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1879 Newspapers

Boonville Enquirer & the Boonville Standard News

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The Boonville Standard
January 2, 1879

Albert Fischer, the murderer of John Scantlin, in Evansville, last July, was found not guilty.

Mr. Ashley, who lived in the south-east part of town, died last Thursday.

A new boy made his appearance, at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gough, in time for dinner Saturday.

A brand new boy, came to Jake Frank's, at 2 o'clock on Christmas morn.

Robert Davis, a farmer living near Evansville, lost his life last week, the results of being thrown from a sleigh.

From the Boonville-Lynnville stage driver, we learn that Lemuel Stevens, of the latter town, had both feet frozen on Tuesday night, last week. L. O. Martin found him, helpless and assisted until medical attention could be given. The unfortunate Stevens, had imbibed too freely of extract corn, and as a result, he will probably lose both feet.

Christmas morning, Jacob Frank was out in town, very early with a broad grin wreathing his counterance, and looking to be the happiest man in town. Upon inquiring, we found that Santa Claus had left a bouncing big boy. Mother and child doing well, and Jake is happy as a Lord.

Hon. John L. Taylor, will on Sunday evening, lead to the alter, Mrs. Kate Breckenridge. The ceremony will take place at the m. E. church, at 7 P.M. The high contracting parties are too well known, to need comment from us. Mr. Taylor is a member of the Legislature from this district, and a very popular man. Mrs. Breckenridge, is the daughter of our esteemed townsman, Mr. Barker. She is one of Boonville's bells in society.

The following, were the marriage license, issued the past ten days:
Joseph W. Taylor to Martha W. Bethell
Henry Adams to Catherine McKinsey
Oliver L. Taylor to Lizzie M. Hudson
Robert Gough, Jr. to Sada Clark
Henry L. Lemar to Jennie M. White
Henderson Carnahan to Cordelia C. Gentry
Joshua Duncan to Anna Smith
Peter Goad Jr. to Margaret F. Kelly
Alonzo L. Youngblood to Nancy A. Reed
George W. Stanley to Kate McCormick
John A. Black to Emma F. Goad
William L. Hart to Mary J. Skelton
James E. Langford to Pauline J. Phillips

The tolling of the bell, Tuesday afternoon, was caused by the death of Andrew J. Broshears. He lived about 5 miles east of Boonville, was 50 years of age, and a highly respected man. Typhoid pneumonia caused his demise.

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, January 9, 1879

The marriage of Hon. John L. Taylor, and Mrs. Kate Breckenridge, at the M. E. church, last Sunday evening, was the most high toned recherch, and brilliant affair of the winter. Entering the church, the wedding couple were followed by Dr. Howard, and Simon Taylor, as ushers, who in turn were followed by Union Taylor, and Mrs. Lizzie Hart, William Barker, and Ida Taylor, Dr. William Reavis, of Lake and Flora Allen. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Mr. King. Immediately after Church services.

Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, has taken out letters as exeutor, of last will and testament, of Christopher Lockyear, dec'd...Said estate is solvent. Adolph W. Hein, exec. - Charles W. Armstrong, Attorney

Bayard Taylor's Death - New York Special - He took great pride in his home and broad acres, at kennett Square, Pa., his native place.

Rockport budget - From the Gazette: Marriage Licenses:
J. W. Haynes to Melissa Gentry
Hnery Watkins to Nancy Ross
Samuel B. Bird to Anna K. Olch
Charles Grissby to Emma Powell

John Bockstahler, a worthy German, of Carter twp., and for a long time the trustee of that township, departed this life, at his home last week. He has been in poor health for some time. A good man gone from us.

Caleb Cushing, is dead. He was age 79 years.

Dr. Howard, visited General Kelly, Friday night, cause why, they found a big boy baby, at his home.

Thursday, January 16, 1879

Hon. Alexander H. Stephens, had an attack of neuralgia of the bowels, the evening of January 7th, and is worse physically than for years.

William Merrick, having been adjudged guilty, of the murder of Julia H. Merrick, will be taken by the sheriff, between the hours 12:00 and 2:00 P>M>, January 29th to a private enclosure, near the jail, and there hanged till he is dead. Merrick rec'd the sentence without a symptom of emotion, and has betrayed no unusual feeling since he heard it.

