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1896 Newspapers

Boonville Enquirer & the Boonville Standard News

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The Boonville Enquirer

January 4,1896
"Death of William Mills, Sr.
William Mills, Sr., died, December 24, 1895, of Heart failure. Mr. Mills had arisen, eaten a hearty breakfast and walked about a quarter of a mile to the Polk school house to meet his brother Samuel, both
intending to go to Boonville. While standing talking to Mr. Joseph Kelly he suddenly sank down with a groan and expired almost instantly; he never uttered a word after being stricken.
Mr. Mills was an old and well known citizen, having lived in Skelton township for over fifty years. He was a good, honest Christian gentleman and kind neighbor. He was a minister of the General Baptist Church. His remains were interred on Christmas day in the Mills cemetery, which is located on his farm where he has lived for 43 years. He was a kind and loving father and husband and was loved and respected by all who knew him. He leaves a wife, two sons and several grand-children, besides a host of relatives and friends to mourn his loss. The bereaved family have our sympathy in their sad bereavement."

Pace, Bert
January 18, 1896 Boonville Enquirer

On Saturday, Jan. 11th, death visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Pace and took from them their eldest son, Bert. The deceased was sick for only one week, but suffered greatly during his sickness. Bert was a fine young man, highly esteemed by all who knew him. He leaves many relatives and a host of sympathizing friends. The funeral services which were very impressive were conducted by Rev. Rawlins. The remains were interred at Wesley cemetery, Monday.

Boonville Standard
Feb 14, 1896
Marriage License:
Norman Barclay to Gertie Miles
John Sutton to Lucinda Davis
T. B. Bruce to Lyda Hesson

Boonville Standard
Feb 21, 1896
Marriage License:
J. W. Dougan to Nora Dimmett
Isaac Cunningham to Annie Steinhibler
Sandusky Williams to Ceora Ingram
Rev. Lewis Hall, died Sunday, Feb 16, at his home in Boonville, age 59 years. He was a member of the 4th Ind. Cav. Funeral at Baptist Church.

Boonville Standard
Feb 28, 1896
Lynnville: Charles Mitchell and Miss Ollie Tevault were married last week.
Daniel McKinney went to Pike County and married a Miss Burdett. (son of Rev. George McKinney)
Little Bethany: Mr. Henry Barr and Miss Gracie Harter were married at home of groom by Rev. Easley, Sunday.
Selvin: C. C. Posey has bought the farm of S. D. Davis near Tennyson and commenced moving Tuesday.
Scalesville: Dan, little son of Jake Scales was buried Monday, at South Fork cemetery.
Local: A beautiful new public cemetery has been opened just south of Chandler
Henry Kirsch and Miss Lela Strain were married Sunday night at the home of the bride's parents, William Strain, by Rev. M. C. Cockrum.
Mr. S. M. Hook, of Warrick County and Miss Ida Small of Spencer county, daughter of Matthew Small were married Feb 19, at the home of the bride, 1 1/2 miles west of Centerville.
Marriage License:
Henry Barr to Grace Harter
Harrison Hardin to Rebecca Duffee (Stanley, Feb 25th)
Charles S. Harper to Sarah Edna Posey
Henry Kirsch to Lella Strain
Allen J. Fisher to Clara Work
F. F. Brown to Jane Wilson

Boonville Standard
Mar 6, 1896
Paradise: Mr. Thomas Tyner and Miss Eval Holder were married Sunday night at the home of bride by Rev. Cockrum.
Mrs Lue Taylor and Mr. Henry Helmuth were married Tuesday, Mar 3.
Mr. Luke Gardner, died Sunday morning, from cancer. Funeral at Townsend, by Rev. Cockrum, burial in Rose Hill cemetery.
Evansville Journal: Mrs. H. J. Pearce, age 76, died Saturday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Lavina Mellon, of Evansville. She leaves 4 children. Mrs. Lavina Mellon, Mrs. Gurley Taylor, Mrs. M. B. Fuller and George Pearce of Lima Ohio. Remains were taken to Rockport for burial.
Marriage License:
William H. Harter to Stella Cain
J. Z. Brown to Martha Heugel
Nick Howes to Ella Walker
Herschel Wilson to Jane Irvin
Thomas Tyner to Eva Holder
Elva Miller to Bessie Middleton
Henry Helmuth to Louisa Taylor 

