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Photo Restoration

Len Reinker

I have a great deal of experience with digital photograph restoration and because of my experience with portrait painting and drawing, I can offer results superior to what many photograph studios can provide (since most photo restoration services employ technicians with only a background in photography... and the results can be comparatively amateurish). Digital restoration is more akin to portrait and life painting... particularly when the damage involves the face and figure... which is what matters most for good restoration results).

As far as my background, I have both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Fine Art (BFA from The Cleveland Institute of Art and an MFA from Ohio University) and have taught life drawing at both Kent State University and Ohio University... as well have having many years experience working with Adobe Photoshop and other specialized digital editing programs.

In the case of my service and work, a potential customer can simply send me a JPEG scan of their photograph for an estimate (and references). If the estimate is acceptable they can either mail a high resolution scan of the original photograph saved to CD-Rom in TIFF format, or mail the original photograph to me for scanning (I can provide special shipping container designed to secure and protect photographs during shipping). In either case, the original photograph will not be altered (Note: in cases where the original photograph is sent in, it is returned to the customer as soon as it is digitally scanned and saved... before any restoration work is actually begun).

Then, after making the necessary repairs to the scanned image of the original photograph, I provide a "watermarked proof" of the restored photograph via e-mail for final customer approval. Once approval is made and my payment received, I send out the restored photographic print(s) and a CD containing scans of the original and the restored version that they can use for home use or future professional printing.


Preserving our past for our future is my passion. Ephemera, our history on paper, such as photos, newspaper clippings, birth records, etc... should be digitized to preserve them for the future.

To get started: please send a scan of the item you would like digitally restored. ->Please note: physical restoration of paper belongs solely in the capable hands of museum professionals. If you lack access to a scanner, a good quality digital picture will be enough to get the estimate process started.

Then the next step: after the initial image has been sent, we'll work together to determine the best delivery method for the image/item. Please note, often a high quality scan is sufficient. However, from time to time, it is necessary I have the original image.

Upon completion of these steps: you'll then receive an estimate.

Following your approval of the estimate, digital restoration work on your item will begin.

After the work has been completed, you'll be sent a digital proof for approval.

Once approved, and payment received, your finished digital restoration will be sent.

I look forward to helping you preserve your past for your future!




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