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Supplemental Marriage Records, 1882-1900~U-V

To the left you will find links to the information found in the WPA supplemental marriage index. The information is listed in this order: Bride or groom's name, father's name/ mother's name, sex, race, age at next birthday, date of marriage, book, page. Typed by Marsha Bryant.

Ude, Anna: Fred/ Friedrich Theng, FW23, 10/10/1900, H-26, 43
Uhde, Friederika: Fred/ Fredrika Thorne, FW23, 9/21/1899, H-26, 33
Ullmann, Emannel: Henry/ Julian Schabs: MW71, 8/5/1884, H-24, 42
Ulmanie, Henry: Emanuel/ sophia Schulz, MW28, 11/26/1882, H-24, 13
Ulrich, Henry: Herman/ E. Lochr, MW20, 8/13/1883, H-24, 24
Ulrich, Peter: H./ E. Lochr, MW23, 4/8/1888, H-24, 99
Utterage, Bertie B.: Charles/ Marria Saberton, FW21, 12/16/1896, H-26, 12
Utterage, Ella M.: Charles/ ---Sabaston, FW30, 2/28/1894, H-25, 24
Valx, Daropha: Henry/ Rosena ---, FW22, 11/26/1882, H-24, 13
Van, Lizzie: William/ ---, FW18, 7/3/1884, H24, 40
Van, William: William W./ Elsie Ferguson, MW22, 12/14/1893, H-25, 22
Vanada, Charles H.: G. H./--- Caswell, MW-, 1/1/1896, H-26, 1
Vanada, Lucy A.: Solomon/ Nancy Bristow, FW22, 11/5/1884, H-24, 46
Vanbabber, Eliga A.: A. J./ Elizabeth A. Dencher, FW21, ---, H-24, 93
Vanbabier, Ethel: Albert/ Ann Suter, FW19, 9/18/1900, H-26, 41
Vanderscher, Susan E.: Charles/ --- Alberts, FW25, 10/10/1892, H-25, 12
Vanderschior, C Francis.: Charles/ Barbara Alberts, FW32, 7/22/1895, H-25, 38
Vandersehier, Casherine: Carol/ Barbra Alberts, FW35, 4/18/1898, H-26, 27
Vandever, Martha E.: William/ Mary Smith, FW20, 4/17/1895, H-25, 35
Vann, Estella: Clay/ Ruth Lockwood, FW18, 2/19/1899, H-26, 29
Vann, Jane: William/ Elsie Ferguson, FW20, 3/26/1890, H-24, 125
Vann, John A.: William W./ Elcey Ferguson, MW23, 3/17/1887, H-24, 68
Vannada, George S.: Solomom/ Nancy Brisco, MW22, -/-/1887, H-24, 83
Vannada, Josephine: Martin L./ Elizabeth Harpole, FW29, 12/6/1882, H-24, 14
Vanness, Gididian: John/ S. Burt, MW22, 6/10/1884, H-24, 39
Vanoy, Minnie: John/ Melvina Keggs, FW17, 17, 12/10/1897, H-26, 9
Vanwinkle, Alexander: Alexander/ Alizabeth Green, MW28, 10/23/1899, H-26, 35
Vanwinkle, Mary: Alexander/ Elizabeth Green, FW17, 2/14/1889, H-24, 109
Vanwinkle, Van: Alexander/ Elizabeth Green, MW22, 12/9/1886, H-24, 80
Varner, Kitty: James/ Mandy Rhelnes, FW25, 5/15/1895, H-25, 37
Veck, Bena: Peter/ Catharine Seitz, FW28, 12/5/1893, H-25, 22
Veck, Catherina: Peter/ Catheria Seitz, FW38, 1/14/1887, H-24, 81
Veech, Augusta: Christian/ Matilda Yeargens, FW34, 2/4/1886, H-24, 66
Veeck, Clara L.: Phillip/ Helena Roth, FW22, 2/8/1896, 31
Veeck, Emma: N./ J. Nonweiler, FW26, 6/11/1888, H-24, 101
Veeck, John: Peter/ Kate Seitz, MW40, 9/9/1886, H-24, 75
Veeck, John W.: John/ Caroline Hepp, MW38, 2/7/1889, H-24, 108
Veeck, Lillie: Nis/ Agusta Larger, FW19, 12/26/1897, H-26, 20
Veeck, Phillip: Nick/ Bena Nonwiler, MW35, 12/23/1886, H-24, 79
Veeck, William: Nick/ Caroline Gerhard, MW23, 9/1/1897, H-26, 16
Veeck, William L.: Nicholas/ Rena Nonweiler, MW24, 10/17/1900, H-26, 43
Verges, T. H.: Fred/ ---, MW25, 8/9/1888, H-24, 102
Vicks, Senna: F. D./ S. Kelley, FW19, 1/8/1890, H-24, 122
Victor, Mary A.: J. L./ Mary Mackle, FW38, 12/10/1900, H-26, 45
Vincent, Chas C.: W. S./ --- Polk, MW32, 12/3/1891, H-25, 5
Vincent, Dollie: Jube/ --- Cox, FW23, 11/30/1893, H-25, 23
Vincent, James W.: John/ M. J. Motgomery, MW43, 6/23/1891, H-24, 143
Vinninger, Chas: John/ --- Kuzoltney, MW32, 9/8/1892, H-25, 11
Vitito Evert W.: Francis M./ Rhoda M. Clark, MW23, 12/3/1899, H-26, 36
Vogal, Henry: William/ Mariah Lamb, MW22, 1/24/1893, H-25, 15
Vogt, Henry: Charles/ --- Pringston, MW23, 9/30/1900, H-26, 42
Voiles Lizzie: J. V. Voiles/ N. A. Stephenson, FW18, 11/10/1900, H-26, 44
Vorner, William: A./ Barkeny Calnes, --29, 5/15/1895, H-25, 37
Vote, Malinda: Isaac/ --- Taylor, FW23, 10/18/1896, H-26, 8
Vote, Margret E.: Daniel/ Sarrah Sevars, FW19, 10/20/1882, H-24, 12
Vote, Olive: Isaac/ Caroline Taylor, FW22, 7/21/1888, H-24, 101
Vouderchin, Emma: George/ B. Elbert, FW17, 11/10/1884, H-24, 46
Vought, Lida A.: Frances E./ Nancy Hall, FW25, 9/30/1899, H-26, 36
Voyle, Joseph Levi: J. V./ Nancy A. Stephenson, MW23, 12/3/1893, H-25, 23
Voyles, Levi: Levi/ Nancy A. Crow, FW18, 10/22/1883, H-24, 29
Voyles, Levi: Levi/ Nancy Crow, MW25, 2/20/1886, H-24, 66
Voyles, Thomas: J. V./ --- Stevenson, MW23, 1/24/1896, H-26, 2
Voyles, Tolbert L.: Levi/ --- Crow, MW20, 10/2/1892, H-25, 12
Voyles, Hannah: Levi/ Nancy Crow, FW18, 3/19/1882, H-24, 3
Voyles, Sallie: A./ ---, FW19, 1/12/1884, H-24, 33



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