Mrs. Miller, wife of Lawyer Miller, died Tuesday night.

Phillip Heil, who resided about 5 miles East of Boonville died on Tuesday.

Thursday, January 30, 1879
Evansville Horror: (Not complete)
The remains of a well known citizen, found in a dissecting room. Other partly dissected bodies found. On Thursday, the quiet city of Evansville, was startled by the report that the body of Francis M. Murphy, who died on last Saturday, the 14th, and was buried on Sunday, had been taken from the grave, and was in the dissecting room of the Evansville Medical College. The manner in which the discovery was made, is told by the Evansville Journal, as follows: Yesterday afternoon, Mrs. Murphy who was packing up her house hold goods, preparatory to removing from corner of 6th and Vine Street, to No. 218 Goodsell Street, was handed a letter by one of her carriers. Being busily engaged, she did not open it, but put it in her pocket where it remained an hour or tow. When the envelope was opened, this was what met her eye, "Evansville, Dec. 19, 1878" Mrs. Murphy-The doctors are cutting up your husband's body, corner of 5th and Vine street. If you go immediately, you can save him." Signed J. S. She found a police officer, Hitch, entered the building. The janitor, or a student, conducted them to a room where the bodies lay. One was that of a woman, who had been fearfully emaciated, the other a negro. They stopped at another room down the hall, there laying on a dissecting table, with the skull sawed off, the brain removed, the body of Francis Marion Murphy....

Marriage License, issued last week, to following persons:
James A. Holder to Martha Hudson
James Moses to Dovery Hall

Died, at Lynnville, January 28th, of winter fever, James Crisp, in his 38th year. Mr. Crisp, was a man highly respected in the community, in which he lived. His remains were taken to his old home in Vanderburgh County, for interment.

Old Thomas Lord, who raised such a rumpus a year ago, by marrying a beautiful and blooming widow, Mrs. Annette Hicks, is lying upon his death bed, at his home in New York. His wife is his constant and faithful attendant. Her womanly course should disarm forever her critics, and shame the miserly sons, who made the latter years of the father, full of trouble.

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, February 6, 1879


Died, Monday morning Feb. 3rd, at her residence, in Boonville, Martha, wife of Taylor Westfall, aged 19 years.

died, Jan. 31st, John Thompson, aged 87 years, at the residence of his son, 4 miles South of Boonville.

Died, Sunday Feb. 2nd, of winter fever, John, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Heiman, aged 4 years, and 6 months.

Died, at her residence, 3 miles West of Boonville, on Feb. 1st, Mrs. Rachel Stone, aged about 65 years.

Death of an old citizen. On Tuesday last, came the death of Andrew Elzer, in his 78th year. He was of German birth, born in Westheim, in Bavaria. He resided in Warrick County, about 26 years. He had 6 children, 4 of who yet live.

NOTICE- Notice of Executrix Appm't is hereby given, that Independence Baker has been appointed executrix of the estate of Nelson H. Baker, dec'd, late of Warrick Co., Ind. Said estate is probably solvent. Independence Baker, Extrix; Jesse Link, Att'y.

Hon. W. J. Casey, Auditor of Gibson County, died on Sunday last, of congestive chill. Mr. Casey, was a faithful officer, and a gentlemen, respected by all.

John Achey, and William Merrick, were hung for murder, at Indianapolis, on Wednesday Jan. 29th. They had been tried and found guilty of murder in 1st degree. John Achey and William Merrick, were the first gallows fruit ever gathered in Marion County.

Death of a Printer - Edward Bodine, a well known printer, and a former attache of the Journal news room, died of consumption at his residence on Division Street, between 5th and 6th Street's, early, yesterday morning. The funeral will take place this morning, the services to be conducted by Rev. Scammahorn. (Evansville Journal, 3rd inst.)

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, February 13, 1879

Following marriage licenses, issued by clerk Honeycutt, since last report:

John Marshall to Mina L. Suhrkamp
charles B. Banks to Mariah J. Edwards
John C. Simpson to Elizabeth Davis
Andrew J. Carrey to Nancy L. Cotton
Oliver Cutteridge to Elizabeth Schick
John S. Hodge to Hannah E. Lee
Thomas B. Seevers to Pauline Pack
James F. Conner to Mary E. Bates
George R. Barton to Martha L. Prince
Thomas McBride to Lucinda Chambers
Aaron H. Beardsley to Clara Ann Jenkins
Jacob Deweese to Ann Smith
William Waters to Sarah J. Gun
Stephen Mayo to Lena Spire
Wesley Austill to Alice Bennett

Obituary - On Tuesday, Jan. 11th, at 1 o'clock P.M., Katie, wife of William Swint, of Boonville Enquirer, passed away, in her 30th year of age. She leaves 3 children, and her husband. She was born near Rockport, Indiana.

