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Misc. Regiments

Warrick Civil War Ancestors that served in Regiments other than Warrick County Regiments

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Arnold, William F. 
26th IN Inf., Co B

Baker, Thomas   
12th Ky Cav., Co. H 

Barnes, George W. QTM  
IN, Co. L died Nov 14 1865 

Bell, C B 
Co F 135th IN Inf.

Benton, Mark Sr. 
Co H 44 Reg IN Inf. 1822-1901

Blesch, William  
Co G 44 IN.

Booth, Corp. Charles A.  
Co B, Ohio, Co D, Mich. 1846-1892

Bond, Henry  
Co. B 59 IN. Inf. 89

Briody, Peter  (also known as Brady) Company B, 9th Illinois Infantry Regiment, 8/31/1831 - 10/30/1892

Brown, J. T.      91st Indiana Infantry, born in Russell county KY 1830, resident of Warrick county, died 24 Aug 1864 in Chattanooga TN, Buried in Chattanooga National Cemetery, Wife was Clara Ann Turpin Brown  Janice Schuette

Bruce, James R. 
42nd IN Inf., CO H

Bunch, Jackson 
60th IN Inf.

Burkhart, Jacob 

Carney, John R  
136th IN Inf., Co. I 

Carlisle, Francis M  
42nd IN Inf., Co D b. Aug 11 1844 d. May 2, 1922 buried: Folsomville Odd Fellows Cem. Paul Barnett

Cavitt, S D  
29 IN Inf.

Collins, Shelby 
10th IN Inf., Co F

Cook, Frederick  
63rd Inf., Co. C., Private
5/1/62 Res: Haubstadt, IN, Disc: Indianapolis, May 6, 1865, 17 yrs. Mustered Out
5/3/65, Promoted: Corp. Robert B. Cook

Cooksey, George 
14th IN Inf., Co. H

Cooper, J. N. 
91st IN Inf., Co. B

Cox, J. N.  
12th KY Cav. Co. D

Crenshaw, William Levi 
12th KY Vol., Co. D Geri C. DeMoss

Crook, James Wyatt, Pvt.  
25th Regt., IN. Vol. Inf., Co. E., Tim Dake

Crow, Tolbert  
42 IN. Inf., Co D

Day, Truman Capt. 
4th U C Colored Inf. White Captain of these troops

Devinney, Aaron B. 
Co. B 91st Inf., Enlisted 16 Aug. 1862, Corporal, Killed in action 15 Dec. 1864 at Nashville, TN
Buried in Nashville Nat. Cem. Brenda Hope Dahlberg

Dimmett, James C. 
24th MO Vol. Inf., Co. H 

Douthitt, James Harvey Rev. 1832-1917.  He was a Sergeant in the 8th Kentucky Cavalry

Dukes, J. W.  
65th IN Inf., Co. F

Ellis, Sylvester, Pvt. 
Co. E, 25th, Mustered In: 9/26/1864
Mustered Out: 6/6/1865
Residence: Dale, Spencer County Jerry D McConnell 

Evans, James M. 
91st Ind Reg Co E Sandy McBeth

Farr, Frank 
10th IN Cav., Co. A

Feagley, Samuel 
44th IN Inf., Co. D

Foster, William M.
Co B 37 IN Vol

Garrison, John P. 
42 In Inf., Co D. Sharon P. Shafer

Garrison, William H.  
42nd Ind Inf. Co. D Sharon P. Shafer

Gentry, Jehu 
12th KY Cav. Co. D 

Gentry, John 
12th KY Cav. Co. D 

Gilland, L. C. 
1st IN Cav., Co. B

Gordner, August
Pvt. 4th IN Inf.

Green, Edwin 
5th KY Cav., Co. B

Greer, Richard Marion 
1st IN Reg., According
to family records he was killed in the war. John Greer

Greer, William Jasper  
91st IN Inf., Brother to Richard Greer John Greer

Griffith, Chesterfield 
109th KY Inf., Co E

Grimes, James  
10th IN Cav., Co. M. Enlisted in Dubois Co, IN Jerri Houston

Harden, Harrison
Co D 24 IN Vol.

Harris, Granville
5th KY Cav., Co. F 

Hart, Joshua Jackson 
42 In Inf., Co D Sharon P. Shafer

Heimroth, Julius 
Co H 44 Third Inf.

