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From "History of Warrick and it's Prominent People," Crescent Publication Co., Boonville, IN, 1909
Folsomville, lying in the southeastern part of Owen township, about eight miles northwest of Boonville, was laid out on land owned by Riley Rhoads and Benjamin Folsom, on the 27th day of January, 1859. The first to engage in business here was Daniel Rhoads. It is declined in prominence during the last fifteen years and its population today is only 160, while eighteen years ago it was above two hundred.

The following information was submitted by Sharon Shafer.

Regarding your articles on Folsomville & Post Offices, my great aunt used to be the postmistress of Folsomville. My mother, Pauline Perigo Powell, will soon be 88 years old. She lived in Folsomville between 1920 & 1927, and she gave me quite a bit of information on the town.

During the time she lived there, there were 3 grocery stores, a mill, and a post office. One of the grocery stores was operated by Myrtle West. Another store was operated by James Mundy. The third store was operated by Henry Leslie. The Post Office was located in the back of Mr. Leslie's store at that time, and the Postmaster was Willie Hargrave.

A special treat at that time was to go to the store & buy a bologna sandwich which consisted of soda crackers (they were about 4 inches square) and a slice of bologna. The price was 5 cents!!

The Post Office was later moved into the home of my great aunt, Lora Perigo, and she became Postmistress. The front room of her home being the Post Office. A gentleman took over the post office after my aunt had had it for a few years, and it was after that time that it was moved to the little white building shown in your photo.

Other interesting facts--Folsomville used to be called "Lick Skillet". There was a physician by the name of Dr. Williams who practiced medicine in Folsomville. The Folsomville school burned down on Valentine's Day in 1923 or 1924.



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