Knight, Sallie
March 14, 1896 Boonville Enquirer

Another home has been visited by the grim monster, death, and the light of the family has gone out. Mrs. Sallie Knight, wife of Robert, living four miles northwest of Boonville, departed this life, Friday morning, Feb. 6yh, 1896, after a short but painful illness. Her devoted husband and many friends labored hard for her recovery. But alas! Man's work and love are of no avail at times in this life. "There is no flock however watched and tended, But one dead lamb is there. There is no fireside howso'er, But has a vacant chair." The vacant chair in this home can never be filled. The husband and little daughter will turn in their now desolate home for the loving voice and gentle hand which have ever soothed and led them in days of peace and light. The members of her beloved church, beholding the vacant pew, will drop the tear of regret and while extending the tenderest sympathy to her beloved but sorrowing family, will hope to the end for the summon of the "Sweet By and By." Well may they say of her: "Day after day we think what she is doing in those bright realms of air. Year after year her tender steps pursuing; Behold her grown more fair." Sister Knight died triumphantly rejoicing in a saving faith. She was a member of the Mt. Pisgah C.P. church. She was once mortal - is now immortal. The remains of sister Knight were interred in the Maple Grove cemetery.

Boonville Standard
Friday, Mar 20, 1896
Heilman, Joseph Blackford, Jr. and Iva Hesson were married Sunday Mar. 15 at the home of mother of the bride, Mrs. Thomas Bruce by Rev. Arlander Griffith.
James Stephens' have moved to their new home, the property formerly owned by Louis Robinson
Folsomville: Aunt Lucinda St. Clair, age 80 yrs, died Mar 18. Funeral at M. E. Church, by Reverends James Ferguson and James Hart. Buried in Hull Cemetery, leaves 5 children. The remains of her husband who died 17 years ago were dug up and removed to Hull cemetery by side of his wife.
Petersburg News: Mrs. Taylor, of Petersburg, the aged mother of ex-congressman Taylor, of this city, died Mar 11th.
Local: Co. Cleark Perigo refused to issue a marriage license last week to Ellis Hopper and Nancy Matthews, the latter being only 15 years old.
Mrs. Martha J. Lanhan died Sunday, Mar 14, age 70 years, buried at Friendship cemetery in Spencer County. Deceased was mother of Mrs. J. W. McKenney with whom she lived.
Marriage License:
William H. Barton to Joseph Blackford?
August B. Nickens to Caroline Siebe
Charles L. Genry to Laura Coffey

Boonville Standard
Friday, Mar 27, 1896
Weltes: Mrs. Phrona Herr died Sunday night, age about 84 years, her husband preceded her nearly 15 years ago. Buried at St. John's Church, Tuesday 10 am.
Mac Libbert died Monday night, buried Wed. 10 am. Leaves a wife and 2 children.
Alvah H. Shaul and Miss Minnie Wolf were married Sunday afternoon at home of bride's uncle, W. Z. Smith by Rev. M. C. cockrum.

Kelley, Isham
April 1, 1886 Boonville Standard

Uncle Isham Kelley died last Monday morning, March 29th, at four o'clock, after a long, lingering sickness, aged 76 years, 7 months and 19 days. He was born in Henderson county, Ky., and was the son of David and Nancy Kelley, natives of Virginia, and early pioneers of the Blue Grass State. He remained at home until ten years of age, then came with a brother, John B. Kelly, now dead, to this county, locating at first five miles northeast of Boonville. Warrick county has since been his home, and here he accumulated a fortune, much of which has been given to his children; and won the confidence and high esteem of a large circle of acquaintenances. In August, 1828, he was united in marriage to Eliza Cover, who died Oct. 13, 1854, after bearing a family of twelve children, three of whom are yet living. August 30th, 1874, Mr. Kelley married Mrs. Mary C. (Lee) Zimmerman, and by her is the father of two children. He has proved to be a man of undoubted integrity and a worthy citizen. We join with his many friends and relatives in mourning his loss. One of his sons, Commodore, is the present Recorder of Warrick County.

