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1883 Newspapers

Boonville Enquirer & the Boonville Standard News

Boonville Enquirer
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Saturday, January 6, 1883

The late Mrs. Mary Edwards, made her neice, Miss Fannie Hudson, her heir, willing her entire property to her.

Mrs. Mary Edwards, wife of our fellow townsman, John V. Edwards, died on Sunday morning, December 24th, 1882, after a long and painful illness. The remains were taken to Newburgh for interment.

Rev. George D. Wolfe, pastor of the M. E. church at this place, was married to Miss Josephine R. Jones, of Dale, on Wednesday, December 27th, 1882. Rev. Friday, of New Albany, performing the ceremony.

Saturday, January 13, 1883

A wedding took place at the M. E. church on last Sunday evening. Mr. Edward Taylor, was married to Miss Mattie Henman, Rev. Wolfe performing the ceremony, and it was very beautiful and impressive.

On Tuesday, the oth inst., at 10 o'clock, in the Catholic Church at Boonville, by Rev. Father Conrad, Mr. William McGeary, of Cloverport, Kentucky, was married to Miss Sue Hawkins of this place. Attending were Mr. August Laufer, and Miss Bena Gast, who accompanied the happy couple on the evening train, via Rockport, to their home already provided in Cloverport.

On Thursday the 11th inst., at the Catholic Church, near Yankeetown, by Rev. Father Book, Mr. Joseph Eble, to Miss Caroline Herr, daughter of George Herr, one of the leading German citizens of that section.

Orvis I. Chase died at his home, near Bloomfield, in Spencer County, Wednesday morning, the 10th inst., of typhoid pneumonia, aged 56 years. He was well known in this community. His wife who survived him, being the daughter of Mrs. Celina Day. Mr. Chase was the father of 9 children, now living and grown, and all girls, except one. He was the father in law of M. S. D. Davis, of this place.On last Friday Mrs. Chase received a fall from which she sustained a broken arm.
Saturday, January 20, 1883

Norman W. Whitney, is dead. His disease was blood poison, brought on by stricture.

Daniel Hudson, received a pension check, for back pay amounting to $972.00.

Mrs. Jane Selby, and her daughter Rebecca, who have been visiting friends in Lawrence County, Illinois, have returned home.

With the death of John Bell, passed away, the last of the two families of the Bell-Hedge so long engaged in litigation in this circuit. The lawyers engaged on both sides, in that noted suit, are also dead.

John Bell, who was cut in the thigh by Boss Cravens, in an affray, at Newburgh during the holidays, died of his wound last Saturday, blood poison said to be the immediate cause of death. As was stated in the Enquirer, the cause that led to this fatal altercation was the beating of Mr. Mills, the step father of Cravens, of Kentucky, by Bell, some days before. Young Cravens, afterwards met his step father's assailant and called him to an account, when the fight ensued. John Bell was tried as an accomplice, some years ago, for killing a negro of Newburgh, by cutting his throat, but was acquitted on a plea of self-defense.

Sunday, January 14, 1883, will be long remembered by the relatives and friends of Jesse Barclay, and wife. It was the 87th birthday of Aunt Doshey. She was born in North Carolina, January 14, 1796, and Jesse Barclay was born March 8, 1806. They were married April 24, 1823, and came to Indiana, and settled in Warrick County 1834. They raised 9 children, 6 of whom are now living. On Sunday, the children very agreeably surprised their parents, by cooking and taking there a splendid dinner, and their families spending the day, at the old "homestead".

Saturday, January 27, 1883

On the 21st inst., in Greer Township, by Squire John, Enos W. Thompson, to Miss Jennette Justice.

Joseph Massie, son of J. H. Massie, Esquire, who has long been afflicted with chronic disease, died on last Saturday, at the home of Sylvester Taylor, his brother in law, and his remains were interred in the family cemetery, on Sabbath day.

Miss Bena Gast, has returned from Cloverport, Kentucky, where she accompanied Mr. and Mrs. McGary, the bridal couple, recently wedded in Boonville.

At the residence of J. A. Youngblood, in Boonville, on the 25th, Mr. Robert Crowder to Miss Emma Johnson.

Mr. Charley Mossman, went over to Boonville last week, and was married to Miss Lida Driskell, at that place. Rev. M. C. Hobbs, went over to perform the ceremony.

On Sunday, the 14th inst., to Mrs. James Camp, a baby boy.

