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Supplemental Marriage Records, 1882-1900~XYZ

To the left you will find links to the information found in the WPA supplemental marriage index. The information is listed in this order: Bride or groom's name, father's name/ mother's name, sex, race, age at next birthday, date of marriage, book, page. Typed by Marsha Bryant.

Yaager, William: Fred/--Shilingson, MW25, 2/23/1888 H-24, 97
Yaddis, John W.: Alexander/ Mary A. Staley MW29, 12/23/1890, H-24, 135
Yaddis, Lucy C.: M. L. Kifer/Elizabeth Bond, FW25, 12/23/1890, H-24, 135
Yaeda, Lucy: Jno/Mary Willard, FW22, 3/22/1882, H-24, 4
Yanney, Ida M.: Wm./Amelia Lashey, FW22, 3/22/1899, H-26, 29
Yardner, Orra E.: Wm. H. H./Julia F. Brown, FW29, 9/30/1900, H-26, 42
Yast, Anna M.: Benedict/---, FW21, 8/20/1890, H-24, 103
Yates, Jackson: James/---McAlister, MW26, 9/25/1892, H-25, 12
Yeager, William: T./---, MW25, 2/23/1888, H-24, 97
Yoakum, Manerva: Isac/Josphene Housman, FW22, 12/15/1897, H-26, 17
Yoakum, Willard: Isaac/ Jophene Houseman, MW22, 12/11/1900, H-26, 46
Yonge, William: Franklin/L. Spradley, MW21, 8/10/1895, H-25, 38
York, A. H.: J./Susan Pochran, MW42, 2/8/1896, H-26, 3
York, Ella: General/ Peninah Miller, FW20, 1/24/1893, H-25, 15
York, Emily D: James M./Elizabeth Swooper, FW35, ---, H-24, 54
York, Magret: William/ Susan Husk, FW19, 4/25/1887, H-24, 85
York, Rhoda M.: G. L./ ---Miller, FW21, 11/15/1894, H-25, 31
York, Susan: Jermiah/ Elizabeth Shroads, FW26, 1/9/1887, H-24, 82
Young, A. E.: J. J. Gassaway/ Rachel Brown, FW26, 8/2/1882, H-24, 7
Young, A. J.: J. W./ ---Beasley, FW23, 12/12/1886, H-24, 79
Young, Andora: J. W./ Mary Simms, MW21, 1/12/1899, H-26, 28
Young, Borter: Wm. G./ Alebie J. Mayer, MW24, 5/1/1899, H-26, 30
Young, Carl: Godfery/ ---Cooper, MW21, 9/20/1896, H-26, 7
Young, Charlie: William/ ---Hall, MW22, 9/10/1891, H-25, 2
Young, Charles M.: Rees/ Cathrina Dailey, MW26, 12/24/1882, H-24, 15
Young, Edward: Godfried/ Hattie Cooper, MW20, 1/24/1893, H-25, 15
Young, Eliza: Harrison/ Delia Bryant, FW39, 11/29/1898, H-26, 28
Young, Eliza J.: William/ Nancy Hall, FW20, 3/19/1894, H-25, 25
Young, Felden: William/ Elizabeth Phelps, MW35, 8/27/1882, H-24, 9
Young, George: John/ Susie Richardson, MW28, 6/20/1897, H-26, 11
Young, J. M.: Thomas/ R. Leewright, MW19, 1/16/1884, H-24, 48
Young, Jacob L.: William/ Nancy Hall, MW26, 2/15/1894, H-25, 24
Young, James B.: R./ Addie West, MW--, 11/26/1894, H-25, 33
Young, James W.: Reece/ Catherine Daily, MW46, 9/23/1900, H-26, 42
Young, Julia: William/ Elizabeth Phelps, FW19, 8/9/1883, H-24, 26
Young, Len T.: William/ ---Hall, MW25, 2/16/1890, H-24, 124
Young, Lora: Franklin/ Tisha Spradlins, FW23, 7/1/1899, H-26, 32
Young, M. E.: William/ Nancy Hall, FW18, 2/24/1895, H-25, 32
Young, Mary: Alfred/ Nancy Smith, FW24, 8/15/1894, H-25, 28