State Items - Joseph I. Irwin, of Columbus, has just received 3 full-blooded Leicestershire sheep, from Liverpool, England. The weight of the trio is 800 lbs.

Billy Roth, says you better look a little out, it's a boy. William is the happiest man in town, and he will give goods away for the next 10 dyas, at J. M. Hudspeth and Company.

Dr. Otto wilde, who went from here to Terre Haute, to practice his profession, has done more. He has taken a wife, in the person of Miss Bertha Schaefer, daughter of our old and beloved Evansville Boniface, Henry Schaefer, now of the Prarie Cit, who still sings "Trust to Luck" (Evansville Tribune)

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, February 20, 1879

Henry Lee, was the happiest man in town, last Tuesday. It's only a girl.

Died-Saturday evening, Feb 15th, George Gordon, infant son of Edward and Ida Gough, age 7 weeks.

Basil Dorton, a highly respected young man from Ireland, (Dubois County), was drowned in Flat Creek, last Friday, while rafting logs.

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, February 27, 1879

Mr. John Frambers, who is about 70 years of age, was presented by his wife, with a 12 lb. boy, last Friday night.

Following Marriage Licenses issued since last report:

Ferdinand D. Willenberg to Sisetta Erne
John T. Kelley to Mary M. Rupell
Samuel Gentry to Josephine Floyd
Stephen McDaniel to Michel West
Thomas A. Rhoads to Sellia Brown
Bernard Herr to Josephine Funk
Thomas S. Willett to Fannie Adams
John Conner to Margaret E. Byers
Phillip Dutter to Nancy J. Criswell
Robert C. Keley to Sarah C. Phillips
James M. Phillips to Louisa M. Johnson

List of unclaimed letters at the Post Office (Boonville)

Barker, S. T.
Bickel, Fred
Bradford, Thomas
Boardman, Sarah E.
Conditt, John
Cotton, Nannie L.
DeWeese, Charles
Dancy, William
Edwards, Horace A.
Evans, Sarah
Gaffney, Richard
Hillyard, John
Hudson, Eva
Jeffers, Charles
Knefler, Sill
Lewright, William
Monroe, Henry
Reinhardt, George E.
Simpson, Hugh
Wilson, Joseph

Brizius, Louis, Sr.
March 8, 1879
Boonville Enquirer

Died, Feb. 19, 1879, at his residence in Newburg, Louis Brizius, Sr., aged 84 years, 10 months and 9 days. The funeral took place at the Lutheran Church on the 21st ult. Mr. Brizius was a gentleman who lived to be nearly four score and five years old, and was of much usefulness. He was born in Germany in the year 1792, and at the age of 18 he entered the German army, when all Europe had arose against France and Napoleon and was among the number who drove the French Emperor from their land and soil, and thus aided his country in throwing off the heavy yoke of the French power. After the war was over he returned to his home, but not to stay, and in the year 1847 he and his wife set sail for this country, and settled in this place and remained here until his death. His married life also proved of usefulness, as well as one of productiveness, resulting in 12 children being born, three of whom are dead. The number of children living at present who are left to mourn with their aged mother in her loss are nine - six boys and three girls. The names of the boys as far as we know are Charles, our noted brewer, Frank, Gus, and Louis; the daughters are Mrs. Geo. Westfall, Mrs. Louis Pepmiller and Mrs. Dr. Billard. In addition to these he leaves sixty grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. He was a good father, a gentle husband and a kind friend. Peace be to his ashes. He for three years has been suffering from inflammation of the bowels, and which at last made him its victim and ushered his soul into the presence of his maker.