On Tuesday, the 23rd inst., to the wife of John B. Cockrum, a baby boy, weight 11 pounds.

The wife of Charles R. Lloyd, and oldest daughter of Henry Beeler, of Spencer County, died very suddenly on the 16th inst. She leaves a loving husband and a large circle of friends.

Saturday, February 3, 1883

J. T. Goff, and Miss Kate Wisdom, brother in law and sister of Prof. Wisdom, of Aceola, Kentucky, were here in attendance at the Professor's funeral.

The wife of Peter McKinzie, died on the 30th day of January. She was the daughter of James M. Ricketts.

Anna, wife of Rev. Breihause, of the Lutheran Church, two miles North of town, died on the 26th of January, at the parsonage of that church. Aged 34 years and 6 months.

James W. Wisdom, sone of E. L. Wisdom, of Green County, Kentucky, died at Richland, Spencer County, Indiana, January 26th in his 40th year. The subject of this sketch, when only 24 years of age, graduated from Georgetown (KY) College of Science and Law. But soon abandoned that profession, and entered the school room.

Miss Mae Thompson, daughter of Dr. Peter Thompson, of Newburgh, graduated from the Evansville High School, yesterday.

Born, on the 29th ult., to the wife of Mr. Louis Koegel, a son.

Saturday, February 10, 1883

From 1881 Del. Tax List
#5560 Math. Gentry heirs - SE NE 522 T4 R6, 40 acres, 40 acres and 20 acres - Taxables 690 - $24.75.

#5784 N. Scales heirs - Pt SE SE S3 T4 R6 20-75 acres - Taxables 145 - $17.92

#5790 Thomas Skelton - Pt NW SW S6 T14 R6, 10 acres - Taxables 133 - $62.41

#5973 Abe Brant heirs - SE SW S20 T5 R6, 40 acres, 40 acres - Taxables 330 - $157.45

Mrs. Kuchler, the venerable mother of Mrs. Gus Schreiber, is seriously ill with pneumonia.

Dr. J. D. McConnell, a former resident of Warrick County, died very suddenly at his home at Brownsville, Miss., on the 12th inst., aged 59 years. Dr. McConnell was the brother of James McConnell, Mrs. Charles Ferguson, adn Mrs. L. J. Freeman, of this place. He removed to Miss. 1845.

On Sunday the 4th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Adam Lutz, by Rev. Maehl, Mr. Jacob Windenheimer, of Wadesville, Posey County, to Miss Mary Lutz.

On the 7th inst., by Esquire O'Grady, at the residence of Harry Brewis, Mr. Frank McKenzie, to Miss Elizabeth Cutteridge. The couple will make their home with Mr. Joseph Good.

On the 8th inst., to the wife of Will Weyerbacher, a boy.

On the 5th inst., to the wife of Rev. H. Clay Yates, a daughter.


On the 6th inst., John Marcey, aged 24 years.

On the 1st inst, Ephraim Cox, near Newburgh.

At Folsomville, on the 1st inst., I. L. Caldwell.

On Saturday, the 3rd inst., of pneumonia, the wife of William Forsythe, aged 39 years. Mrs. Forsythe, was the daughter of the late Samuel Minick, of this place.

On the 26th ult., Emory Baker, aged about 30 years. He was the son of Wills Baker (Mine Accident).

Mr. John M. Saltzman, died suddenly Tuesday evening of hemorrhage of the stomach, at the residence of Mr. Tom Bruce, in Pigeon Township, aged about 40 years.

Saturday, February 17, 1883

The father of Mrs. C. W. Armstrong, Mr. Samuel Curtis, living near Boonville, is lying dangerously ill.

Dr. W. L. Barker, stricken with paralysis.

Mr. Julius Bohrer, of Boonville, to Miss Anna Bohn, of Evansville.

Born on St. Valentine's Day, to the wife of G. P. Nester, a son.

Saturday, February 24, 1883

Samuel Barker, commissioner of Vanderburgh County, has been attending the bedside of his brother, Dr. W. L. Barker, during the week.

Saturday, March 3, 1883

New Book - The Adventures of C. L. Youngblood, on the Western Plains, for sale at Koegel's Book Store, $1.25.


on the 27th of February, at his residence in Boonville, after a brief illness of pneumonia, William Sode, age 35 years. He was a son in law of Mr. Jacob Baum, of Evansville, he leaves a wife and 3 children. Burial at Oak Hill Cemetery.