Young, Maud M.: T. W./ Mary A. Clark, FW20, 2/9/1899, H-26, 29
Young, Porter: William G./ Abbie Weire, MW22, 5/26/1897, H-26, 10
Young, Reese A.: Reese/ Catherine Daley, MW29, 2/1/1891, H-24, 138
Young, Rosie: Alfred/ A. P. Gill, FW19, 4/2/1897, H-26, 10?
Young, Sherman: Harrison/ Susan D. Bryant, MW28, 2/15/1893, H-25, 15
Young, Ulyass Grant: Reese/ Catherine Dailey, MW21, 8/7/1887, H-24, 90
Young, William: Thomas/ Martha Jordan, MW47, 3/19/1882, H-24, 2
Young, William D.: J. R./ Silvey ---, MW22, 1/4/1896, H-26, 1
Young, William: Alphond/ Dilla Gasaway, MW24, 7/1/1899, H-26, 31
Youngblood, Alice: Edward/ Amelia Thomas, FW23, 4/18/1897, H-26, 10
Youngblood, Barkley: Ephraim/ ---Miller, MW37, 1/29/1889, H-24, 107
Youngblood, Charles: Thomas/ R. E. Hinman, MW30, 5/18/1882, H-24, 5
Youngblood, E. Dean: J. W./ H. C. Harmon, FW30, 8/5/1888, H-24, 101
Youngblood, Eli L.: William B./ ---Palter, MW23, 11/28/1892, H-25, 13
Youngblood, Jane: Montgomery/ Martha Grimes, FW34, 11/27/1887, H-24, 92
Youngblood, Jerusa: William/ Mary Patten, FW20, 11/20/1885, H-24, 63
Youngblood, John: John W./ ---Musgrave, MW74, 7/26/1896, H-26, 6
Youngblood, John W.: John W./ Anna Musgrave, MW77, 10/9/1899, H-26, 35
Youngblood, Juna: ---/ ---, FW29, 9/8/1896, H-26, 7
Youngblood, Morton: William B./ M. a. Patten, MW21, 9/25/1884, H-24, 47
Youngblood, Phoebe: ---/ --- Perrigo, FW24, 4/30/1892, H-25, 8
Youngblood, Russel: J. W./ Eldora Taylor, MW22, 12/17/1899, H-26, 36
Youngblood, Sarah: John/ Jane Goins, FW17, 9/5/1897, H-26, 16
Youngblood, U. S.: E./ Mary Miller, MW23, 4/18/1888, H-24, 99
Zechuer, Teresa: Martin/ M. A. Koepirezier, FW20, 7/6/1886, H-24, 72
Zehner, Anna M.: M./ ---Kohirierer, FW21, 10/28/1896, H-26, 8
Zehner, Louisa: Martin, ---Kohireizer, --18, 2/23/1886, H-24, 65
Zehner, Mary C.: Martin/ Maria A. Kohirieser,, FW19, 4/24/1899, H-26, 30
Zehnie, Emma: Benjamin/ Catharine Hebner, FW29, 2/19/1895, H-25, 33
Zergiebel, George F.: Zachariah/ ---Zimmerman, MW41, 12/14/1892, H-25, 14
Zimmerman, Frederick: Frederick/ Scarlotta Henry, MW24, 11/20/1890, H-24, 135
Zimmerman, L. E.: D. C./ ---Kerr, FW18, 12/31/1891, H-25, 4
Zimmerman, Mannie: D. E./ Agnus Kerr, FW24, 7/1/1897, H-26, 15
Zimmerson, Katie: Daniel/ ---Kerr, FW20, 4/30/1891, H-24, 142
Zint, E. F.: Zint/ ---Cartwill, MW26, 10/28/1896, H-26, 8
Zint, Edward L.: Mathiar/ Catherine Cartwell, MW23, 11/8/1899, H-26, 34
Zint, George: M. P./ ---, MW24, 5/20/1896, H-26, 5
Zint, Isaac: James/ Matilen Wood, MW20, 11/18/1896, H-26, 12
Zint, William P.: James/ ---Wood, MW20, 9/20/1891, H-25, 3
Zint, William T.: James/ ---Wood, MW24, 12/11/1895, H-26, 1
Zoad, Charles: John/ Levia Powers, MW24, 3/27/1887, H-24, 85
Zoand, William A.: Eli L. Goad/ Sarah Cannon, MW24, 10/9/1887, H-24, 92 



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