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Gander Cemetery

Submitted by Paul Markham

My family has owned the property it sits on since the 1920's or 30's. My grandfather bought the land from a member of the family and was serious about keeping it a peaceful resting place. My sisters and I recently took over my mothers interest in the land. I'd like to give you some updated directions as well as a possible correction.

First, the directions, the roads have been improved and given names in the last few years. Gander Cemetery Road used to be a Jeep trail, barely. It is now a gravel road and any four wheeled vehicle should be able to access it with no trouble. I would hesitate riding a motorcycle up there due to the curves in the road and wild life in the area. To get to Gander Cemetery from I-165 follow these directions. Take the Booneville-New Harmony Road exit and go east. From the Warrick County line road, go 2.6 miles to Gander Road. Go about .6 miles to Gander Cemetery Road. The road will end at the cemetery.
There are numerous "No Trespassing" signs but this is for vandals and dumpers. If someone wishes to pay their respects at the cemetery, I have no problem with that. Some one has been using the grave stones as target practice and I intend to prosecute if I catch them. That is the reason for the signs. The county insists on it.

Now, the correction. Your web page shows the last interment to be in 1908. II believe there has been one later than that. My mother, who's interest in the land my sisters and I have taken over, remembers a last burial at that cemetery in 1928 or so. She was about 9 at the time. She was not born yet in 1908. While she is elderly, she has a very sharp memory and I doubt she is in error.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. My uncle has 50% interest in the property and my sisters and I have the other 50%. I speak for my sisters. I check the property frequently to protect the grave sites.



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