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1885 Newspapers

Boonville Enquirer & the Boonville Standard News

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Boonville Enquirer

Saturday, January 31, 1885
Sally Hart, died January 22nd, 1885; born May 2nd, 1805. William Hart, her husband, died in 1856, buried in Hart Township,
in Hart cemetery.
Saturday, February 14, 1885
Warrick Fuquay, died February 10th, age 16 years, buried Maple Grove Cemetery.

Catherine Quinatt, died February 12th, at home of grandson, William Koegel, aged 85 years.
Mrs. Quinatt, was mother of Mrs. John Koegel. Buried at Maple Grove Cemetery.

Uncle Jesse Barclay, died February 13th, age 79 years. Funeral at Wesley Chapel.


Lillie Bacon, Yankeetown, 11 months, with measles.

Mitchell, Janie, Lynnville, age 40 years, with pneumonia.

Wiggins, Wesley, Owen Township, age 14 years.

Weis, John, Ohio Township, age 65 years.

Chapman, William, Charlestown, Missouri, age 17 years.

Selby, Johnson, Yankeetown, age 74 years.

Evans, David, Yankeetown, senile gangrene


Males, to George H. Venada, Ohio Township, January 2, 1885

Males, to William York, January 23, 1885

Males, to Lafayette Hull, January 11, 1885

Males, to O. L. Dimmett, January 3, 1885

Males, to James Stephens, Yankeetown, January 26, 1885

New Law - Every physician, or midwife, compelled to report every birth, or death, or subject to a fine of $5.00, or $10.00. Dr. W. B. Scales, Secretary of County Board of Health, reported.
Saturday, February 21, 1885
Benjamin Beiver, 16 year old son of Mrs. Adam Beiver, died February 20th. Buried at Maple Grove cemetery.

Solomon Polk, died Wednesday, of spinal disease. Buried Monday cemetery.

Henry Monroe, died February 14th, an inmate of Poor Asylum.

Mary Youngblood, the widow of Ephraim Youngblood, died at the home 5 miles South of Boonville, Monday, February 16th of consumption, at age 63 years. The remains were buried at the old Youngblood homestead, Tuesday afternoon, at 3 P.M.
Saturday, February 28, 1885
Warrick Ruie, son in law of Commodore Kelly, a grocer of Mr. Allire.
Saturday, March 28, 1885
Mrs. Elizabeth Lusk, mother of Captain J. W. Wartman, died Wednesday, March 25th, 3 miles Southwest of Rockport. Miss Elizabeth Bowlin, was born at Harrisburg, Rockingham County, Virginia in 1808. She married Frederick Wartman, in fall of 1832, he died in 1837. In 1839, she married Thomas Lusk, of Spencer County, who died some years ago. Children by first marriage: Jesse L. Wartman, of Cincinnati, J. W. Wartman, of Evansville; and Mary W., who died in infancy; by second marriage: Thomas W., and Addison Lusk, of Illinois, and Albert Lusk, Mrs. Mary Wilkinson, Mrs. Maria Winkles, and Mrs. Margaret Savage, all of Spencer County.
Saturday, April 4, 1885
Caroline Bracher, died March 28, 1885

Mrs. Charles Fisher, died Tuesday, of neualgia at Yankeetown. Youngest daughter of Rev. Admire, sister of J. V. Admire, and W. W. Admire of Topeka, Kansas, and Squire Admire, of Yankeetown.

George W. Cady, died April 2nd, aged 39 years, 7 months, 26 days. Buried at Maple Grove Cemetery.

Frederic Kruse, died at home of Frederick Kohlmeyer, on March 21st, 1885.

Catherine Weyerbacher, died March 29th at home of her daughter, Mrs. Christian Barth. She was born September 29th, 1803 in Germany. She married John Peter Weyerbacher. She leaves 5 children: Charles Weyerbacher, and Mrs. William Geiss, of Evansville; Mrs. Catherin Wirth, still in Germany; and Jacob Weyerbacher, and Mrs. Chris Barth of Boonville.
Saturday, April 11, 1885
Samuel Summers, died April 4, 1885, at home of son, W. I. Summers, in Ohio Township, aged 83 years.

Mrs. Ashbey, died Monday, aged 85 years.
Saturday, April 18, 1885
Joseph Spitz, of Newburgh, died April 13th, 1885.
Saturday, April 25, 1885
Mrs. Ottis B. Pasco, died April 21, 1885 in Ohio Township.
Saturday, May 2, 1885
Joshua Stephens, and William A. Osborn, start next Monday, with their families, to make their home in Tennessee.