April 3, 1879
Boonville Standard
Edward Reed, of Owen township, informed us that his son, David Reed, has gone to attend school at Valparaiso, Ind., and wants the Standard. He shall have it.
Miss Charity Husk, daughter of ----Husk of Folsomville, is attending the same school and takes the Standard.
John Bell and Dan Frame arrested for the murder of Charles Thomas-was a very intelligent negro being considered the leading labor hand of Ohio township. He was a Christian and leading church member. He leaves a wife and four children (this was sketchy and typo was smudged)Thomas evidently asked for payment of two chickens that Bell & Frame had eaten.

Sept. 4, 1879
Boonville Enquirer
Marriage License issued during Aug 1879:
George Gore to Mary Moore
Joseph S. House to Mary E. Woods
Michael Kennedy to Sarah A. Bell
Henry Martin to Anna Vandersher
James H. Black to Sarah E. Bullock
William L. Hart to Sarah M. Simpson
George W. Simpson to Dorleska Lankford

Gordner, Johnny
September 13, 1879
Boonville Enquirer

Johnny, the 11 year old son of the widow of John Gordner, died Wednesday morning after a lingering illness. The remains of the little fellow were laid away in Maple Grove Cemetery Thursday. The community extends to the bereaved widowed mother its heartfelt sympathy, in this hour of darkest gloom, when she consigns to the grave her first born.

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, March 6, 1879

Benny Talbert, the Dittany Hill hermit, died last week.

Died - Sunday evening, at the residence of John Frambers, Mrs. Nancy Richards, aged 75 years.

Died - Sunday last, at his residence, near Yankeetown, of heart disease. Mr. Herbert Taylor, one of the oldest settlers in the County. He came to this county with his parents, when about 9 months old and lived here all his life - about 69

Died - John Herbert, son of E. C. Fuquay, born Aug 22, 1874, died Feb. 26th, 1879, of congestion of the stomach, was sick but a few days.

The funeral of Benjamin McCool, deceased, will be preached at Elizabeth, or Small's church, on Sunday, March 9th, at 10:30 o'clock.

A young man named Conley, living near Midway, in Spencer County suicided last week. Domestic trouble was the cause.

Mysterious Disappearance - Nathan Frank, a well known merchant of Evansville, has been missing since last Saturday. Mr. Frank went to Mt. Vernon, registered at the hotel, left word with the clerk to call him at 5 o'clock Sunday morning....Mr. Frank, leaves a wife and 9 children. Three men of Mt. Vernon, Illinois, have been arrested, charged with the murder of Mr. Frank.

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, March 13, 1879

Dr. C. B. Hargrave, took to himself a wife, on Thursday last. Miss Laura Cook, of Lane Township, was the bride.

George Kincaide, says it's a girl.

Died - On March 11th, 1 mile North of Crowville, wife of James A. Pemberton.

Died - on March 11th, of dropsy, wife of Mr. Frank Bogue in the 27th year of her age.

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, March 20, 1879

Joseph Price, who has been insane and an inmate of the county jail, for over 2 years, died last week. Autopsy was performed to find where the soft spot in his head was located.

The Boonville Standard

Married on Tuesday, the 18th last, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. James R. Boardman, by the Rev. Daniel A. Bohannon, Mr. James A. Miles, to Miss Sillie Boardman, all of Hart Township.

On Sunday, March 23rd, at the residence of the bride, in Boonville, by Rev. Wesley Perigo, Mr. William Y. Baker, to Mrs. Mary Baker.

Mr. Pace, living some 6 miles West of Boonville, died last Thursday.

Polk Patch (March 18, 1879)

Harmon Thompson's wife is at the point of death, and ere time this reaches readers, will have passed away. One of her twin children preceded her, only a few days ago.

On last Tuesday, there were 4 interments, in the cemetery at Taylorsville ...George Bruce's wife, and infant child...Uncle John Lisle's daughter...4th was Bertha Caroline, daughter of John W. Garrison, about 14 months old.

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, April 3, 1879

Died - On March 31st, 1879, Irma, daughter of Gustavus and Babetta Schreiber, aged 4 years, 2 months, and 20 days. Was buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, on Tuesday.

Died - On April 1st, 1879, at her residence, about 5 miles North of Boonville, Mrs. Clementine Goad, widow of Andrew Goad, deceased, aged 66 years. She was buried at Wesley Chapel Cemetery, April 2nd...Mrs. Goad leaves 10 children, all grown; two, a son, and a daughter, have preceded her to world beyon the grave.