Boonville Enquirer 
June 13, 1896
"William A. Williams died, at the Soldiers' Home, Marion, Indiana, June 3rd at 6 a.m. aged 54 years.
The deceased was born and raised in Warrick County. At the breaking out of the war he joined the first
Indiana cavalry and remained in the Army until the close of the war. He was captured and held prisoner
for eleven months in Libby prison. During that period  he escaped and was recaptured five different times
with blood hounds. He was elected and served as sheriff of Warrick County, three terms. The remains were brought to Warrick county and taken to Folsomville and buried on last Saturday, June 6th. Rev. John Ferguson officiating at funeral and burial. He left surviving him, two sons, William of Huntingburgh and Wallie of Illinois, and two brothers, Robert of Boonville and Simon of Evansville. The bereaved family have the sympathy of a large circle of friends in their loss of brother and father."

Hepp, Frank C.
June 13, 1896 Boonville Enquirer

Rev. Frank C. Hepp died at his home in Boonville, Indiana, on Thursday, June 4th, 1896, at 7:25 p.m. Funeral services were held Sunday, June 7th; private services at the family residence at one o'clock p.m. and public services at the German M.E. church at 2 o'clock p.m. Revs. Helwig, Lukenmeyer, Miller and Bryan officiating. The funeral services were under the management of the German M.E. Sunday School at the residence and from there to the church, then the order of A.O.U.W. took charge and conducted the burial at Maple Grove cemetery. The deceased was born in Birkenfeld, Germany, August 24, 1830, and was 65 years, 9 months and 4 days of age at the time of death. For many years the deceased has been a prominent and leading citizen of Boonville. He was a good neighbor, a kind father and a loving husband. He was a leading member of the German M.E. church, an ordained minister and took great pleasure in doing church work. It can be said of him, that he was a true christian and has now gone to receive his reward. He left surviving his wife, one daughter, Mrs. Will Roth and sons, John and Charles Hepp. The bereaved family have the sympathy of a large circle of friends and acquaintenances in their loss of husband and father.

Frame, David Marion
August 8, 1896 Boonville Enquirer

D.M. Frame, who lived on his farm near Newburg, died Friday evening, July 31, 1896. He died on the farm on which he was born; he was at the time of his death, 63 years and seven months old. He was the owner of one of the finest, if not the finest farm in Warrick county; the south half of the 160 acres was entered by his father, John Baker Frame, August 31, 1832, and the north half was entered by his father, February 31, 1836. Marion was the only child of his parents, and through his father who died of cholera some time in the forties, he inherited this 160 acres, and was never transferred, or had any lien upon it except taxes. In 1891, he added by purchase, forty acres to this beautiful home. In 1864 he married his bereaved widow, who survives him; he left no other family. Marion was the personification of honor; his honesty and integrity was never doubted. He was a plain, unassuming, unostentatious gentleman of the old school; the latch string at his home always hung on the outside; he never was so happy as when entertaining his friends. Marion belonged to no church, but was a true Christian gentleman. For 27 years he has been a devoted member of the Masonic lodge of Newburg, in which he has held every office, and has been master for several years; after his bereaved widow, here his loss will be most deeply felt, as his counsel was always timely and good; here, he assumed nothing but in his quiet, sincere way, did his work, which was always for good and was thorough and effective. He was a cousin to Wesley Frame, our county commissioner, with whom he was raised. After his father's death, he was taken to the home of Uncle Billy Frame, the father of Wesley and Daniel Frame, where he lived until he became of age. By his death Ohio township and Warrick county loses one of her best citizens. He was buried by his lodge in Rose Hill cemetery, Sunday, August 2. Quite a number of the Masonic brethren attended from here and other points.

Moore, Blanche
August 8, 1896 Boonville Enquirer

Mrs. Blanche Moore died at the home of her son-in-law, John P. Weyerbacher, of Boonville, Tuesday, August 4, 1896, at 9 o'clock p.m., after a lingering illness of three years. Funeral services were held at the residence of J.P. Weyerbacher, August 6th, at nine o'clock a.m. Interment at Maple Grove cemetery. Rev. R.R. Bryan, officiating. The members of the Boonville Harmony club, a singing society now disbanded, furnished the music at the request of the deceased as she was one of the members while the club existed. She makes the second member to pass away, the other was the late Miss Dell Day. Mrs. Moore was born at Troy, Ind., November 16, 1851 and was a daughter of the late Judge Harman G. Barkwell and Permelia Barkwell, of Rockport, Indiana. The deceased and R.D.O. Moore were married at the latter place, Jan. 23, 1868. She left surviving, her husband, two sons and one daughter as follows: James T. Moore, of Evansville, Lucy N. Weyerbacher and Robert S. Moore, of Boonville, a number of relatives and a great many near and dear friends to mourn her loss. The bereaved family have the sympathy of a large circle of friends and acquaintances in their loss of wife and mother.

