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Supplemental Marriage Records, 1882-1900~I

To the left you will find links to the information found in the WPA supplemental marriage index. The information is listed in this order: Bride or groom's name, father's name/ mother's name, sex, race, age at next birthday, date of marriage, book, page. Typed by Marsha Bryant.

Incoe, Adam: Bart/ Mary Knuck, MW22, 4/19/1887, H-24, 94
Inghram, Ellen: ---/---, FW18, 3/6/1884, H-24, 34
Ingle, Mary: John W./ Martha Mitchel, FW21, 3/26/1887, H-24, 85
Ingler, E. E: E. E./ Louisa Rogera, FW45, 1/10/1885, H-24, 48
Ingler, Sarah: S. C./ Molinda Miller, FW17, ---, H-24, 54
Ingram, B.: J. A./ Rabecca Chisler, MW25, 3/16/1882, H-24, 5
Ingram, David: George E./ Ellen Enly, MW25, 9/18/1899, H-26, 33
Ingram, Edna E.: Jackson/ --- Thompson, FW16, 4/5/1883, H-24, 20
Ingram, Geo W.: H./ ---Taylor, MW21, 6/19/1884, H-24, 39
Ingram, J. N.: J./ O. Thompson, MW23, 3/6/1884, H-24, 34
Ingram, Joseph: Hansel/ Tena Taylor, MW22, 11/13/1897, H-26, 19
Ingram, Louisa Jane: Jackson/ Olive Thompson, FW21, 2/13/1894, H-25, 26
Ingram, Lucinda: Hansel/ Lena Taylor, FW28, 4/8/1894, H-25, 26
Ingram, Lucinda E.: George/ Ellen Enly, FW26, 11/14/1894, H-25, 32
Ingram, M. B.: Marion/ Mary Barber, FW22, 12/29/1900, H-26, 45
Ingram, M. E.: Jackson/ ---, FW18, 3/6/1882, H-24, 6
Ingram, Mary E.: George E./ --- Enley, FW20, 3/14/1897, H-26, 9
Ingram, Miles: Samuel/ ---Moy, MW73, 7/10/1892, H-25, 10
Ingram, Miles A.: Samuel/ ---, MW71, 4/17/1890, H-24, 127
Ingram, Minnie N.: Berry J./ Maria E. Bass, FW17, 3/25/1894, H-25, 25
Ingram, Mollie: Epham/ Melvina Meese, FW22, 4/24/1897, H-26, 9
Ingram, Thomas: Thomas P./ Elizabeth Skelton, MW28, 4/9/1890, H-24, 126
Ingram, William C.: John/ --- Cheler, MW22, 3/24/1891, H-24, 140
Ingram: Jackson/ Ollie Thompson, FW17, 2/17/1896, H-26, 2
Instone, Mary: Carl/ Instome Krietemeier, FW22, 12/2/1897, H-26, 18
Ireland, George E.: George/ Mary A. Ballard, MW24, 7/27/1898, H-26, 24
Ireland, W. T.: George C./ ---, MW25, 4/12/1886, H-24, 69
Irons, William: John/ --- McFerary, MW23, 3/9/1890, H-24, 125
Irvin, Jane: Robert/ --- Gentry, FW18, 3/5/1896, H-26, 3
Irvin, Lottie: Thomas/ Agness Reed, FW21, 7/4/1900, H-26, 41
Irvin, Lucinda: Robert/ Mary Gentry, FW18, 3/17/1889, H-24, 110
Irvin, Margaret S.: Franklin/ Mary Stewart, FW21, 9/16/1894, H-25, 29
Irvin, Mary E.: Robert/ --- Gentry, FW24, 12/25/1892, H-25, 14
Irvin, Moranda: Thomas/ Sarah E. Hopper, FW22, 12/23/1900, H-26, 44
Irvin, Samuel: Frank/ --- Spencer, MW24, 11/13/1884, H-24, 46
Irvin, Thomas F.: Robert W./ --- Gentry, MW22, 4/9/1896, H-26, 2
Irwin, Jannie: Frank/ Pollie Sedrol, FW23, 7/8/1900, H-26, 41
Irwin, Squire B.: Franklin/ Elizabeth Spencer, MW42, 1/1/1900, H-26, 37
Isaacha, George: Harvey/ --- Wood, MW21, 4/20/1890, H-24, 127
Isaacks, Mary V.: Harvey/ --- Ward, FW16, 12/24/1893, H-25, 22
Isaac, Susanah E.: Harvey/ --- Ward, FW16, 7/1/1883, H-24, 23
Ives, Henry: George/ --- Hencock, MW58, 4/8/1900, H-26, 39



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