Newburgh - "In cold blood" - Two rowdies invaded a church, interrupted a colored festival, and killed a peaceable Christian negro. Saturday night, March 29th, two men, John Bell, and Dan Frame, entered and demanded something to eat. Charles Thomas, an intelligent, and peaceful negro. Two men, Fowler, and Erwin, arrested them (Bell and Frame). He leaves a wife and 4 children.

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, April 10, 1879

Married on Sunday, April 6th, at the residence of Dr. S. L. Tyner, of Hart Township, by the Rev. Mr. Harvey, Dr. W. J. Reavis, of Richland, Spencer County, to Miss Florence G. Allen, formerly of this place. they will make their home in Richland, where the Dr. has a lucrative practice.

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, April 17, 1879

Polk Patch - Lona Dell, infant daughter of John and Hattie Tool, was buried at Garrison Chapel, last Saturday.

Mrs. Thompson, mentioned in last issue, at point of death, still living, with hopes of recovery.

Jesse Hall's funeral will be preached at the old Baptist Church, in Pigeon Township, on the 2nd Sunday in May, by brothers W. H. Davidson, and John Ferguson, formerly Chaplain of the 1st Ind. Cav. Regiment, of which Hall was a member. He came home from the war, much broken down in health

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, April 24, 1879

Mary A. Castle, wife of E. C. Castle, died at her late residence, in Ohio Township, aged about 45 years, was buried in the family burying ground on Tuesday, the 23rd

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, May 1, 1879

Died - On Saturday, the 26th, Ruth, wife of Straughter Clutter, aged 29 years, and was buried in the Clutter burial ground, on Sunday last.

Polk Patch - A shocking accident occurred last Friday morning, just over the line in Spencer County, by which Henry Gray, son of William Gray, formerly of Skelton Township, lost his life. He was assisting his mother, in milking an unruly cow, that had run away 2 or 3 times. He mounted a horse, and went after her, when his mother found him, he was unable to speak, and died Saturday morning. He was buried yesterday, (Sunday) at the Phillips Cemetery. His mother and young wife, of whom he married but a short time, could hardly bear his bereavement. His wife was a daughter of Jesse Pearce.

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, May 8, 1879

The body of Nathan Frank, was recovered 1 mile below Mt. Vernon, by James Weir, with his skull crushed in. His funeral was conveyed Wednesday at 9 o'clock.

Died - On May 6th, at Richland, Spencer County, Mrs. Sarah E. wife of Lemuel Hudson, she was buried in Boonville, on May 7th.

Married on Thursday, May 1st, by F. A. Brown, Mr. Martin Meece to Miss Hattie Goar, both of Boonville.

Married May 1st, at the residence of the bride's father, Miss Mary Ferguson, to Dr. Thomas Lamar.

Married in Boonville, May 4th, by Esq. John O'Grady, Mr. Samuel B. Kimbal, to Miss Cordelia Lynn.

Married on Saturday last, by Squire O'Grady, at the residence of the bride's mother, Mrs. Curry, in Boonville, Miss Rebecca Curry to Frank Eifler.

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, May 22, 1879

Marriage license issued by Circuit Clerk, last week, Alvin P. Logston to Mary J. Wheeler.

William H. Allen, and family, are making preparations to move to Cyprus.

Jno West, was hanged in Boonville, yesterday.

Notice of Appm't of Adm. Notice of undersigned, appm't. of Administratix, of the estate of John Langford, dec'd May 15th Susan Langford, Adm'x - Jesse Link, Att'y.

Died - Clyde W., son of Wiliam B and E. M. Scales, May 17th, at 10 o'clock P.M., aged 3 years, 2 months, and 10 days. Funeral Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock at Maple Grove.

Married - In Newburg, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Frank Brizius, by Rev. Mr. Breihaus, Frederick Becker, of Evansville, and Miss Matilda Brizius

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, May 29, 1879

The funeral of A. J. Broshears, of Skelton Twp., lately dec'd, will be preached at Otter Creek Church, on the 4th Sunday (22nd) June, at 10:30 o'clock, by Rev. D. Perkins, and S. L. Purdue.