Heuring, Fredrick Augustus  
25th Inf.  listed as a staff officer along with the Colonel, Lt. Colonel, Major, Surgeon, Adjutant, etc. John Heuring

Holder, Lorenzo W. 
Co B 91 IN Vol.

Holley, William R., Pvt.  
Dec 1, 1861, 1st IN Cav., Co. B  Hurt when a mule fell on him. Marsha Bryant

Hornback, Allen B., 1st Lt.  
4th Regt. IN Legion Shirley Hornbeck

Hornback, Isaac H.  
Capt. Thomas Walker's Company  Shirley Hornbeck

Hornback, Nathaniel  Pvt. 
 Co. K, 12 Regt. KY Cav. Shirley Hornbeck

Holder, Austin Dallas 
136 IN Inf., Co. I, Enrolled Newburgh 5-7-1864 Ellen Keller

Holder, James P.  
136 IN Inf., Co. I, Pvt., Newburgh 5-7-1864 - Co F Ellen Keller

Holder, James W. 
143 IN Inf., Co F, Pvt.  Enrolled Evansville 1-25-1865 Ellen Keller

Hudson, William H. 
120th IN Vol., Co. K 

Hunt, John W. 
120 In Infantry, Co. D  Sharon P. Shafer

Hunt, Joshua Jackson 
42nd  IN Inf., Co. D  Sharon P. Shafer

Hurley, Eli, Sgt.  
12 KY Cav. Co. H 

Hurt, Gillington
12th IN Inf.,  Co. F 

Husk, William J. 
Co. B, KY

Isaacks, Joseph
143 IN. Inf., Co. D Darlene

Jackson, J A. 
Co A 42nd IN Inf

Jordon, A. H. 
65th IN Inf., Co A

Kearney, W. E. 
12 Ky Cav., Co H

Keith, W. J. Sgt.  
25th IN Vol.

Sparkman Kennon
65th Inf. Co. A
8-20-1862 (lived in Posey Co. at the time), disc.  6-22-1865
buried Maple Grove Cem. - Michele

Kohlmeyer, Fred L. 
Veteran, Civil War, Private Co B Indiana 22nd Regiment enrolled 17 Nov 1864 Honorably discharged 10 June 1865. Contacted small pox while enlisted resulting in loss of hearing and vision. Linda

Kinder, Charles M  
143rd IN Inf.,  Vol, Co D

Kinkade, Elias T. 
42nd Reg. IN, Vol., Co. B Copies of original documents click here
Tamara Kinkaide

Lamar, Samuel S. 
1st IN Cavalry, Co. F Served from Aug 20, 1861 until Jun 2, 1863 Bridget Delavan

Lampton, William A. 
Co. B 27th Kentucky Mounted Infantry, moved to Lane township, buried in Log Creek Cemetery Michael Lampton

Michael Lampton

Lance, Uren 
12th IN Inf.,  Co. F

Lee, William 
Co F 35th IN Inf

Leslie, William, Pvt
Co. D, 42nd Regiment of Indiana Volunteers. Mustered in October 1861, died January 26, 1862 of Typhoid Fever contracted while on duty in Kentucky.  He is buried in Shiloh Cemetery, Boonville, Indiana -Judy Lasley Cundiff

Lewis, Charles 
42nd IN Inf.,  Co. H Age 27 Yrs 1 Mth 16 Days Died in Nashville Tn Mar 29, 1862

Likins, Silvester 
146th IN. Inf., Co. K Enlisted: Feb 8, 1865, Disc: Aug 31, 1865 Dodie

Long, William 
18th Inf., Co. D

Lowe, S. T., Musician 
42nd IN Inf.

Marshall, Robert    enlisted in the Indiana 143rd Regiment CO F. 1-30-1865, I have his enlistment paper, and a picture of his civil war badge and his company muster roll.  Bea Porter

Masters, James H, Capt.  
42nd IN Inf.

Masters, Thomas N. Pvt. 
65th IN Inf.