John B. Harpole, died April 29, 1885.

Connor, Amanda
February 28, 1885 Boonville Enquirer (Troy News)

Mrs. Amanda Connor died of consumption Monday, the 16th, aged about 38 years. She was a daughter of Rev. John D. Huff, and was married to Sam K. Connor about 7 years ago. She was a very excellent woman, loved by all who knew her. A member of the Baptist church. She leaves three children, a husband, and a host of friends to mourn her loss.

Dunn, Margaret E.
February 28, 1885 Boonville Enquirer (Troy News)

Mrs. Margaret E. Dunn, died at the insane asylum at Indianapolis last week, and was brought to Troy and buried in the cemetery on the 17th inst. She had been the wife of John P. Dunn, who was at one time a very prominent politician of Indiana and an old resident of this place. Mrs. Dunn had been living alone for some time and had recently been sent to the asylum in consequence of melancholia insanity. She was about 54 years old. Her only son, Isaac, has the sympathy of many friends.

Kruse, Frederic
April 4, 1885 Boonville Enquirer

Died at the residence of Frederick Kohlmeyer, Greer township, Mr. Frederic Kruse, on Saturday March 21, 1885, after an illness of about four days. The deceased went to Ft. Branch Monday, took cold and had a slight attack of winter fever which caused his death. Mr. Kruse was a native of Hanover, Germany, and came to this country about forty years ago, being then almost forty-three years old. He settled in Johnson township, Gibson county about 1849, after being married. His wife died about eighteen months ago. Mr. Kruse was a very prosperous farmer, having accumulated about $8,000. He leaves three sons and two daughters to mourn his loss.

Weyerbacher, Catharine
April 4, 1885 Boonville Enquirer

DIED - On Sunday, March 29, 1885, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Christian Barth, Catharine Weyerbacher, aged 81 years and 6 months. Mrs. Weyerbacher was born Sept. 29, 1803, at Inkirch on the Mosal, Germany, and was married to John Peter Weyerbacher (whom she survived,) and came to America in 1852, and settled six miles east of Boonville, where they lived until 1866, when they removed to Boonville, where she was living at the time of her death. She leaves five children living; Charles Weyerbacher and Mrs. Wm. Geiss, of Evansville; Mrs. Catharine Wirth, still in Germany; Jacob Weyerbacher and Mrs. Chris Barth, of Boonville; twenty-six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Mother Weyerbacher was truly one of the mothers in Israel, devoting her whole life to the love and care and welfare of her children, and when they in time passed out from under her own protecting roof into the various pursuits of life, and after her aged companion was called hence, she still maintained her household solitary and alone, steadily refusing the kind shelter of her numerous children who surrounded her on every side. Her walk in life was through the busy part of town that had grown up around her humble dwelling, but every one made way with a kindly greeting as she passed. She was fully rewarded with the kind mother's only ambition to see her children honorable citizens. Her remains were followed to their last resting place by a large concourse of citizens, where they were deposited at the side of her husband at St. Johns cemetery two and one-half miles east of town.

Cady, George W.
April 4, 1885 Boonville Enquirer

DIED - At his residence in Boonville, on April 2, 1885, at 2:30 o'clock a.m., George W. Cady, aged 39 years, 7 months and 26 days. Mr. Cady's death was as unexpected as his sudden illness with which he was stricken at Evansville some weeks ago, of which he had sufficiently recovered to be removed home, and he was steadily improving until Monday, when he was taken ill with vomiting, of which it is supposed a blood vessel was ruptured, which caused his death. Mr. Cady was well known throughout the county. He leaves a wife and five children. His remains were laid in Maple Grove Cemetery yesterday at 10:30 o'clock.

Saturday, May 9, 1885
George W. Purcely, died May 3rd, aged 77 years. Buried at Baker burial ground.

Moses Aiken, died May 6th, aged 63 years, on upper Bayou, between Newburgh and Evansville.
Saturday, May 16, 1885
Mrs. Matthew Gore, died May 10, 1885, in Boonville, she leaves a set of 6 month old twins.
Saturday, May 23, 1885
Nancy Cherry, died May 18, 1885. She married 1st., Mr. Fowler, had 5 children. Married 2nd, John Cherry, 6 children.