Struck By Lightning - On Monday, May 26th, about 6 o'clock, Charles Weldon, and Robert Jones, his bro-in-law, on a creek 3 miles West of Rockport, near farm of James Greathouse, were struck by lightning. Weldon was instantly killed. Jones's brother John, heard his cry for help, and rescued Jones. Weldon was married, and leaves his wife (age 24 years) and 1 or 2 children. He was a painter by trade, formerly lived in Boonville, and was making preparations to move back to Boonville.

Miss Laura Spore, aged about 18 years, dau. of Elbert Spore, who lives on the Embree Farm, 2 miles South of Princeton, committed suicide Thursday, by taking poison, she died at 3 o'clock Friday morning.

Died - at Evansville, Indiana; Mr. James Swanson, Sr., one of the old settlers of Evansville, has passed away, aged 64 years. A well known lumber merchant, and manufacturer, died the 24th.

Married, this May 29th, at the residence of the bride's fatehr, in Ohio twp., by the Rev. Otto Breyhaus, Mr. Christian Needhammer, of Vanderburg Co., to Miss Fredericka Martel

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, June 5, 1879

Eby Items - The funeral sermon of D. B. Dial, deceased, will be preached at this place, next Sabbath, at 10 A.M., by Rev. Harvey, of the Lynnville circuit.

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, June 12, 1879

On Friday morning, the body of W. L. Prewitt, was found near the ferry landing at Newburgh, with wounds about his face.

Died - On Friday morning, June 6th, Andrew Ginno, at the residence of his mother, in Boonville, aged 46 years.

Sarah Ann Prince, wife of William Prince, of Mt. Carmel, Ill., died while on a visit to her mother, Mrs. Vincent, 3 miles South of Boonville, June 1st, aged 27 years, she leaves a babe, 8 months old.

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, June 19, 1879

Mrs. March, a widow aged about 80 years, and her daughter, Mrs. Williams, were returning home from visiting friends in Boonville, last Sunday afternoon, when the horse they were driving, became scared, throwing the ladies out of their carriage, killing Mrs. March, Mrs. Williams was seriously injured.

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, June 26, 1879

Born to Charles Hart, and wife, a son, weighing 10 lbs.

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, July 17, 1879

In Evansville, on Friday last, the young apparently happy wife, of Dr. J. W. Irwin, committed suicide, by shooting herself through the heart with a pistol. She had married only May 28th, last.

Born - To Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Dillingham, a 10 lb. boy.

Died - On July 14th, Benjamin Harmon Harpole, died at the age of 67 years, of what doctors call uraemai (kidney disease). He was a pioneer, living in Warrick County since 1821. Funeral was held Tuesday, at his home, about 3 miles West of

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, July 31, 1879

Died - Monday, July 21st, Martha E. Youngblood, wife of Andrew Youngblood, and dau. of Peter Collins, ex-auditor of Warrick County died at her home, 3 miles East of Boonville, aged about 26 years.

Nathan Peyatt, died on his farm near Yankeetown, aged 73 years. A father of a large family, of 7 children, all grown. Died Wednesday evening. A native of Warren County, Kentucky, born November 25, 1807, moved to Indiana, 1881 (this is the date the paper gave, typo)

Born - Last Friday morning, Anna Pearl Admire, 8 lbs., Editor William W. Admire, the father.

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, August 7, 1879

108 years old - Daniel McLaughlin, familiar known as "Old Uncle Dan McLaughlin", died last Sunday, at his home in Pigeon Township at the advanced age of 108 years.

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, August 14, 1879

Taylorsville - Death takes old and young. Uncle Dan McLaughlin, who died August 3rd, was as we suppose, the oldest man at that time, of his heath, in the United States, he being 108 years old. Uncle Dan was born in Virginia, where he lived until he gained his majority, then removed to Maryland, and settled on what was known as French Broad River. How long he remained in that state is not known. From Maryland, he removed to Kentucky, settling on Licking River, the exact location not being known, thence to this state, then a Territory, settling on Oil Creek, in what is now Perry County. Here he married and raised a large family of children, who have all lived the aver life of man. The oldest one now living, is Mrs. Jemima McLaughlin, who has attained the advanced age of 73 years. The descendants of Uncle Dan, now 100, the most of them living in this County. He was a Catholic in his belief, and was buried with the impressive ceremonies of that church, at the old family burying ground, 1 miles East of town, on Monday last.

