b. Jul 23, 1913  d. Jan 26, 1990
Daughter of Wavie Daughtery and Shirley Houston, wife of George Blackford -Obit

Blackford, John
b. Jan 5, 1868  d. May 11, 1935
Son of James Blackford and Margaret Bethel, husband of Mirilda Eastham -Obit

Blackford, Johnny
b. Nov 24, 1914  d. Sep 18, 2000
Son of John Blackford and Marilda Eastham, husband of Rosella Seibert "Sallie"

Blackford, Louis A.
b. Feb 27, 1897  d. Jun 8, 1986
90 yrs, son of John Blackford and Marilda Eastham, husband of Allice Leslie
2nd marriage Eulalie Hocker -Obit

Blackford, Marilda Eastham
b. Jul 7, 1877  d. Mar 1, 1947
69 yrs, daughter of Willis Eastham and Edna Hamby, wife of John D. Blackford -Obit

Blackford, Mona May
b. & d. Jun 20, 1930
Daughter of Myrtle Blackford

Blackford, Rosey B. Shelton
b. Oct 22, 1869  d. Aug 17, 1889
19 yrs 5 mo 25 days, daughter of Joshua Shelton and Eliza Polk, wife of George Blackford

Blackford, Sarah Thompson
2nd wife of George Blackford, daughter of Harmon Thompson and Francis Alelte

Blackford, Susan Elizabeth
b. Dec 31, 1892  d. Jul 19, 1971
Daughter of James T. Leslie and Abagail P. Brown, wife of Elza Blackford, Brother: Leland Leslie, Sister: Hattie Hart

Blackford, Woodrow
b. May 13, 1917  d. Jan 8, 1938
Son of John Blackford and Mirilda Eastham -Obit

Blunk, John A.
b. Sep 19, 1918  d. Jan 14, 1983
Son of Les Blunk and Edith Purcell, husband of Susan Elizabeth Pollock -Obit

Blunk, Susie E.
b. 1920  d. Jul 31, 2000
Daughter of --- Pollock, wife of John Blunk

Bradley, Charles J.
b. 1821  d. Feb 4, 1868
46 yrs 8 mo, son of David Bradley and Lucy, Killed by his team, husband of Nancy Cron

Bradley Infant
child of John H. Bradley and Vernetta Fisher

Bradley, Jessie
Son of Dr. John H. Bradley and Vernetta Fisher

Bradley, Louisa J.
Daughter of John H. Bradley and Vernetta Fisher

Bradley, Mary C.
Daughter of John H. Bradley and Vernetta Fisher

Bradley, Nancy Cron
Daughter of Jeremiah Cron and Nancy Green, wife of Charles Bradley, died after 1880 census

Bradley, Sarah E
D/O John H Bradley & Vernetta Fisher

Bradley, Susan
D/O Charles J Bradley & Nancy Cron

Bradley, Vernetta Fisher
Daughter of Morman Fisher and Agnes Hodges, wife of John Bradley. (bur. MO?) On her stone are also the names: Mary C., Louisa J., Sarah F. & Jessie

Bright, Mary Hunt
b. Jun 2, 1817  d. Jul 1, 1880
63 yrs 29 days, wife of Oliver C. Bright, daughter of D. G. Hunt (could be Daniel Hunt)

*Bright, Oliver
d. 1817
Son of William Bright & Rebecca. Husband of Mary Hunt, 120th IN Inf., Co. D., Buried east of stone

*Brooks, Melvin
b. Jul 13, 1902
d. Nov 29, 1973
Body was moved to Evansville

Broshears, Christina Franz
b. Jun 11, 1867  d. Jul 6, 1901
34 yrs 4 mo 20 days, daughter of Jacob Franz and Leressa Bahling, wife of James P. Broshears

Broshears, Edith M.
b. May 10, 1901  d. Jul 23, 1901
Daughter of James P. Broshears and Christina Franz

Broshears, Emma Phillips
b. 1878  d. Jul 18, 1902
23 yrs 10 mo 28 days, daughter of Joseph Phillips and Eliza Wright, wife of Everette Broshears -Obit

Broshears, George T.
Son of Perry Broshears and Phylena Skelton

Broshears, James E.
Jan 28, 1864  d. Nov 19, 1910
Son of Ephrain Broshears and Margaret Smith, husband of Christina Franz

