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History of Warrick County

by Edwin Adams, 1868
donated to the site by John Key

You may view this book in two different formats. You may read the scanned pictures of each page in the original book and/or you may read the transcribed pages. The search engine will search the transcribed pages, it will not "read" the graphics pages. John and I hope you enjoy the book! Thank you to John for taking the time to scan all of the book!
Below are Biographical Sketches in the History of Warrick County Book. Listing submitted by Suzie Rose.

Boon Township

Adams, Thomas S
Armstrong, C W
Baker, Simon L
Baker, Frank
Baker, Lewis A
Baker, Robert B
Bateman, John W
Barton, Winston
Becker, August
Beeler, Jerome S
Bennett, Morris W
Bethell, Enos W
Bethell, John B
Billups, Alfred
Bock, Edward
Brown, James B
Campbell, James W
Carter, William W
Cherry, George W
Clutter, Gilbert
Cox, Stephen B
Cromeans, George
Dailey, T G
Davis, Thomas F
DeForest, Daniel A
Dewhurst, Robert
Dillingham, Charles H
Dorsey, Reason T
Downs, Capt. Thomas J
Edwards, George W
Eiler, Frederick G
Ellison, Joseph
Eskew, James
Fay, Martin Luther
Feldwisch, Henry
Freundlich, Jacob
France, Warrick
Franz, Jacob
Franz, Jacob Jr.
Fuller, Hon. Benoni S
Fuller, William W
Gast, Wendel
Gerhard, William
Goad, Peter
Goad, Akillis F
Goad, James W
Gordner, Charles
Gordner, Peter
Gouch, Edward
Graham, Robert M
Grant, John
Gross, Jacob
Handy, Judge John B
Hatfield, Sidney B
Harmon, Martin S
Hargrave, William J
Harpole, William C
Hargan, Thomas J
Hart, David L
Hart, Hon. Thompson B
Harger, John
Hatsel, John
Hepp, Frank C
Hinman, Samuel P
Hines, E Curtis
Hoff, Rev. F A
Hoggatt, William W
Hougland, James A
Hougland, Mrs Elizabeth
Jeffries, Robert B
Johnson, Jacob
Katterjohn, John F
Kelly, Commodore
Kinderman, William
Knight, Archippus
Koegel, Frederick W
Kuntzman, Louis
Lillich, Matthais
Lowell, John W
Lunenburgh, William
Lutz, John Jacob
Matthewson, Charles C
Meece, Edward M
Mellen, W L
Miller, Lewis J
Musgrave, Benjamin
McCool, Albert
McCulla, James H
Nester, John
Oatley, Christopher L
Olin, Townsend
Owens, B F
Perigo, Hon. Robert
Perigo, Ephriam Y
Picker, Charles F
Reckert, Frederick
Reynolds, John A
Rhoades, Leander
Richardson, Joseph M
Roth, George J
Scales, William B
Scales, Hansel M
Schneider, Charles
Schreiber, Gustavus
Shafer, Bros
Shryock, John G
Simon, Patrick
Stephenson, John
Swint, William
Taylor, Gurley
Taylor, Hon. John L
Taylor, Peter
Topf, Hermann
Tweedy, James C
Tyner, Samuel L
Weyerbacher, Jacob
Whitmer, Ephraim
Wilson, Aaron
Wilson, Rice
Wilde, Gottfried O
Wilder, William S
Willis, Jesse
Youngblood, Thomas B

Warrick County, Ohio Township

Brenner, Charles
Castle, Ozro
Dubois, Nelson G
Ellis, John Q A
Fuquay, David N
Gardner, Royal G
Gardner, William H H
Gunnell, Thomas P
Hart, John H
Helt, Samuel L
Hewins, Dr. W A
House, William H
Lowrance, James W
Lenn, Lewis
McCool, Frank
Pasco, Otis B
Roberts, Jonathan
Vann, John A
Walden, Nathan B
Walden, James W
Williams, Henry E
Wright, Amos G

Warrick County, Hart Township

Carnahan, John E
Clinton, John
Daub, John
Erne, John
Ferguson, William D
Fuquay, E C
Gore, Henry
Graham, Joseph B
Hinman, James
Jones, Thomas B
Katterjohn, A F
Kirkpatrick, Joseph D
Lynn, John A
Madden, Elisha Patrick
Martin, Elihu
McSwane, Isaac E
McWilliams, Robert C
McCoy, Dr. Thomas J
Myers, Peter
Parker, L D
Powers, Alvin L
Rice, Miles
Shrode, Theodore J
Stephens, Joshua
Thompson, Capt. Daniel G
Young, Rees
Zimmerman, James M

Warrick County, Campbell Township

Atwood, John S
Beckwith, Thomas
Bethe, William
Boos, William
Conrad, Rev. C J
Freudenberger, Peter
Gray, James H
Hamman, Christopher
Heim, Constantine
Heim, Adolph W
Henn, William
Jarrett, William A
Ketcham, Milan
Lockyear, George
Miller, D L
Mitchem, Joseph B
Schick, Jacob
Scholz, William E
Wood, Bartholomew

Warrick County, Skelton Township

Bone, William L
Carlisle, P P
Douthitt, James H
Erwin, John F
Farmer, Ezekiel
Farmer, William H
Farmer, George C
Garrison, Joseph H
Jones, George T
Jones, Laban M
Kelly, Henry
Lemmon, Leroy B
Powers G W
Quiatt, A
Scifres, William C
Shelton, James
Skelton, Joel
Skelton, William
Stephenson, William
Tennison, James F
White, James P
White, Arthur M
Williams, George C
Wilkinson, Isaac T

Warrick County Pigeon Township

Avery, William G
Barr, Warren
Beardsley, John
Brown, James N
Brown, Dr. Alvis P
Clinton, Dewit
Cooper, Cornelius H
Harter, Nicholas
Katterjohn, Henry A
McGlothlin, Joseph H
McFadden, James
McVey, Dr. William H
Oskins, John W
Perigo, John
Spradly, James M
Springstun, Abraham
Temple, Dr. Walter R
Tilman, James H
Wittinghill, P N
Whittingill, Lewis P

Warrick County, Owen Township

Bethell, John T
Brown, Robert S
Brooks, William M
Brooks, Benjamin O
Dorsey, William W
Fisher, William
Gentry, John T
Goad, John A
Gottfried, Joseph
Hart, Rev. James
Kelley, Isham
Mills, William Henry
Reed, John C
Roberts, John W
Seigel, Phillip
West, Dr. Ellias A
Wilkinson, James W

Warrick County, Lane Township

Ashby, Stephen
Erwin, John
Fisher, Lawrence H
Hamby, John H
Heath, Christopher C
Madden, John E
Strong, John M
Wilson, Thomas W
Wilson, James W

Warrick County Anderson Township

Dickerson, Charles
Hartley, Daniel
Hedges, David
Hedges, William
Pyeatt, Charles W
Rhodes, Charles L
Taylor, Perry
Wilson, Dr. Wesley

Warrick County, Greer Township

Bleckmann, Henry A
Criswell, John T
Hedges, William J
Magenheimer, Peter



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