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Marriage Records, 1813-1900 ~ U-V

These marriage records came from many different sources: "Warrick County Marriages 1813-1859" by Kay Lant & Kathryn Freels (used by permission), the court records index, the WPA Supplemental Marriage Index and others. Page numbers were used when the date was not shown. These records will not be corrected. 

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Groom/Bride/Date or Page Number

Uhde, Christian
Korte, Anna 
Apr 28 1879

Uhde, Christian F.
Peter, Christina
Aug 16, 1849

Uhde, Friedrich  
Thene, Friedrike
Dec 1 1872


Ulman, Henry
Owen, Mary E.

Ulrich, Henry
Keller, Christene
Aug 13, 1883

Underwood, William
Williams, Emmeline
Jul 13, 1839 no return

Upham, John
Dickerson, Tempy
Feb 7, 1819

Upham, John
Mitchell, Polly
Apr 13, 1845

Van, Joseph
Brown, Levicy
Dec 16, 1832

Van, Joseph R.
Rhoades, Elizabeth
Dec 10, 1840

Vanada, Lafayette
Hanson, Alis
Jul 2, 1879

Vanbibber, Jonathan
Phillips, Polly
Jan 23, 1834

Vandeventer, Absolem
Hufman, Mary Ellen
Jul 25, 1846

Vandusen, Miles
James, Jamina
May 5, 1850

Vann, Henry C.
Lockwood, Ruth A.
Oct 18, 1877

Vann, William E.
Carney, Ellen
Mar 22, 1855

Vann, William W.
Ferguson, Elsey C.
Mar 27, 1859 

Vannada, Martin L.
Harpole, Elizabeth
May 3, 1838

Vanwinkle, Ezekiel
Bruner, Elizabeth
Mar 20, 1851

Varies, William C.
Hadley, Sarah Ann 
Mar 16 1848

Cyrus A.
Beach, Julian 
Jun 05, 1839

Veck, John
Hepp, Caroline
Mar 9, 1848

Veck, Nichol
Nonweiler, Jacobina
Nov 15, 1849

Veeck, Nicholas L.
Gerhard, Caroline
Apr 17, 1874

Veteto, Frances Marion
Clark, Rhoda M.
Apr 12, 1874

Vick, Peter
Sides, Catarine
May 16, 1845

Vickers, John
Barnnet, Hannah
Aug 7, 1817

Vincent, Garrison
Severs, Sarah Ann
Apr 15, 1847

Vincent, John
Montgomery, Mary Jane
Nov 7, 1844

Vincent, Jubel
Hinman, Louisa
Sep 14, 1854

Vincent, Thomas J.
Brown, Mary Jane
Dec 21, 1856

Vincent, William W.
Polk, Harriet
Aug 12, 1852

Volle, Ernst
Fisher, Wilhelemina
Aug 12, 1852

Vote, Daniel
Garrison, Sarah Jane
Dec 21, 1851

Vote, Daniel
Barnet, Rachel
Aug 14, 1845

Voyles, Levi
Crow, Nancy
Oct 27, 1849



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