On the 23rd of February, Mr. Frank Haas of near Degonia.

On the 24th of February, 6 miles East of Boonville, Mr. Matthias Gooding, aged about 60 years. He formerly lived near Centerville, Spencer County.

On the 23rd of February, near Folsomville, Isaiah Caldwell.

At the residence of his father, on Monday, February 26th, Isham H. Wilkerson, aged about 40 years.

Saturday, March 10, 1883

Brannick Wilkerson, Adm. of estate of Isham H. Wilkerson.


Schnake - Died, Gottleib Schnake, March 9, 1883.

Fallon - Wife of Mr. George Fallon, of Henderson, Kentucky.

Conner - Mrs. Catherine Conner, died Wednesday, March 7, 1883.

Wright - Mrs. Eleanor Wright, wife of James Wright, of Chandler Station, died yesterday, March 9. She was a sister of Judge Asa, William and Levi Igleheart, of this city.

Saturday, March 17, 1883

Commissioner Samuel Barker, of Vanderburgh County, was in attendance at his brother's funeral, Dr. W. L. Barker. He bears a striking resemblance to his venerable brother.

William Smith, Esquire (Billy), died the 14th inst., aged 75 years, 11 months, and 24 days. A pioneer of Warrick County.

On Thursday the 8th inst., at the residence of the bride, in Evansville, by Rev. Runk, Mr. William Gardner, of Boonville, to Miss Anna Ritter, of Evansville. The groom is the son of Mr. Charles Gardner.

Miss Permetia McGown, married Sunday March 11th, in Lane Township, to Mr. Luther Marts.

Mary Scales, to W. R. Wilson, pt. NE NE S8, T4, R7 27-13 acres $15.00 - Furnished by W. L. Barker, Jr., Abstractor of Boonville.

Saturday, April 7, 1883

Green R. Morgan, died at Louisville, Kentucky, where he had been living for the past 15 years. He was son of Dr. O. Morgan, of Rockport.

Dr. Harry B. Durgin, of Newburgh, died last Saturday night.

Mrs. Catherine Byers, died on Thursday morning at 8 A.M., aged 72 years. She was one of the oldest citizens of Rockport,
and died at the residence of her son in law, Mr. George F. Swint.

Saturday, April 12, 1883

On March 3rd, Joseph J. Thompson, after a severe illness of pneumonia, died at his home, 5 miles South of Boonville. Mr. Thompson was 49 years, 4 months and 23 days old. He leaves a wife, and 4 children - Mrs. Ida F. Thompson.

William Swint, is editor of the Boonville Enquirer now.

On Tuesday the 15th inst., Mr. Benjamin Hargedon of Dallas, Texas, to Miss Aryetta Taylor, of New Albany, Indiana. The bride is a niece of the editor (William Swint), and will accompany her husband to Dallas, Texas, the home of the groom.

Married by Judge G. V. Ramsey, at the residence of the bride's uncle, Mr. John McDermid, to Miss Fanny May Temple, eldest daughter of Dr. J. R. Temple.

By the Rev. A. R. Day, at the Bowler House, April 2nd, Mr. Milton Harton, of Chicago, and Miss Fanny Carter, of Indiana.

James Wilson, Sr., of Lane Township, died on Wednesday evening, after an illness of several weeks, aged 62 years.

Caroline, wife of James Coe, died Wednesday morning, of pneumonia. Burial in Union Church.

Saturday, April 21, 1883

Elizabeth, wife of George K. Hopper, of Lane Township, died on April 16th of typhoid, in her 61st year.

The small pox is reported at Raventad, or Stephens Station.

Edward R. Hatfield, of Evansville, died last Sunday.

Mr. John Steinhouser, aged 30 years, died Sunday, at the residence of his father in law, Mr. Peter Barth, of pneumonia.

Saturday, April 28, 1883

Mrs. T. J. Hudspeth, of Boonville, was called here last week, by the serious illness of her sister, Mrs. Mary McChristy. Mrs. J. M. Hudspeth, a niece of Mrs. McChristy, is also at her aunt's bedside.

At the residence of Mr. Peter Hebner, on last Tuesday night, Mrs. Margaret Koutz, died at the advanced age of 83 years. The deceased was the mother of Mr. Henry Koutz, Mrs. Peter Hebner, Mrs. Charles Schwend, and the deceased wives of Messrs. Jacob, and Charles Weyerbacher. Burial was in Maple Grove Cemetery.

