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Evansville Suburban & Newburgh Railway Company

Submitted by Tamara Kincaide.

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WATER St. Newburgh IN

The Evansville Suburban and Newburgh Railway Company was organized in 1888 when a railway line was built from Evansville to Newburgh. It was operated as a freight and passenger line with steam engines until 1905 when electrical equipment was installed.

The first station was located at Water and Jefferson streets in the west part of Newburgh at Kuebler Gardens. In 1908 a fire destroyed a house owned by CHARLES W. FOLZ and also the RYAN-HAMPTON Tobacco Company making the land available for purchase to the Railway Company just east of the first station location.

The new station was a three level brick building with passenger waiting room and inside toilets which was almost unheard of in that time. A small room was made available for the ticket agent to sleep. A dray company used to load and haul freight owned by OLLIE WILSON and HERMAN GESSELMAN who loaded the freight to local businesses.

The railway station was in its splendor for many years until the service was discontinued in 1930. A bus service was started nearby on the highway at CHARLES MUNN?S service station for passengers who wished to travel to Evansville. The bus stop was a more convenient way to travel.

The railway building was sold in 1939 to J. BERT TISSERAND and was used as an office. MR. TISSERAND sold the building in 1952 to LELON and JANE SCHUMACHER CRENSHAW who converted it into a private residence and later added a porch to the pleasure of their families for summer picnics.

The land was originally purchased and a large pretentious house built by JOHN and MARTHA MCCORMICK from Henderson KY about the year 1858. In 1861 the land was acquired by MILTON MCCORMICK and wife SUSAN. The land across from them was acquired by THOMAS, HARRY and HOMER HAMPTON who founded the Tobacco business which burned in 1908. The surrounding lots were according to the will of MILTON MCCORMICK deeded to several family members who sold and deeded the lots to other prominent citizens.

Wife SUSAN MCCORMICK deeded in 1881 to WILLIAM FOLZ her home and lot when the tobacco company burned in 1908 it took the home where she and MILTON MCCORMICK and later WILLIAM FOLZ had lived. WILLIAM FOLZ?S wife BARBARA was distressed at the sight of the flames begged anyone who would listen to save the home and belongings. They told her that the wind blowing from the north would spare the house but suddenly without warning the wind burst from the south and that caused the home to burn to the ground with it the belongings she wished to be spared.

After the fire WILLIAM and BARBARA FOLZ sold the now empty lot to ANDREW J RUTLEDGE who within a few months sold it to the EVANSVILLE SUBURBAN NEWBURGH RAILWAY COMPANY in JUNE 1908.




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