Mathews, John  
120th IN Inf.,  Co. F

Matthews, Nathan Sgt.
53rd IN Inf., Co D 

Miller, Emery 
1st IN Cavalry

Miller, Thomas 
60th IN Inf., Co. G

McAfee, William 
6th MD Inf., Co D

McCarty, David D. 
54 Reg. KY, 9 Vol. Co. D 

McLaughlin, Daniel 
91st IN Inf. Co E/F 

Monroe, David 
91st IN Inf., Co B

Montgomery, Hiram
1st IN Cav, Co G

Montgomery, S.
38th IN Inf., Co F 

Moore, Jackson
143rd IN Inf., Co D

O'Connel, John
19th Army, Co A

Perigo, Virgil, QM Sgt. 
KY Cav., CO D 

Peyton, Elijah
53rd IN Inf., Co. D Karen Fancher

Powell, William
13th IN. Cav,  Co L John W. Powell

Raibourn, Richard N.
7 IL Inf., Co. B, Corp. Holly V.

Raibourn, William Thomas
7th IL Co. B Vol. Inf., Sgt. Son of Richard N. Raibourn Holly V.

Richle, John M.
143 IN, Co A

Riggs, George M 
Special Service

Riley, Isaac
Co G 143 IN. Inf.

Ritchey, George Monroe
14th Reg. IN Vol.,  Co H Killed In Battle Antietam Sept 17 1862

Rivers, Eli S
89 IN Inf.,  Co D

Robertson, Hiram L.
Co. H 17th Ky. Cav. Kay Anne Peake

Samples, John E
27 Reg. Ky Vol., CO B 

Shelby, W H, Pvt.
42nd IN Inf., Co H

Shull, J C 
6th TN Cav., Co H

Simpson, B. T. 
42nd IN Inf., CO D

Skaggs, F. M
4th IN Inf., Co K

Skelton, Robert Scales
63rd Inf., Co. C, Pvt.
5/1/62 disc: wounds, no date Res: Haubstadt, IN  Rob Woods

Smith, William 
17 KY Inf., Co F 

Smith, William H
60th IN Inf.,  Co B

Sprinkle, David W
136th IN Inf.,  Co I

St. Clair, George R.
33rd Reg't IN Inf. on Apr 13, 1865 at Evansville, 20 years old
Enlisted: Nov 7 1862 in Co. K 12th KY Cav. - discharged Oct 5, 1864 -  Camp Nelson KY. He died Aug 16 1927, buried - Mt. Home National Cemetery Lee S. Loos

Stevens, John S.
b. Nov 9, 1845 d. Jan 24, 1924, 78 yrs 2 mo 15 days, Co. B. 1st TN, Cal.

Stewart, G W
Co F 135th IN Inf 

Thompson, Ezekial 
146th IN Inf., Co G

Thornburgh, Alexander Scott
Enrolled 21 Jul 1866, Co I; 136 Inf. volunteers, Pvt Co D; 143 regiment, IN volunteers, died 16 Jul 1915, Cherokee Co., KS Jennie Wright

Tremper, David Rusk
Co D 25th IN Inf.

Trisler, George W., Pvt.
Co. I, 18th Reg't, (that is Co i)
Indiana Infantry
Born: July 8, 1835 in Jessamine County Kentucky
Died: April 5, 1922 in Pawhuska, Osage County, Oklahoma Tina (Trisler) Gilbert

Tuley, Jacob, Pvt.
Co. E, 25th, Enlisted: 8/19/61
Mustered out: 8/19/64
Res.: Gentryville, Spencer Co. Jerry D McConnell

Vannoy, John R.
Co H 11th KY Inf.

Vote, Isaac
65th IN Inf.,  Co H

Walden, Martin
Co E 43 IN Inf.

Waldin, H J
Co F 143 IN Inf.

Walker, Meredith Peter
Co. B 42nd IN Inf.

Watson, Hayden
42nd IN Inf., co. C

Watson, Samuel Henderson
Co. C 42nd IN Inf. 

Watters, James
Co. K 58th IN Inf.

West, Major
1st Ridge 3rd Brigade Vol, IN Co. F.

West, Martin V.
1st Ridge 3rd Brigade Vol, IN Co. F.

Westfall, George M., Pvt.
53rd IN Inf.

Whitney, Charles Wesley
Co. D 143rd on Feb 4, 1865, Charles died Apr 16, 1865,  Murfreesburo Tn. Buried: Nat. Battlefield Cem. Whitney

Wilcox, William R.
42nd IN  Inf. Co. D, on Sep 9, 1861, Mustered out on Jul 21, 1865, Corp. Nell Wilcox

Wilhelmus, Otto
58 Ind. Inf. Debby Rex

Wilkinson, James W.
65th IN Inf.

Williams, Henry
Co F 136 Reg.





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