Broshears, John Everett
b. Nov 29, 1880  d. Oct 16, 1959
Son of Perry Broshears and Phylena Skelton, husband of Emma Phillips and Rebecca Grimes -Obit

Broshears, Joshua
b. Dec 7, 1872  d. Feb 14, 1888
Son of Ephrain Broshears and Margaret J. Smith

Broshears, Margaret J. Smith
b. Jan 7, 1842  d. Dec 13, 1900
57 yrs 11 mo 10 days, daughter of Richard Shelby Hart and Kittie Edwards
1st marriage James R. Posey
2nd marriage Martin Smith
3rd marriage Ephrian Broshears

Broshears, Mary Phylena
b. Feb 9, 1859  d. Mar 10, 1922
daughter of Joel Skelton and Jane Powers, wife of Perry Broshears -Obit

Broshears, Melba I. Forston
b. Jan 29, 1924  d. Mar 28, 1999
Daughter of Chester Paul Forston and Cleo Mae Hall, wife of Mendall Broshears

Broshears, Mendell
b. Sep 14, 1918  d. Jul 1, 1989
Son of Everett Broshears and Rebecca Grimes, husband of Melba Forston -Obit

Broshears, Perigo "Perry"
b. Apr 28, 1852  d. Dec 19, 1903
Son of Isaac Broshears and Nancy Gentry, husband of Mary Phylena Skelton -Obit

Broshears, Rebecca Grimes
b. May 2, 1882  d. Oct 8, 1973
Daughter of James Grimes and Ellen Smith, wife of Everett Broshears

Brown, Alfred Seymore
Son of George W. Brown and Susan Bryant, husband of Amanda Stephens -Obit

Brown, Amanda Stephens
b. Aug 27, 1870  d. Jul 21, 1918
49 yrs 10 mo 23 days, daughter of Matthew Stephens and Martha Curtis, wife of Alfred Seymore Brown

Brown, Emelia E. Skelton
b. Nov 4, 1851  d. Oct 4, 1908
Daughter of Elijah Scales Skelton and Mary Ann Tennison, wife of John Franklin Brown -Obit

Brown, Hiram
b. 1837  d. Oct 16, 1863
26 yrs

Brown, Hiram Elder
b. Feb 18, 1827  d. Feb 25, 1889
62 yrs 7 days, son of George Brown and Margaret Brown, -Obit
Co. D 42nd Vol. - Civil War
1st marriage unknown
2nd marriage Nancy Walker
3rd marriage Nancy Phillips

*Brown, Infant
Infant son of Gilbert Brown from Posey Co., Newspaper: Jul 8, 1898

Brown, John Franklin
b. Apr 3, 1848  d. Jan 16, 1907
Son of Hiram Brown, husband of Emily E. Skelton

*Brown, Luene E. Hart
b. Feb 17, 1875
d. Oct 4, 1891
Daughter of Joshua Hart and Sarah Phillips, wife of Wm. H. Brown (b. Nov 19, 1869), Married Aug 18, 1894

Brown, Mamie C.
b. Apr 30, 1892  d. Jan 5, 1906
61 yrs 8 mo 4 days, daughter of Sesymore Brown and AManda Stephens

*Brown, Nancy Basley
b. 1837
d. Oct 16, 1863
26 yrs, wife of Hiram Brown

Brown, Nancy Phillips Basley
b. Sep 7, 1844  d. Aug 25, 1906
61 yrs 11 mo 18 days, daughter of Joseph Phillips and Elizabeth Skelton, wife of Elder Hiram Brown and Jackson Basley -Obit

Brown, Ottis L.
b. Feb 23, 1897  d. Jun 24, 1898
Son of Elder Hiram Brown and Nancy Phillips -Obits

Brown, P. L.
b. Sep 8, 1899  d. Oct 28, 1899
Son of Robert L. Brown and Arah Armor

Brown, William E.
b. Oct 1, 1885  d. Mar 4, 1899
3 yrs 5 mo 4 days
Son of Elder Hiram Brown and Nancy Phillips

*Bullock, Premature
b. & d.  Oct 30, 1901
No parents listed, found in the contagious book