Catherine (Wild) Bohrer, died May 20, 1885, at home of a son, Julius Bohrer. She was a native of Germany.
Saturday, May 30, 1885
Elizabeth, wife of Lorenzo D. Parker, died May 19, 1885, at home of family residence. A native of Kentucky, and a daughter of John Ferguson, and Aunt of Rev. John Ferguson. She was married April 12, 1828.

Laura Lowe, died May 26, 1885, mother of Thomas and John Lowe, of Boonville.

Peter Brenner, died last Tuesday, in Newburgh.

Lowe, Laura
May 30, 1885 Boonville Enquirer

Died, May 26th, 1885, after a short illness, Laura Lowe, age 69 years. She is the mother of Thomas and John Lowe, of this place. Mrs. Lowe leaves eight children and a large circle of friends to mourn her loss.

Saturday, June 20, 1885
Mrs. Betty Willis, died June 16, 1885, age 62 years. Widow of Sandy Willis.
Saturday, July 11, 1885
Infant, of Ephraim Perigo, died June 29th, buried June 30th, in Henman cemetery.

Nancy Small, wife of Uncle John H. Small, died at home of Louis Small, July 8th, aged 80 years. Mother of Ben Small. Buried in Friendship cemetery, in Spencer County.
Saturday, July 25, 1885
Jacob Franz, died July 22, 1885, aged 30 years and 4 weeks. Buried at Maple Grove Cemetery.

John R. McCord, died July 20, 1885, aged 59 years. Buried in Hinman cemetery, East of town.
Saturday, August 1, 1885
The Last Hours - Graphic description of the closing scenes, in the great Soldier's Life - Haste was made, and Mrs. Grant, Mr. Jesse, and wife, U. S. Grant, Jr., and wife, and Mrs. Colonel Grant, were quickly beside the doctors, at the sick man's cot. Mrs. Sartoris, and Mr. Dawson, had followed the doctors in from the piazza, and the entire family was present, except Colonel Fred Grant, but he entered the sick room, while the messenger was searching for him. Mrs. Sartoris, came behind her mother, and leaning over her shoulder, so witnessed the close of a life, in which she has constituted a strong element of pride. On the opposite of the bed, from his mother, and directly before her, stood Jesse Grant, and U. S. Grant, Jr. At the foot of the bed, and gazing directly down into the General's face, were Mrs. Col. Fred Grant, Mrs. U. S. Grant Jr., and Mrs. Jesse Grant.

The marriage of Miss Mollie Hunt, and Mr. George Foster. The happy event took place at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Enos Hunt, on Thursday the 16th inst., and at night, a grand reception was given in the honor.

Mrs. Elizabeth Camp, now in her 86th year, is at death's door, and no doubt before this reaches the readers, she will have passed from earth, to her reward on high.

Mrs. William Spillman, and her son Alla, and her daughter Miss Emma, of Mt. Vernon, were called here Monday, to attend the bedside of Mrs. Camp, the mother of Mrs. Spillman.

On the 29th ult., Mrs. Adam Bieber, aged 52 years and 5 days, died of erysipelas. Buried at Maple Grove.

On the 24th ult., Henry Walden, died at his residence, near Newburgh, aged 44 years. He leaves 5 children, and a mother, 73 years old, to mourn his loss. Funeral from Townsend Church, by the Masonic Order, Saturday.

Maria Shriver, aged 50 years, died on the 27th ult., at her residence on 3rd street. Buried Maple Grove cemetery.

William J. Hale, a brother of detective Hale, both of Rockport, committed suicide, Wednesday afternoon.
Saturday, August 8, 1885
Mrs. Sarah Holder, wife of Wesley Holder, once of this place, but now of Oakland City, is at present lying very ill at her residence, at that place.

Aunt Polly Wilkerson, broke her arm Friday evenign, by falling down the steps, at the residence of Mrs. Keith, on 2nd street.

Mr. Thomas Lowe, died on the 5th inst., at his residence in Boonville, of cholera morbus, aged ca 47 years.

Lowe, Thomas
August 6, 1885 Boonville Standard

Mr. Thomas Lowe died at his residence in Boonville on Monday afternoon, of congestion of the stomach and bowels after a short illness, aged 47 years. The remains were interred at the Old Cemetery, in the northwest part of town, under the auspices of the G.A.R. He leaves a family to mourn his loss.