Saturday, May 5, 1883

Mrs. Agnes Smith, of Somersville, mother of Mrs. D. C. Zimmerman, has been visiting her daughter during the week.

Mrs. Elliott, the aged mother of Mrs. Dr. Baker, is seriously ill.

On the 24th ult., Mr. George Shaffer, of Boonville was married to Miss Elizabeth H. Wesp, of Newhampton, Iowa, at the latter

Saturday, May 12, 1883

The freight train, Tuesday morning, brought to Boonville, Mr. William P. Gebhardt, and Miss Nannie Catlin of Evansville, who were upon arrival made husband and wife, by Rev. Wolfe, at the Prince Albert Hotel. The lovers were forbidden to marry, by the parents of the bride, and not thinking the objection of sufficient weight, they took things in their own hands, and eloped. They returned to Evansville on the evening freight.

Saturday, May 26, 1883

Josiah Wilson, departed this life, the 19th inst., a Baptist.

James Wilson, of Lane Township, died on the 15th inst., after an illness. He passed his younger days in Kentucky, where with his father, for whom he was named, he learned to cultivate the soil. At the age of about 28 years, he came to Indiana and settled on the farm where he lived when he died, at which time he was 63 years old. He leaves a bereaved wife, and 6 children to mourn his loss.

Rev. John Ferguson, on Thursday, married by Rev. G. O. Heuring, to Mrs. Mellon, widow of the late Captain H. H. Mellon.

Mrs. W. T. Hammond, of Ottumua, Iowa, is visting her old friends in Boonville, the guest of her brother R. D. O. Moore.

Rev. W. L. Nourse, will preach the funeral of Mrs. Ollie Beeler Lloyd, deceased wife of Charles R. Lloyd, at Pleasant Valley church, near Midway, Spencer County, on Sunday 27th inst., at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. The friends of the family are invited to attend.

Saturday, June 2, 1883

Issue missing

Saturday, June 9, 1883

Divorce - Florence Fisher, vs. M. M. Fisher

James R. Kirkpatrick, of Lynnville, and Mill Mollie Ware, of Louisville, Kentucky, were married in the St. Charles Hotel, in Boonville, Indiana, by Rev. George Wolfe, of M. E. Church.

W. D. Ferguson, J. P., to Miss ______ Tremor, at the St. Charles Hotel, June 8th by Judge George L. Reinhard.

At the home of the bride's father, J. D. Armstrong, on Thursday, May 24th, Lewis P. Whittinghill, of Selvin, in Warrick County, to Miss Fanny Armstrong.

Saturday, June 16, 1883

The wife of Alf. Seeley, from near Boonville, is visiting friends in this place, the guest of Ed. Morrison, her brother in law.

The wife of Charles Herr, and daughter of the late Anthony Fisher, was buried at her home, near Yankeetown. She was 24 years old, and leaves 1 child.

Mrs. Sarah St. Clair, a daughter of Hubbard Taylor, died at Yankeetown, on Tuesday.

On June 12th, at the residence of Mr. Jeff Shepard, by John O. Smadt, J. P., Mr. Nelson Dubois, of Warrick County, to Mrs. Annie Mott, of Hardin County, Illinois.

Saturday, June 30, 1883

Samuel S. Brashears, complains of Frank, alias Fannie Brashears, that he can't get along in the matrimonial way with her any longer. Sam says that they two, were married in September 1882, and shortly after the ceremony, Fanny began to curse and abuse Sammy and his children, that without provocation she would hop into a flying rage, and leave the house, and remain away for weeks. A further grievance of Sam's is that she took a wagon load of furniture, belonging to him, and sold it. Mr. Brashears wants the court to give him the necessary relief.

M. R. Turpen, D. M. Harbison, and Benjamin Dawson are quite sick.

Mrs. Elizabeth Bingham, of Princeton, is visiting her sister, Mrs. M. J. Kirkpatrick. Mrs. Bigham will visit friends in Boonville, before returning home.

Mrs. Tillie Katterjohn, of Henderson, Kentucky, is in our town, on a visit to her brother, August Katterjohn, and is the guest of the family of J. A. Lynn.

During the past week, Mr. James Knight and wife, who for 15 years, were citizens of our town, but for the past 20 years have made their home in Princeton, were visiting their old home and friends.