Byers, Rhonda Fen Chen
Daughter of Dewey Byers and Nina Middleton

Byers, Brenda Karen
Daughter of Dewey Byers and Nina Middleton

Byers, Dewey W.  d. Jan 9, 1940, stillborn, See Barnett Funeral Home

Byers, Infant
b. & d. Dec 12, 1944
Son of Dewey Byers and Nina Middleton

Byers, Sarah Shelby
Daughter of Dewey Byers and Nina Middleton

Byers, Son
d. Apr 21, 1919
Son of Ivor Byers and Ruby Powers McCallister

*Cain, Elsie Cania
b. Sep 18, 1888
d. Jan 9, 1904
14 yrs 4 mo 21 days, daughter of Thomas Cain and Rhoda Agnes Cron (Obit)

Campbell, Arlie Eugene
b. Sep 29, 1925  d. Dec 9, 1933
8 mo 2 dyas, son of Oatley Campbell and Lora Scales

Campbell, Lora Scales
b. Oct 23, 1904  d. Apr 7, 1961
Daughter of William Harvey Scales and Tena Hart, wife of Oatley Campbell

Campbell, Oatley
b. Jun 6, 1904  d. Aug 3, 1999
Son of James Breckinridge Campbell and Malida J. Hamby, husband of Lora Scales
2nd marriage Nora Stephens
3rd marriage Betty King

Campbell, Son
b. & d.1924
Son of Oatley Campbell and Lora Scales

Carlisle, John A.
d. Mar 17, 1868
1 yr 2 mo 18 days, son of Pleasant Carlisle and Martha Roberts

Carlisle, Josephine
b. 1864  d. Dec 21, 1865
1 yr 2 mo 9 days, daughter of Pleasant Carlisle and Rebecca Skelton

Carlisle, Martha Roberts
b. Dec 1, 1864  d. Apr 22, 1882
45 yrs 3 mo 18 days, daughter of Monroe Roberts and Plonia, wife of Pleasant Carlisle

Carlisle, Nancy
d. Jun 7, 1923

Carlisle, Rachel Phillips
d. Mar 30, 1861
27 yrs 6 mo 27 days, daughter of William Phillips, wife of Pleasant Carlisle

Carlisle, Winford/Wilford H.
b. Jul 20, 1859  d. Jul 30, 1860
9 mo 8 days, son of Pleasant Carlisle and Rachel Phillips 

*Cazy, Iva Mae
d. May 1, 1915
Daughter of Arbey Casey and Golah Stephens

Chambers, Artie Brown
b. Feb 8 , 1895  d. Apr 24, 1986
90 yrs, daughter of Alfred Seymore Brown and Amanda Stephens, wife of James Luther Chambers -Obit

Chambers, James Luther
b. Feb 2, 1891  d. Aug 17, 1959
Son of James Chambers and Malinda Middline, husband of Artie Brown -Obit

Chandler, Alen Murtle
b. & d. Nov 30, 1918 
Daughter of James Chandler and Nora Osborne

Chandler, James P.
b. Oct 4, 1872  d. Oct 2, 1942
Son of James Chandler and Rachel Casey, husband of Nora M. Osborne -Obit

Chandler, Maude
d. Nov 29, 1918
8 yrs 2 mo 5 days, son of James Chandler and Nora Osborne -Obit

Chandler, Nora M. Osborne
b. Apr 5, 1897  d. Jun 25, 1954
75 yrs, Daughter of William Levi Osborne and Lizzie Belle Brown, wife of James P. Chandler -Obit

Chandler, Osker
b. Aug 25, 1900  d. Dec 1, 1918
18 yrs 3 mo 16 days, son of James Chandler and Nora Osborne -Obit

Chandler, William
b. Jan 24, 1905  d. Aug 8, 1923
18 yrs 3 mo 6 days, son of James Chandler and Dora Osborne

Cheney, Curtis Wayne
b. & d. Jul 4, 1963
Son of Andrew Cheney and Ruby

Clark, Carl
b. Nov 1899
Son of Delbert Clark and Emma Broshears

Clark, Emma Broshears
Dec 1876  d. Jul 22, 1901
Daughter of Perry Broshears and Philene Skelton, wife of Delbert Clark

Coffee, Elizabeth Blackford
d. Oct 23, 1910
56 yrs, daughter of James Blackford and Margaret Bethel, wife of Louis Coffee
2nd marriage Squire Wires

Coffee, Louis
b. Nov 24, 1851  d. Jan 21, 1887
35 yrs 1 mo 27 days, son of John Coffee and Martha Gray, husband of Elizabeth Blackford

