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Ashby McClary Cemetery

From the files of Virginia L. Aldridge

I had difficulty transcribing some of these stones as they had unreadable dates and or names. If you find any errors, please let me know. - Marsha

Two Rows of unreadable stones

Broken Stone age 19yrs 6mo 18d

Ashby, Albert  1846-1917, shares stone with wife Hulda A.

Ashby, Charles M. 1863-1918

Ashby, Charlotte  17 Oct 1792 - 8 Dec 1880, wife of James

Ashby, Claudie  27 Nov 1892 - 22 Dec 1899, son of M. & S. A. Ashley

Ashby, Eliza d. 17 Jun 1862, dau of J. & E. Ashley, may be 5yrs 9 mo

Ashby, Elizabeth 1825 - 20 May 1912

Ashby, Georgie William  b & d Oct 17, 1918, See Barnett Funeral Home

Ashby, Hulda A.  1846-1881, shares stone with husband Albert A.

Ashby, Jackson no dates

Ashby James  20 Dec 1871

Ashby, Marty R.  4 Oct 1852 - 19 Jun 1902, shares stone with Sarah A.

Ashby, Min d. 25 Sep 1872, aged ?yrs 7mo 1d?, may say dau of A. B. Ashby

Ashby, Sarah A. 7 Oct 1854 - 23 Feb 1909shares stone with Marty R.

Bolen, Charles Robert  d. 4 Nov 2005, aged 89y 0 mo 4d, shares stone with Flora

Bolen, Flora Eliz. Simmons d. 30 May 2006, aged 87 y 1 mo 8 d, shares stone with Robert

Bolen, Gertie Ashley 18 Feb 1891-14 Feb 1927, wife of Robert

Bolen, Sarah 8 mo old daughter of C. Robert & Gertie Dec 92-May 1923

Fisher, Mollie Ashby 1895-1918

Gourley, Joseph D. 17 May 1854-13 Jul 1919

Gourley, Verna 30 May 1902 - 18 Mar 1918

Ingel, George  d. Oct 3, 1892, age 79y 7m 20d, dropsey, see Shafer Funeral Home Records

Jenkins, Magie  d. Aug 18, 1890, age 9yrs, congestion, see Shafer Funeral Home Records

McClary, J. no dates

McClary, Hannah dates too small to read, dau of R. McClary

McClary, Jackson broken & dates are hidden

McClary, John 22 Feb 1878, aged 9/19y 1mo 4d - this stone is difficult to read

McClary, Josiah  28 Jul 1857-7 Sep 1927, shares stone with Shrilda

McClary, Lucinda  7 Apr 1831-21 Feb 1900, wife of Robert

McClary, Mary died 26 Mar 1862, dau of R. & L. McClary, aged 8rs 8m0 22d

McClary, Ora W. 29 Jul 1882-29 Aug 1883

McClary, Robert 7 Nov 1824-4 Apr 1909

McClary Shrilda  31 Jul 1859 - not carved, shares stone with Josiah

McClary, William no dates, son of R. & L. McClary

Miller, Christena d. 15 Nov 1868?, aged 16/18y 10 mo 5d

Miller, Jake  d. Jun 3, 1895, age 2y 5m 7d membrane croupe, see Shafer Funeral Home Records

Overby, Tildie  d. Mar 30, 1895, age 8, see Shafer Funeral Home Records

Perkins, Alvena Infant, 1912, no other information

Perkins, Arlie Ray dates difficult to read, may be 1883-1910, son of J. E. & E. Perkins

Perkins, Bert N. 24 Aug 1918-22 Apr 1992

Perkins, Chester C. 8 Apr 1916-21 Jun 1971

Perkins, Ethelda 3 Sep 1879-17 Dec 1922, wife of Jas. Perkins

Perkins, James E.  1872-1961

Splittorff, Adam P.  8 Mar 1902 - 27 Sep 1997, shares stone with Gusta M.

Splittorff, Gusta Mae  3 Oct 1904-18 Mar 200, shares stone with Adam P.

Taylor, Jackson dates unreadable, son of W.E. & O. D. Taylor

Taylor Marty A. 10 May 1842 - 28 Sep 1951, aged 8y 4mo

Willis, Sarah Lucile  8 Oct 1913-12 Mar 1995, shares stone with William

Willis, William F.   20 Sep 1908-15 Nov 1992, shares stone with Sarah




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