Rev. James Ferguson, will preach the funeral of Mrs. Matilda Eby, at this place (Eby), the 2nd Sunday in July.

Mrs. Mary, and Eliza Shrode, were called to beside of their father, Mark Taylor, near Pleasantville. He fell from a cherry tree. It is thought the injuries may prove fatal.

Mr. Samuel Curtis, one of the old pioneer farmers of this county, died at his farm, Wednesday night.

Mrs. Helen Bennett, of Owensboro, was in Boonville, the past week, called here by the death of her father, Sam Curtis.

Saturday, July 7, 1883

There are 36 pianos, and 77 organs in the county. There are over 1104 sewing machines, in use in Warrick County.

Saturday, July 14, 1883

The death of Royal S. Hicks, who died the first part of last week, has been ruled a suicide.

Saturday, July 21, 1883

Mrs. John Boner, and daughter, Mamie, of Evansville, spent Wednesday in Newburgh, guest of Mrs. Clate McKinney.

Mr. John Skelton, a well respected citizen of this community, died last Friday, July 13th, after a long illness.

At Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Saturday, July 21st, William McMahan, aged 23 years, and 4 months, of peritonitis. The deceased was a brother in law of the Editor, of the Enquirer, and a cousin of Dr. McMahan, of Huntingburgh. The funeral took place on Sunday, at Mankato, Minnesota.

Saturday, August 4, 1883

Miss Ida Edson, of Mt. Vernon, was in Boonville, over Sunday, the guest of her Aunt, Mrs. W. M. Hoggatt.

A telegram was received Wednesday, from Union Taylor, dated Wellington, Kansas, that his brother George W. Taylor, was in a dangerous condition with hydrophobia. Mr. Peter Taylor, started on the one o'clock train for Evansville, where he was joined by Dr. Homer Taylor, and then started for the bedside of the afflicted son, and brother. Another dispatch was received Wednesday night to the effect that George was afflicted with brain fever, and not hydrophobia, and that he was not dangerously ill.

Saturday, August 18, 1883

Mr. John A. Knight, has been appointed Executor, of the estate of his father, the late Archipus Knight.

Saturday, August 25, 1883

Tuesday at Ashton, Kansas, of brain fever. Burial in Ashton. The sad intelligence reached Boonville, on Tuesday night, that George W. Taylor, had died that morning, at Ashton, Kansas of brain fever. When the news reached his many friends last week, of his dangerous illness, from what was at first supposed hydrophobia, universal sorrow and sympathy was manifested and the satisfaction and hope experienced a few hours later, at the news that brain fever instead of hydrophobia was the disease, which which he was affected, was only equaled by that despondent feeling and distress over the first news, George's condition was reported from day to day, to be improving, and the news of his death was a severe shock to his many friends, and relatives. He was about 27 years of age, and was an unusually promising young man, with thousands of others, he went to the great West, to try his fortunes, and had permanently located with his brothers, Union, Frank and Albert, near the place of his death, and having pre-empted land, had gone into the stock raising business, and was just beginning to make a success when death cut short his career. Mr. Peter Taylor, father, and Dr. Homer Taylor, a brother, were at his bedside when he breathed his last. The remains were buried at Ashton. A pang of keen regret and sorrow, will be felt by all who knew the deceased, for he was generally admired, and among the young people was a favorite.

On Sunday morning, the wife of George McKinzie, died of consumption. Funeral on Monday.

Saturday, September 1, 1883

Last Saturday evening, Hattie White, attempted to end her life with an overdose of morphine, and but for prompt and vigorous medical treatment, would have been successful. Hattie is the daughter of Joseph White, is about 18 years old and assigns as her reason for wishing to die that she was tired of life, such as it is, and that she and her lover Ben Roth, now in the county jail, had made arrangements to cross the dark river together. She is now fully recovered from the effects of the drug, and is heartily ashamed of herself.

Circuit Court Items - Divorce Cases:

Nancy V. Kelly, Vs W. I. Kelly
George May, vs Viola May
William Crow, vs Susan Crow
Viola Bacon, vs William A. Bacon
Joseph Halter, vs Laura Halter
Nancy J. Blackburn, vs Phillip
Laura B. Duncan, vs Walker J.
James W. Sutherland, vs Lucy B.
James Davis, vs Eliza Davis
Mary Foster, vs Ralf H.
William B. Bar, vs Madeline
Mary A. Barnes, vs John E.
Flavious Fisher, vs Mary M.
Francis M. Judd, vs Martha
James D. Brant, vs Julia A. J.