Died - Mrs. M. E. Jones, wife of Jacob Jones, and a daughter of H. Dick Smith, Esq., she was at the time of her death, 23 years old. She died on Monday the 4th inst., of typhoid fever, and was buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery, on Tuesday the 5th. Funeral was preached by Rev. A. A. Godby, of Otwell.

Died - Prentice S. Allen, better known as "Monte" aged 17 years, died July 28th, of typhoid fever.

Folsomville - A small child of William N. Hardin, died Saturday August 7th, near Loafer Station.

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, August 21, 1879

Taylorsville - Death on a shaft: Last Friday, at Taylorsville, a little boy aged 10 years, son of Nick Terry, met with an accident, which resulted in almost instant death. At a mill, owned by Mr. Fred Katterjohn, Mr. Terry was running a carding machine, the boy was doing some painting on the machine, and somehow the boy's clothing got caught into the revolving shaft.

Aug 21, 1879
Boonville Enquirer
Taylorsville- Death on a Shaft: Last Friday, at Taylorsville, a little boy aged 10 years, son of Nick Terry, met with an accident, which resulted in almost instant death. At a mill owned by Mr. Fred Katterjohn, Mr. Terry was running a carding machine, the boy was doing some painting on the machine, somehow the boy's clothing got caught into the revolving shaft.

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, September 4, 1879

Marriage Licenses issued during August 1879:

George Gore to Mary Moore
Joseph S. House to Mary E. Woods
Michael Kennedy to Sarah A. Bell
Henry Martin to Anna Vandersher
James H. Black to Sarah E. Bullock
William L. Hart to Sarah M. Simpson
George W. Simpson to Dorleska Lankford
Ernest Frelmuth to Augusta Krolger
Charles Hanks to Sarah Skulsky
John R. Vannoy to Melvina Hillman
Luther L. Bailey to Mary Griffith (colored)
Allen Rudy to Sally Weaver (colored)
Henry C. Brenner to Alice Bell
Alfred Harger to Elizabeth Bristow
Isaac Levi to Minna M. Tobias

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, September 11, 1879

Loafer Station - George Powers, lost his little child, aged about 2 years, Monday, August 25th.

Mrs. Jane Williams, widow of Isaac Williams, mother of Henry Williams, a sister of Mrs. Japhet Garwood, died Wednesday morning, about 1 A.M., at her home a few miles from Boonville. Will be buried at 10 A.M.

Gordner, Johnny
September 13, 1879 Boonville Enquirer

Johnny, the 11 year old son of the widow of John Gordner, died Wednesday morning after a lingering illness. The remains of the little fellow were laid away in Maple Grove Cemetery Thursday. The community extends to the bereaved widowed mother its heartfelt sympathy, in this hour of darkest gloom, when she consigns to the grave her first born.

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, September 24, 1879

Died - Marton Stout, son of John Stout, of Newburgh, died last Sunday, 12th inst., at Cannelton.

Died - Mrs. Susan Hargan, mother of Dr. T. J. Hargan, of this place, died at Rockport last Monday night, was brought to Boonville, and buried in Maple Grove cemetery, was 63 years.

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, October 9, 1879

A double wedding, at the church of the Unity, in Evansville. The happy couples were, Mr. James H. Durfee, of Leadville, Colorado and Miss Emma Ryan; Mr. Peter T. Youngblood, and Miss Lula F. Ryan (sisters).

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, October 16, 1879

Life and Death - During the past week, death has stalked abroad our mist, and taken from us: Infant son of John Thornburg; a 10 year old son of Esq. Meihle; Truman Day; Mrs. Frank Macy; and Dr. Lorant Larmar's wife.

Life's angel also has been with us: At Henry Brewis, a 14 lb. baby boy; to Rev. King, a girl; August Becker, a 12 lb. boy; a boy to Hon. Benoni S. Fuller.

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, October 23, 1879

Thursday evening, October 16th at St. Rupbert's Catholic Church, Charles Kaiser, and Mary Margaret Herr, of Newburgh.

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, October 30, 1879

The tolling of the C. P. Church bell, announcs the death of Mrs. George Crawford, nee Miss Nanny Wright.

Wilson Brown, to Susan Martin, at the residence of Robert Bell, by Squire Brown, last week. All parties colored.