Cohoon, Arbey
b. Dec 17, 1886  d. Aug 27, 1888
Son of Robert Harriet Cohoon and Elizabeth Hart

Cohoon, Charles A
S/O Robert Harvey Cohoon & Harriet Elizabeth Hart

Cohoon, Harriett Elizabeth
b. May 18, 1861  d. Nov 21, 1920
Daughter of William Cox Hart and Cynthia Leslie Hodges, wife of Robert Harvey Cohoon -Obit

Cohoon, Robert Harvey
b. May 29, 1856  d. 1905
Son of John W. Cohoon and Eveline Curtis, husband of Harriet Elizabeth Hart

Conner, Barbara Allen Baker
b. Nov 25, 1841  d. Mar 9, 1914
Daughter of William Baker and Barbara, wife of Louis Conner -Obit

Conner, Louis
b. Jun 1, 1856  d. Apr 5, 1926
70 yrs, son of Samuel Conner and Matilda Johnson, husband of Barbara Allen Baker
2nd marriage Lora Brooks Reed  -Obit

Conner, Matilda
d. Nov 12, 1910/1914
76 yrs, daughter of Edmund Johnson and Sarah
1st marriage Samuel Conner
2nd marriage William W. Tennyson
3rd marriage John R. Masters
4th marriage Joseph Wright

Conner, Nathaniel    1900 Nov 13 Bethabara La Grippe 74Y (no stone)

Conner, Samuel
b. Mar 31, 1826  d. ? 2, 1869
Co 1, 53rd IN Inf., Civil War

Conner, Walter/ Walker
d. Jul 6, 1911
24 yrs, son of Louis J. Conner and Barbara Baker

Cox, Elijah
b. Oct 28, 1841  d. Jan 15, 1928
Son of John Cox and Britabba Enlow, husband of Pauline Medcalf -Obit

Cox, Pauline Medcalf
b. Jan 18, 1851  d. Mar 31, 1939
88 yrs, daughter of John Medcalf and Jane Skelton, wife of Elijah Cox -Obit

Cox, William A.
b. Dec 11, 1857  d. Jul 18, 1858
Son of Wesson Cox and Stacy A. DeWitt

Cox, William Leonard
b. Jan 2, 1872  d. Jan 26, 1951
Son of Elijah Cox and Pauline Medcalf -Obit

Crask, James R
S/O Wesley B Crask & Martine Stall
H/O Ruth Blackford

Cron, Infant
b. & d. Oct 8, 1882
Son of W. W. W. Cron and Mary A. Gray

Cron, Martin Van Buren
b. Apr 7, 1856  d. Nov 15, 1914
58 yrs 7 mo 8 days, son of William Cron and Sarah Grey, husband of Olivia B. Watson -Obit

Cron, Mary A. Gray
d. May 25, 1866
31 yrs, daughter of Anamias Gray and Mary Austill, wife of William W. W. W. Cron

Cron, Neheminor B.
b. Jul 26, 1851  d. Nov 25, 1856
Son of Peter F. Cron and Tyrenia Lee

Cron, Olivia B. Watson
b. Oct 6, 1858  d. Jun 28, 1926
Daughter of Samuel Watson and Jane Gentry, wife of Martin Van Buren Cron -Obit

Cron, Peter F.
b. Apr 30, 1825  d. Mar 16, 1858
Son of Jeremiah Cron and Nancy Gren, Husband of Talitha Lee, Civil War

Cron, Sarah A. Gray
b. 1844  d. Nov 1, 1869
25 yrs 6 mo 12 days
Daughter of Annmias Grey and Mary Austill, wife of William W. W. W. Cron

*Cron, Tyrenia Lee
Wife of Peter Cron

Cron, William H.
b. Jan 28, 1858  d. Feb 11, 1858
Son of Peter F. Cron and Tyrenia Lee

Cron, William W. W.
b. Oct 1, 1829  d. Nov 2, 1899
70 yrs 1 mo 3 days, son of Jerimiah Cron and Nancy Green. His name is William Wesley Washington, husband of Mary A. Gray and Mrs. Charlotte Hull Gentry and Sarah A. Gray -Obit
Pvt. 42nd Co. D in Civil War

Crow, Permillia A. Dimmett
b. 1835  d. Sep 4, 1904
69 yr 4 mo 26 days, daughter of Alfred Dimmett and Mary E. Gasoway



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