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If it says "no city" or "no city or county" I found the name in the card catalog and the paperwork has yet to surface so I can verify if it belongs to Warrick.

Glad you can find use for the list. The volunteers who have been working for a very long time on this project will be pleased for people to know about it. The staff is working to put the database for all Indiana counties online. Indiana has been part of a consortium through the Library of Congress and the State of Washington, but the funding has run out. Indiana is attempting to fund its own website but we all know how that goes in this day and age.

Sandy Ricketts

1015-115 Evansville-Ohio River Coal Company (March 1903) Evansville Vanderburgh Main offices in Evansville but all operations in Warrick Co.
1008-58 Home Produce Company, The (Oct. 1902) Boonville Warrick
1009-32 Green River Chemical Company of Boonville, Indiana (Nov. 1902) Boonville Warrick
1009-6 Peacock Coal Company (Oct. 1902) Boonville Warrick
1017-29 Boonville Laundry Company (May 1903) Boonville Warrick
1017-76 Farmers and Merchants Bank (May 1903) Boonville Warrick
1100-4 Boon Investment and Realty Company (June 1912) Boonville Warrick
1102-18 Chandler Butter and Cheese (July 1905) Chandler Warrick
1105-95 Erie Canal Coal Company (June 1905) Boonville Warrick
1108-2 Degonia Creamery Degonia Warrick
1115-3 Epworth Coal Company (April 1907) Ohio Twp. Warrick
1144-89 Warrick Hardware Company (June 1906) Boonville Warrick
1154-81 Chandler Building Loan and Saving Association (April 1907) Chandler Warrick
1188-15 Warrick Roofing Tile Company (Feb. 1906) Newburgh Warrick
1188-15 Warrick Roofing Tile Company (Oct. 1902) Newburgh Warrick
1191-90 Sargeant Coal Company (Sept. 1907) Newburgh Warrick
1196-76 Selvin Creamery Company Selvin Warrick
1203-49 Lynnville Creamery Company Lynnville Warrick
1222-75 Tennyson Mutual Telephone Company Tennyson Warrick
1225-65 Folsomville Farmers Mutual Home Telephone Company Folsomville Warrick
1241-43 Lane Telephone Company (Aug. 1910) Jockeytown Warrick
1241-55 Elberfeld Social Club (Sept. 1910) Elberfeld Warrick
1242-30 N. E. Palmer Company (Oct. 1910) Tennyson Warrick
1250-54 Boonville Auto Company Boonville Warrick
1251-56 First Church of Christ Scientist of Boonville, Indiana (March 1911) Boonville Warrick
1259-35 Staser-Epperson Coal Company (Aug. 1911) Epworth Warrick
1265-32 Tennyson Drug Company (Nov. 1911) Tennyson Warrick
1291-23 Roth Construction Company (Jan. 1913) Boonville Warrick
1315-59 Newburgh Tobacco Company Newburgh Warrick
1315-8 Nester-Heinzle Coal Company (Sept. 1901) Boonville Warrick
1340-35 Boonville Academy (Oct. 1853) Boonville Warrick
1342-113 Locust Grove Mining Company, The (Feb. 1865) Newburgh Warrick
1343-98 Newburgh Coal Company (May 1867) Ohio Township Warrick
1382-14 New Newburgh Canning Company, April 1911, Newburgh/Warrick
1498-32 Pigeon Creek Coal Company Boonville Warrick
1508-18 Boonville Nest No. 1860 Order of Owls Boonville Warrick
1508-61 Elberfeld Mining Company, The Elberfeld Warrick
1508-7 Elberfeld Coal Company Elberfeld Warrick
1534-30 Lynnville Home Telephone Company Lynnville Warrick
1535-43 Elberfeld Co-operative Coal Company Elberfeld Warrick
1537-60 Newburgh Coal Company, The Newburgh Warrick
1540-10 Boone Coal Company Boonville Warrick
1548-10 Degonia Springs Company Boonville Warrick
1549-52 Boon Contracting Company Boonville Warrick
1579-24 Boonville Chamber of Commerce Boonville Warrick
1582-42 Elberfeld Coal Mining Company Elberfeld Warrick
1629-1 Boonville Mining Company Boonville Warrick
1747-31 Boonville Pure Milk Company Boonville Warrick
1774-34 Folsomville Canning Company Folsomville Warrick
1901-6 Warrick Co-operative Company Boonville Warrick
1953-26 Newburgh State Bank Newburgh Warrick
2092-27 Warrick Detective Association #265 (March 1923) Boonville Warrick
2101-23 Lynnville Independent Telephone Company Lynnville Warrick
2106-15 Elberfeld Electric Light and Power Company Elberfeld Warrick
2147-19 Elberfeld Car and Tractor Company Elberfeld Warrick
2183-12 Boonville Realty and Investment Company Boonville Warrick
2215-17 Boonville Oil Company Boonville Warrick
2420-17 Air Line Telephone Company Elberfeld Warrick
2422-10 Boonville Athletic Club Boonville Warrick
2424-18 Farm Land Investment Company Boonville Warrick
2435-9 Boonville Warehouse Boonville Warrick
2470-3 Boonville Tobacco Company Boonville Warrick
2598-19 Tennyson Hardware Company Tennyson Warrick
26-66 Chandler Telephone Company (Oct. 1904) Chandler Warrick
2672-7 Boonville Fair Association Boonville Warrick
2674-17 Hoosier Athletic Club of Boonville (April 1928) Boonville Warrick
2686-34 Boonville Electric Shop, Inc. Boonville Warrick
2711-1 Boonville Investment Company Boonville Warrick
2779-6A Boonville Ice and Storage Company Warrick No city
2792-95 Boonville Credit Rating Bureau, Inc. Boonville Warrick
2805-3 Newburgh Amusement Company (Oct. 1918) Newburgh Warrick
2811A-59 Boonville Lions Club, Inc. Boonville Warrick
2834-64 Warrick County Taxpayers Association Warrick No city
2835-80 Warrick Grocers Association Boonville Warrick
2857-91 Newburgh Light and Water Company Newburgh Warrick
30-15 Boonville Canning and Packing Company Boonville Warrick
3017-85 Boonville Glee Club Boonville Warrick
3028-35 Boonville Retail Coal Club, Inc. Boonville Warrick
3054-107 Warrick Implement Store, Inc. (R) Boonville Warrick
3090-18 Newburgh Motor Company, Inc. Newburgh Warrick
37-023 Hampton Tobacco Company Newburgh Warrick
37-46 Warrick County Gold and Silver Mining Company (Oct. 1901) Lynnville Warrick Involved with coal.
38-105 H. G. Roetzel Co-operative Coal Company, The (Dec. 1901) Boonville Warrick
39-115 H. M. Dalton Stone Company Boonville Warrick
4014-74 Chandler, Inc. Chandler Warrick
4055A-181 Boonville LLag Products Boonville Warrick
41-16 Citizens� Bank, The Newburgh Warrick
4211-59 Elberfeld Concrete Block Corp. Elberfeld Warrick
4259-74 Elberfeld Ready Mix, Inc. Elberfeld Warrick
44-54 Wartmann and Cool Tiled Roofing Company Newburgh Warrick