Saturday, August 15, 1885
Elizabeth E. Camp, widow of the late Dr. Joseph H. Camp, died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Moore, of this place, on the 8th inst., at the age of 86 years. The deceased was the daughter of John Thomas, of Kentucky. Her home has been in Warrick County for 58 years, at which time she and her husband settled in Boonville, where he practiced medicine for a number of years. He came to this place and continued the practice of his profession, until February 1859, when he died.

Mrs. John J. Murphy, died on the 9th inst., at the residence.
Saturday, August 22, 1885
W. B. Langford, died at Cairo, Illinois, word was received of, by his wife, who is temporarily residing in this place, her former home. She is the daughter of S. S. Brashears, and was reared here. Her husband was son of Captain Langford, well known in this county, and was traveling agent for W. M. Aiken and Company, of Evansville

Daniel Hartley, died on Sunday, the 16th, of typhoid fever, aged 57 years, 6 months and 10 days, living at Yankeetown. Buried in Davis cemetery.

Died - Mrs. Neava Brandenberg, aged 37 years. Born in Vanderburgh county, February 14, 1848. 2 of 4 sisters, lived here.
Mrs. Phillip Link, and Mrs. Charles Hochmeister.

Saturday, August 29, 1885
There are physicians in this county, who are failing to make their report to me, of Births and Deaths. Also, midwives, who do not make any report of Births at any time. I will say that the law must be complied with, and all physicians and midwives, who do not report all such cases by the 10th of September, 1885 will be prosecuted. By Order State Board of Health, W. B. Scales, MD - Secretary of Board of Health.
Saturday, September 5, 1885
Thanks for kindness of the citizens, in her bereavement. - Mrs. Anna B. Langford
Saturday, September 12, 1885
Married, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Lewis Robinson, on the 3rd inst., by Elder Thomas Macer, Samuel Carnahan and Tebitha C. Robinson.
Saturday, September 19, 1885
Walter Seavers, who killed Albert Shaul, with a knife, last September, and made his escape, was arrested at Kansas City last Saturday, by Gurley Taylor, acting Sheriff, and brought to Boonville and confined in jail, to await his trial.
Saturday, October 3, 1885
On the 52nd birthday of Mrs. Abigail Floyd, wife of H. C. Floyd, of this place, who is now in his 66th year, a few of their friends took them by surprise, and came in on them with presents, and eatables, in abundance. We give below, the names of
those present: F. Ketcham, of Campbell Township, now 87 years old; L. W. Warner, and family, Hiram Chappell, and family; Nathan Chappell, of Oakland City; Miss Dolla Shrode, of Eby; Shelton Gentry, wife, and grand-daughter, of Pike County.

Death - On the 28th ult., at 1 o'clock P.M., Mrs. G. J. Roth, at the residence of Dr. Travis Scales, aged 28 years, and 9 months, after an illness of about a week, of congestion of the brain. The deceased was the daughter of William C. Smith of St. Paul, Minnesota, formerly of this place. Burial in Maple Grove cemetery.

Ralston - Funeral for son of Dr. W. G. Ralston

Saturday, October 10, 1885
Mr. Frank Roetzel, and family of Rockport, was called to Boonville, to attend the burial of his brother in law, W. L. Becker.

Mr. Charles Becker, proprietor of the Huntingburg Marble Works, was in attendance upon the funeral of Louis Becker, his younger brother.

Mrs. W. C. Smith, will return to her home in St. Paul, today, accompanied by her grandson, Gussie Roth. Mr. Smith could not attend his daughter's funeral, because of his absence in the forests of Minnesota.

William Ludwig Becker, died on the 5th inst., in Evansville, aged 40 years, 2 months and 8 days. Three brothers, William, August and Jacob of this place and Charles Becker of Huntingburg.
Saturday, October 17, 1885
Died - On Sunday, the 11th inst., Peter Barth, at his home in Boonville, aged 76 years, 3 months of age, and infirmity. Buried at Rooster Chapel.

Barth, Peter
October 17, 1885 Boonville Enquirer

DIED - On Sunday, the 11th inst., at his home in Boonville, Peter Barth, aged 76 years and 8 months, of old age and infirmity. Mr. Barth has been a resident of this place for quite a number of years and was well-known in this community. He leaves several grown children to mourn his loss. His remains were buried at Rooster Chapel, three miles east of town on Tuesday. Rev. Maehl conducted the funeral services.

