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Marriage Records, 1813-1900 ~ XYZ

These marriage records came from many different sources: "Warrick County Marriages 1813-1859" by Kay Lant & Kathryn Freels (used by permission), the court records index, the WPA Supplemental Marriage Index and others. Page numbers were used when the date was not shown. These records will not be corrected. 

Images were provided by Virginia Aldridge.

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Groom/Bride/Date or Page Number

Yarber, William
Dugan, Nancy Emily
Feb 29, 1856

Yearman, Henry
Bleckman, Rosina
Jun 24, 1857

York, Tommy Jeremiah
Cockram, Susannah
Jan 6, 1843

York, William
Bryant, Elvira Margaret
Jan 7, 1847

Young, Jonathen
Carter, Dorcas Ann
Jan 20, 1857

Young, Andrew - Robertson (Robbards), Letha, Dec 2, 1818 image 1, 2

Young, August
Kurnz, Amelia
May 17, 1869 

Young, Austin
Gee, Samantha 
Oct 11, 1869

Young, Alvis
Dean, Jesse
Dec 1, 1875

Young, Carl
Houghland, Lyda 
Sep 1896

Young, Fielden
Gander, Catherine M 
Aug 27 1882 

Young, Franklin
Spradley, Luticia
Feb 20 1874

Young, Franklin
Lankford, Amanda 
Sep 22 1888

Young, George
Hines, Ritty F
Jun 20 1897

Young, Harrison
Briant, Delilah
Aug 25, 1836

Young, Jacob
Pagett, Hannah E.
Aug 29, 1860

Young, John
Behagg, Ann
Jun 26, 1836

Young, Joseph
Wingate, Ellen
Feb 15, 1854

Young, Joseph M.
Risley, Sarah A
Jan 16, 1885

Young, Levi R./T.
Sirrels, Fannie
Feb 16, 1890

Young, William
Phelps, Elizabeth J.
Mar 6, 1855

Youngblood, Albert M.
Perigo, Elizabeth
Dec 5, 1858

Youngblood, Andrew
Collins, Martha Ellen
May 14, 1871

Youngblood, Charles L.
Bullock, Melinda Ann
Jun 12, 1853

Youngblood, Ephraim
Jones, Mary (Polly)
Jan 20, 1828

Youngblood, Ephraim
Miller, Mary
Jul 31, 1844

Youngblood, James W.
Broshears, Marie
Mar 23, 1843

Youngblood, John
Musgraves, Ann
Sep 20, 1815

Youngblood, Samuel M.
Purdue, Elenor
Oct 11, 1837

Youngblood, Thomas B. (Baker?)
Hinman, Rachel E.
Jul or Dec 29, 1847

Youngblood, Thomas B.
Osborn, Mary Ann
May 26, 1853

Youngblood, William B.
Patten, Mary Ann
Nov 19, 1853

Youngblood, Willis
Ingram, Betsey
Nov 13, 1839 no return

Youngblood, Willis
Frame, Jane
Mar 26, 1840

Youngblood, Willis
Wilcox, Mary Jane
Jan 29, 1850

Youngblood, Willis
Wilcox, Nancy
Feb 19, 1851

Youngs, Horton W.
Hunsaker, Mary
Nov 15, 1836

Zimmerman, Frederick
Lauder, Margaret M.
Nov 20, 1890

Zimmerman, Luke T.
Eskew, Susan
Jan 2, 1856

Zimmerman, Samuel
Clinton, Letticia
Sep 5, 1842

Zint, George A.
Parke, Sarah Catherine
May 20, 1896



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