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Abshier Ice House

Submitted by Tamara Kincaide



Ice cutting was a vital early business to Newburgh. Ice was cut from the river and Mill Pond. The ABSHIRE ICE HOUSE was built in 1878 by JAMES ABSHIER. He and wife CORA had already opened the RIVERSIDE HOTEL and were famous for their homemade ice cream and delicious barbeque sauce.
Men with special ice cutting saws operated by hand would measure the ice chunks to three feet square with four to six inches in thickness. Neighbors could hear many nights the wagons hauling the cut ice chunks to be stored Sometimes all night long.

The walls of the icehouse were seventeen inches thick and packed with straw to store the ice till it was needed. With the new invention of artificial ice about 1900 coming to Evansville the ABSHIER ICE HOUSE was no longer needed.

The building was enlarged and used as a restaurant serving ice cream and sandwiches operated by LEON JACOBSON and wife NANENE ENGLE JACBSON the granddaughter of JAMES ABSHIER.



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