Saturday, October 24, 1885
The acting second comptroller, has made a ruling that bounty cannot be allowed in case of any volunteer soldier, who enlisted after April 30th, 1865, unless.....

R. C. Williams, died at his home in Edinburgh, Indiana, of typhoid fever. Mr. Williams, was the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Baker, of this place. Sisters, Mrs. C. E. Morgan, and Miss Ella Williams, left yesterday to attend the funeral obsequies.
Saturday, October 31, 1885
Wife of John O'Grady, died on the 20th inst., aged about 40 years, of consumption. Leaves 4 children, 2 being twins. Buried in the old cemetery, on the 30th, funeral by Rev. Father Conrad.
Saturday, November 14, 1885
Allen Jameson and wife, of Richland, spent Sunday in town.
Saturday, November 21, 1885
Died - At Buckskin, Gibson County, Indiana, Dr. C. A. Wilde, aged about 46 years. Dr. Wilde was a brother of G. O. Wilde, and well known in this place, where he practiced medicine, and was engaged in the drug business, with his brother.

Died - on the 12th inst., at her home in Boonville, Mrs. Sarah (Perigo) Bates, consort of the late Bela N. Bates, aged 61 years. She was married to Mr. Bates in 1843, and her remains were interred in the old cemetery, alongside of those of her husband.
Saturday, December 5, 1885
Eby Items - Aunt Pop' Shrode, visited her father, Mark Taylor, last week.
Saturday, December 26, 1885
Died - Eva Roth, aged 75 years, mother of George J. Roth, buried at St. John's cemetery.

Diedk - F. A. Brown, died December 21st inst., aged 78 years, 11 months, and 19 days. Buried in Maple Grove cemetery.

Fillman, Kate
May 30, 1885 Boonville Enquirer

Died on Monday, the 24th inst., at the residence of her father near Boonville, Miss Kate Fillman. She had been in Boonville the day before, and on the same night was attacked with Cholera Morbus, which caused her death.

Brenner, Peter
May 30, 1885 Boonville Enquirer

Died at his home in Newburgh, last Tuesday, Peter Brenner, age 85 years. Funeral services by Rev. Lukemeyer of Boonville, which took place on Wednesday.

Libbert, Gotlieb
September 14, 1895 Boonville Enquirer

On last Friday, Gotlieb Libbert, of Newburg, was killed by falling slate in William Robinson�s coal mine. It was an accident and no blame was attached to anyone. Mr. Libbert was an old miner and an old and highly respected citizen of Newburg. He was buried by the Masonic Lodge of that place.

Mehl, Wilhelmina S.
September 14, 1895 Boonville Enquirer

Mrs. Wilhelmina S. Mehl died at her home in Boonville on Thursday, September 5, 1895, at four o'clock p.m. Funeral services were held at the family residence, in German and English, at two o'clock; also at St. John's church at three-thirty o'clock, on Sunday, September 8th, participated in by Revs. A. Eblinger, A. Egli, J. Bronnenkant, M.C. Cockrum, Th. Seybold, M. Seiberth, H. Wulfman, W. Fontaine and H. Juergens. Interment at St. John's cemetery. The deceased was born September 15, 1842, in Strassburg, Alsace Lorraine, and was married to Rev. M. Mehl, April 25, 1871 at St. Isabella, Brazil, South America. She served as nurse in the Franco-Prussian war - 1870-'71 - and nursed over five hundred sick and wounded soldiers. She came to Boonville in June, 1880, with her husband, where she resided until her death. She left surviving, her husband, Rev. M. Mehl and sons, Rev. H. Mehl, of Ripley, Ohio and Rev. W. Mehl and daughter, Lydia Mehl. She was a good neighbor, a kind mother and an affectionate wife. The members of the bereaved family have the sympathy of their neighbors and friends.

Alexander, Sarah
October 1, 1885 Boonville Standard

Mrs. Sarah Alexander, a widow lady who lived a half-mile east of this place, died last Friday morning, and was buried Saturday at the Phillips graveyard.

Weyerbacher, Selma
November 2, 1895 Boonville Enquirer

Selma, infant daughter of Louis E. and Selma Weyerbacher, died, at 4:00 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 26, 1895, of inflammation of the stomach, aged 2 years and 20 days, at the home of her parents in Evansville. The remains were brought to Boonville, by Monday morning train. Interment at St. John's cemetery; Rev. M. Mehl officiating.



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