Saturday, September 15, 1883

Mrs. Jarrett, widow of John W. Jarrett, now of Goodhope, spent a day visiting her daughter, Mrs. Dr. Hunt. She was accompanied by her son, G. M. Jarrett.

Saturday, September 15, 1883

Last Saturday morning, a young son of Mr. Price Phillips, who lives between Newburgh, and this place, was instantly killed by the accidental discharge of a gun.

Youngblood, John W.
October 20, 1883 Boonville Enquirer

John W. Youngblood was born Dec. 1st, 1796 in Abbyville county, South Carolina. In 1813 he and his father, his mother being dead, started for Indiana. On the journey the father died, and the orphaned boy came on alone and settled in what is now Warrick county. Two years after coming in Indiana, on Sept 21, 1815, he married Anna Musgrave. They lived together until 1868, when death departed them. Eleven children were the fruit of the union, all of whom, with the exception of a daughter who died in infancy, lived to have families of their own. Six children still survive to mourn a father's loss. When almost nineteen years of age, Father Youngblood attended the first camp meeting ever held in Warrick county. There he gave his heart to God and joined the Methodist Episcopal Church. In the Church of his choice he filled many official positions, and lived them well. He was steward, class leader, exhorter and, in 1829, was licensed as a local preacher, which position he held unto the day of his death. As a preacher he was widely known, having preached throughout Southern Indiana, and also in Kentucky. He was a faithful, true and fearing preacher of righteousness, and many were converted under his ministry. Many who remain and many who have gone to the better land, claimed J.W. Youngblood as their spiritual father. Uncle Johnny, as he was called, was one of the ancient landmarks of Southern Indiana. Wherever he was known, he was respected and praised as an honest man who went about doing good. He loved to tell the story of the cross and of the love of God to man. He labored and toiled for his Master's cause and glory, preaching, praying and exhorting up to the hour of his death, which occurred on October 5th, 1863. He has gone to the reward promised those who live for God. The fight fought, the battle won, he rests in peace. In compliance with a request made to him by the deceased, the Rev. J.W. Julian will preach the funeral sermon at Pleasant Chapel, five miles south of Boonville, on October 28th.

Saturday, October 13, 1883

John W. Youngblood, familiarly called "Uncle Johnny" died at the residence of his son in law, Honorable Robert Perigo, on the 5th inst., aged 87 years. He has been a resident of the county for 70 years.

Monday morning, October 8th, W. L. Barker, was married to Miss Ada E. Dailey.

Samantha Phar, died Wednesday afternoon.

Died - Abraham Thornburgh, aged 71 years, and 7 months.

Wife of Isaac H. Hudson, of Greer Township, died at the home of her father, L. W. Richardson, at Rockport, yesterday. She leaves a husband, and 4 children.

Obituary - John W. Youngblood was born December 1st, 1796, in Abbyville County, South Carolina.

Monday morning at the residence of the bride's uncle, Dr. Travis G. Dailey, Mr. W. L. Barker, and Miss Ada E. Dailey, were quietly married in the presence of only the members of the immediate family. The ceremony was preformed by Rev. Wolfe, of the Methodist Church, after which the bridal party took the early train for Louisville, where they will visit the exposition. The groom is one of the most promising young men of Boonville, and has before him a bright future. He is connected with the Boonville National Bank, as cashier. The bride is the daughter of the late John G. Dailey, and is an accomplished and interesting lady. Both have many friends among our people, who wish them bon voyage over life's seas.

Saturday, October 27, 1883

Mr. James C. Barkwell, was accidentally shot through the foot, Tuesday noon, by his brother in law, Mr. R. D. O. Moore. Amputation at instep necessary, leaving ankle and heel.

Mr. Allen Jameson, of Richland, and Miss Josie Wilkinson, of Spencer County, were married last Monday morning, at the residence of the bride's Aunt, Mrs. Evaline Button, at Evansville.

Saturday, November 10, 1883

William Criswell, and wife, two pioneers of this county, but now residents of Oakland City, visited their son, J. J. Criswell, last week.

Saturday, December 22, 1883

Married on Sunday evening, December 16th, at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. Eugene Fay to Nancy, the daughter of Joseph McCool.



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