Will Armstrong, was married to Miss Helen Powell, last Tuesday, about 11 A.M. at the residence of William Hoggatt, Esq. Squire Brown, tied the noose, in his usual style.

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, November 6, 1879

With this issue, the Standard enters it's 5th year, as a Republican paper. Vol. 5 - #1.

Died - On Sunday evening, November 16th, at the residence of his Uncle R. D. O. Moore, Cadet Midshipman John M. Moore, USN at the age of 19 years, 11 months. Funeral services at M. E. church. Buried at Maple Grove cemetery.

Georgie Fuller, son of Hon. B. S. Fuller, was suddenly prostrated with congestion of lungs, last Sunday afternoon. Died Tuesday afternoon, he was but 17 years old, and his body was placed by that of his mother, in the old cemetery, Wednesday
afternoon, Rev. King, of M. E. church conducted the ceremony

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, November 13, 1879

Laura Belle, married Walter Duncan. R. D. O. Moore, clerk elect presented the bride with a brand new broom.

Obituary - Newburgh, Indiana, October 29, 1879 Mrs. Nannie Crawford, wife of G. W. Crawford, died October 29th, at 5:15 P.M. of consumption, at the residence of J. W. Walden, 2-1/2 miles West of Newburgh. she was 21 years, 2 months, and 26 days.

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, November 20, 1879

Next Sunday evening, at the M. E. church, Rev. H. N. King will unite in marriage Mr. Marion Johnson, and Miss Mollie Perigo, all of this vicinity.

Last Tuesday evening, in Evansville, Mr. George C. Weaver, and Miss Hattie E. Anderson, at the residence of her parents, were married.

John P. Aiken, and Miss Mary J. Hanie, of Newburgh, were united in marriage, in that town, last Saturday evening, by Rev. I. B. Self.

Died - November 10, 1879, R. J. Lockhart, infant daughter of L. D. and E. Lockhart, of pneumonia, aged 1 year.

Sentenced for Life - Warrick County boy in trouble in Iowa. A bloody murder committed by Finis Allen, raised about 2 miles West of Boonville. Mr. Allen was working for Mr. Long, in Freemont Co., Iowa, and became intimate with his wife, and with her, planned the murder. Finis Allen, sentenced to penitentiary for life.

Pleasant Hill Items - Miss Lizzie Bradley, daughter of James Bradley, formerly of Spencer County, after an illness of about 48 hours, died Tuesday the 11th, her funeral was at Pigeon, in Spencer County, the 12th, Rev. Cosby conducting the services.

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, November 27, 1879

M. E. Church, scene of the wedding of Mr. Marion Johnson, and Miss Mary Perigo, by pastor Rev. H. N. King.

Last Sunday evening, Mr. George France, took Miss Mary (Taylor), daughter of Gurley Taylor.

At residence of S. D. Lett, in Newburgh, Sunday evening, by Rev. I. B. Self, Mr. William Baum took Miss Hattie Huber.

At residence of Ben Small, this evening, Mr. Charles Koegel and Miss Jennie Coe will be united by Rev. H. N. King in marriage.

At C. P. church, by Rev. I. B. Self, of Newburgh, Mr. Squire Taylor and Miss Mary Hood.

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, December 11, 1879

Sudden death - Alice Fuller of Warrick County: A young girl named Alice Fuller, arrived in the city, from Fairfield, Ill., and went to residence of Miss Keith, an old school mate, who was ill. She developed diphtheria. On Saturday, she layed down and a few minutes later, she died. Miss Fuller, a teacher, age 23 years.

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, December 18, 1879

Rev. I. B. Self, joined in marriage, at Newburgh, December 10th, John W. Frame, and Julia E. Gillett.

Also at Newburgh, by Rev. Heavenridge, the 10th, Franklin Woods and Matilda S. Kaggs.

Charles F. Morgan, to Miss Lizzie Hart, on Tuesday next, at home of the bride.

The Boonville Standard
Thursday, December 25, 1879

On Tuesday, at 7 o'clock, at residence of Mr. Pete Taylor, near town, Miss Lizzie Hart, to Mr. Charles F. Morgan, by Rev. H. N. King.

Died - Frank Kissel, a native of Germany, but for some years, a resident of this county, died on the 19th, age 57 years, 2 months and 11 days. Buried at old family burying ground, about 4 miles East of town. Leaves a wife and 8 children.



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