Boonville Standard
Aug 28, 1896
Marriage License: E. F. Cain to Ida Hunt, Herbert Massie to Cleva Rice, Davis Addington to Hester Brammer, Fred Fox to Wm. Elizabeth Allen

Boonville Standard
Sep 4, 1896
Stanley- George Brookbank, of Grayville, Ill, formerly of here was brought here, dead Monday, and buried at Barnett graveyard, leaves a widow.
Eby- Herbert Massie and Miss Clevia Rice were married Aug 26th, at Lynville by Rev. Winkler
Yankeetown- Robert Merrill and Miss Mary Housman, were married Aug 30th, at residence of Rev. S. L. Purdue.
Paradise- James (Joseph W?) Lowrance, an old citizen of this vicinity, died Thursday evening, Aug 27th, at his home near Paradise. Buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, at Newburgh.
Selvin- Miss Anna Stuart, daughter of B. Y. Stuart, died Aug 28th, age 24 yrs, buried Saturday at Selvin cemetery.
Folsomville- Elijah West, has gone to Sikeston, Mo., to visit his only daughter, Mrs. U. G. (Ulysis Grant) Holley, who is reported to be critically ill.
Heilman- Thomas Posey is moving to Tennyson, this week. Thomas Shriver and Miss Mary Cox, daughter of W. S. Cox were married Sunday in Boonville.
Chas. B. Trisler and Miss Grace Houghland were married Sunday by Rev. John Ferguson. Daughter of Mrs. Laura I. Lowe
Joseph W. Lowrance died Thursday, Aug 27th at his farm near Paradise, about 3 miles east of Newburgh, age 81 yrs. He was born and reared at the old Lowrence homestead, leaves 4 grown sons, Wm., John, Al, and Geo. D. Lowrance.
Boonville Standard
Friday, Sep 18, 1896
Marriage License:
G. Frank Honer to Mary Beckwith
Rev. S. S. Penrod to Anna Faughander

Boonville Standard
Friday, Sep 25, 1896
Dickeyville: Miss Verdie Hunsaker, age of about 20 years of Folsomville, died Friday, Sep 19. Buried Sunday at Mundy cemetery.
Folsomville: Roy, age 2 yrs and 11 mos., son of John Miller, died Sep 21.
Mable, 2 year old daughter of R. A. & Emma Barnett, died Wednesday, Sep 23rd, buried at Folsomville Cemetery.
Scalesville: 2 Funerals Today (Wednesday)
Mr. George Hopper, died of consumption
Daughter of George L. Taylor died of typhoid fever Tuesday.
Lynnville: Mrs. Brilla (Turpin) Foster, wife of William Foster died Wednesday Sep 16 and buried next day.
Local: Carl Young and Miss Lyda Houghland were married Sunday at 5 pm at C. P. Parsonage by Rev. Cockrum.
Mrs. Lana, consort of Gurley Richardson, died Wed., Sep 23, age 37 yrs. (daughter of Robert Perigo of Yankeetown) leaves 5 living children, buried at Mt. Gilead.
Mrs. Jane Campbell died Sunday night. She was consort of Coleman Campbell, now deceased, a sister of Hon. Benoni S. Fuller, age 68 yrs. Mother of 5 living children: J. W. Campbell, Mrs. Della Richardson, Mrs. Laura Lowe, Mrs. William Patterson and Mrs. Eavia Deutsch. Buried at Wesley Chapel Cemetery, west of Boonville.
Marriage License:
Charles J. Heath to Cora Stephens
Samuel S. Work to Alice Keeney
W. W. Hudson to Fannie Goad
Carl Young to Lida Houghland
John Caffey to Emma McQuary



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