47-136 Industrial Loan Company Boonville Warrick
47-88 Ryan-Hampton Tobacco (Jan. 1904) Newburgh Warrick
48-135 Newburgh Canning Company, The (Feb. 1904) Newburgh Warrick
Elberfeld and Millersburg Telephone Company (March 1904) Elberfeld Warrick
598-018 Boonville Building and Loan Association (Dec. 1878) Boonville Warrick
60-127 Industrial Brick Works (Aug. 1904) Boonville Warrick
675-2 German Mutual Aid and Endowment Association (Jan. 1883) Boonville Warrick
675-25 German Mutual Aid Association (Jan. 1883) Boonville Warrick
685-12 Citizens Building Loan Fund and Savings Association (April 1883) Boonville Warrick
686-2 German Mutual Aid Association (May 1883) Boonville Warrick
740-49 Tennyson Building Loan and Savings Association (March 1886) Tennyson Warrick
816-36 Germania Building, Loan and Savings Association (April 1889) Boonville Warrick
840-50 Newburgh Building Loan and Savings Association #2 (Feb. 1891) Newburgh Warrick
848-82 Newburgh German Building, Loan, and Savings Association (Sept. 1891) Newburgh Warrick
851-27 German Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Campbell and Greer Townships (Nov. 1891) Warrick No city
871-39 Elgin Creamery Company (March 1893) Elberfeld Warrick
878-33 Maple Grove Cemetery Association (July 1893) Boonville Warrick
907-32 Elberfeld Building Loan and Savings Association (Aug. 1894) Elberfeld Warrick
915-119 People�s Bank of Boonville (Jan. 1895) Boonville Warrick
924-112 Boonville Lodge No. 64 Knights of Pythias (Sept. 1895) Boonville Warrick
931-21 Boonville Water Works Company (Jan. 1896) Boonville Warrick
932-135 &
939-2 City Light and Power Company (April 1904) Boonville Warrick
932-67 Warrick County Orphans Home Association (April 1896) Boonville Warrick
948-96 Boonville Building, Loan, and Saving Association (April 1897) Boonville Warrick
968-43 Gold Ridge Mining Company (Oct. 1897) Boonville Warrick
981-50 Boonville Ice and Storage Company (March 1901) Boonville Warrick
983-19 Matthewson Opera House Association
(April 1901) Boonville Warrick

991-1 1/2 Newburgh Building Loan and Savings Association #2 (Jan. 1899) Newburgh Warrick
996-103 Elberfeld Building and Loan and Savings Association (Nov. 1899) Elberfeld Warrick
996-114 Caledonia Coal and Mining Company (Nov. 1899) Boonville Warrick
R3495, Box 5 Elberfeld Natural Gas Corporation Elberfeld Warrick
1343-192 Paragon Furniture Company (Nov. 1886) Newburgh Warrick
1344-21 Star Brick and Tile Company (Oct. 1903) Newburgh Warrick
1344-165 Warrick County Central Plank Road (July 1852) Warrick (not incorporation papers � instead a notice to the Sec. of State)
2215-5 Yankeetown Community Club No city or county
2839-77 Boonville Hudson Essex Company No city or county
2883 (2) Boonville Electric Light and Power Company No city or county
4141A-6 Lynnville Coal Company (D) Illinois
4157-39 Boonville Mills, Inc. No city or county
4224-48 Boonville Implement Company, Inc. No city or county
54-146 Warrick Loan and Savings Association No city or county
717-58 Newburgh German Building Loan and Savings Association (May 1885) No city or county
1112-31 Worsham-Newburgh Coal Company (March 1906) Evansville Vanderburgh Served Warrick Co. ???
1299-72 Warrick Coal Mining Company Evansville Vanderburgh
1379-22 Warrick County Coal Company (D) Evansville Vanderburgh
669-60 Warrick and Evansville Consolidated Coal Company (Nov. 1882) Evansville Vanderburgh Probably did business in Warrick Co.
312-12 Elberfeld Oil, Gas, & Mining Company The company operated out of Illinois, but I have a hunch that's just where the headquarters were located



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