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53rd Infantry, Co. I

The following are men that served in this regiment.  We are fortunate to have Cathy Meek and Gene Young as  lookup volunteers for this Regiment. The book,  "To the Mountain of Fire and Beyond, The Fifty-Third Indiana Regiment from Corinth to Glory" by Garland (Gus) A. Haas, has information on each soldier.

Additional information on this unit taken from "The History Of Warrick County" page 51.

Following this roster is a list of soldiers in the 53rd buried in Shiloh Cemetery.

Barth, Peter

Bates, George W.

Bozer, Solomon 

Carse, Drummond 

Clutter, Strowder G., Pvt.

Conner, Samuel

Crow, Samuel

Crowder, James R.

Curry, William W. Chaplain

Davis, Solomon Surgeon

Davis, Sylvester M. Quartermaster

Dillingham, Charles H. Capt. Dave D. Wiltshire

Dukate, John S. Asst. Surgeon

Duncan, Henry Lt. Col.

Ellis, Hiram

Fabrique, Andrew H. Maj. 

Fuller, Benjamin, 1st. Lt.

Gilpatrick, Beverly, Pvt.
From Perry County Shirley Colvin

Gerhard, William Sgt.

Ginno, Charles 

Gresham, Walter Q. Gen.

Haas, William

Harger, William

Hart, Amos

Hoagland, George S.

Hoagland, John S., Asst. Surgeon

Horner, Jacob S. Surgeon

Hotchkiss, John

Hudson, James A. Adjutant

Ikard, James S.

Jones, William Col. 

Julian, John W. Chaplain

Keith, James A. Sgt.

Maj. Keith, Nicholas

Knight, John S.

Knowlton, Abner

Korb, Peter

Lacer, Solomon V 

Lang, Henry

Lankford, William S., Capt.

Laslie, Boone

Lee, James

Leach, Thomas W. 
enl. Jan 11, 1862, Killed in Atlanta Bonnie Allen

Lowe, Jonathan S. Lt.

Mann, Conrad

Martin, Roger Lt. Col. 

Martin, William Chaplain 

Marts, William
Died in camp near Grand Junction, TN of pneumonia on Jun 19, 1862. Gene Young

Matthews, Nathan Lt.
Buried in Mt. Gilead Cem. 

McDaniel, John W. 

McGrain, Thomas Jr. Maj.

McLaughlin, Samuel F.

Meece, Edward W.

Mills, Israel 

Milner, Isaac N. Asst. Surgeon 

Moore, James 

Neeves, Fernando Duncan

Nonweiler, Phillip Cpl.

Perigo, Romney 

Perkins, Henry C. Adjutant

Raisch, William H. 

Rose, Madison H. Surgeon 

Rowe, Albert 

Scearce, James W. Adjutant

Seavers, Solomon 

Shaul, Moses Sgt.

Shephard, George

Shierneister, Frederick

Sims, James

Slaughter, Robert C., Surgeon

Slaughter, William

Small, Benjamin F. Cpl. 

Strain, James
Enlisted Jan 9, 1862 in Boonville. He served time in the stretcher corps

Stroud, Samuel A. Cpl.

Sutton, Nathaniel

Taylor, Nicholas
Husband of Martha Taylor

Taylor, Norman Lt.

Thomas, George Quartermaster

Tilman, James H.

Todd, Henry G. Asst. Surgeon

Milton Trisler
enl. Dec 4, 1861

Vestal, Warner L. Col. 

Vincent, Thomas 

Westfall, Arnold

Westfall, George M.

White, David T., Lt.
Died at the battle of Kennesaw Mountain, GA on Jun 27, 1864 Jane Stewart

White, John T. Capt.

Whittinghill, Benjamin F.

Wiliams, John

Wilkinson, Isaac Taylor, Pvt.
enlisted Feb 2, 1864 Cliff Rullmann

Wilkinson, Robert N.

Williams, Gersham P Sgt.. 

Wilson, Wesley 

Below are 53rd Indiana Volunteer Infantry Personnel Interred at Shiloh National Cemetery submitted by Walt Lambert
[d.o.d.= Date of Death]
[O.I.= Original Interment]
They were ordered to Savannah on 15 March 1862
53rd Regiment Volunteer Infantry was organized at New Albany and Indianapolis Indiana 19 February through 6 March 1862.

Alexander, George W. Private, Co K, d.o.d. 14 April 1862, Section N Grave 3322, O.I. vic. Savannah, Tennessee. [shows ILL. on stone]

Cooper, William S. Private, Co C, d.o.d. 10 May 1862, Lot4, Section A, Grave 1228, O.I. Pittsburgh Landing and Corinth Road.

Kepler, James K.P. Private, Co C, d.o.d. 27 May 1862, Section F, Grave 1408, O.I. Savannah, Tennessee.

Lacer, Solomon Private, Co E, d.o.d. 23 March 1862, Section M, Grave 2891, O.I. Savannah, Tennessee.

Piers, Thomas Private, Co E, d.o.d. [no date given], Section N, Grave 3296, O.I. Savannah, Tennessee.

Porter, S.L. Private, Co F, d.o.d. 3 April 1865 [or 1862], Section N, Grave 3300, O.I. Savannah, Tennessee.

Ripperdon, Harlon Private, Co B, d.o.d. 13 April 1862, Section N, Grave 3323, O.I. vic. Savannah, Tennessee.

Rykman, V.W. Private, Co A, d.o.d. 11 May 1862, Section N, Grave 3299, O.I. Savannah, Tennessee.

Townsend, James J. Co C, 1st Sgt, d.o.d. 1 April 1862, Section F, Grave 1364, O.I. Savannah, Tennessee.

Wiggins, George W. Private, Co A, d.o.d. 23 April 1862, Section M, Grave 2835, O.I. Savannah, Tennessee.



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