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St. Clair, James L. & James S.

as compiled by Carol Mathieson

James L and James S St Clair, son of Hardin St Clair and Martha James.

After carefully reviewing census records I believe they are the same person. The 1880 census states James L St Clair age 3 mos, census dated 8 Jun 1880. This James, therefore, was born in Mar 1880. The 1900 census states James S St Clair age 18, born Mar 1882. When I studied the 1880 census the "L" is written exactly the same way as "S" by the census taker. Therefore, I think it's James S St Clair 3 months old, born Mar 1880. The difference in birth years between the two census records is what threw me. However, I have learned not to take information on census records literally concerning dates of birth and ages. Too many discrepancies. In my mind, James birth year was changed from 1880 to 1882 for some unknown reason.

I found a James St Clair living in Chaffee, Missouri who was the informant on George Washington St Clair's death certificate. George was also living in Chaffee at the time of his death. The death certificate lists George's parents as Dock St Clair and Martha James. 1910 Census finds James St Clair living in Chaffee married to Emily.

Also: I have made contact with another St Clair descendent. It seems there were two Hardin/Harden St Clairs living about the same time in Indiana. One is my Hardin, the son of Henry and Lucinda, born about 1845 in Warrick Co. I believe this Hardin married Martha James.

There was also a Harden Sinclair/St Clair, son of James M Sinclair and Sarah Jane Kellems born about 1855 who is found in 1870 census, 15 years old, living with his parents in Patoka, Crawford, Indiana. My Hardin is living in Warrick Co in 1870 census with his wife Martha and their infant daughter Eliza. Hardin and Martha moved from Warrick County to Knox County between 1870 and 1880.

I have found many trees and other mentions of Hardin St Clair on other websites, including Findagrave.com that have these two Hardin/Hardens mixed up. I have not been able to find anything that states Harden Sinclair/St Clair was ever in Warrick or Knox Co. To make matters more complicated, I have found several marriage records for Hardin St Clair.

1. Hardin m. Martha James 3 Sep 1868 Warrick Co (Hardin's name was transcribed Martin)
2. Hardin m. Jane Reel 21 Mar 1901 Knox Co
3. Hardin m Sarah Ellen (Like) Wilson 6 Mar 1902 Knox Co. Groom's father: Henry St Clair
4. Hardin m Sarah F (Clark) King 23 Jun 1906 Scott Co, Missouri. Note: Hardin's sons George W , Henry Butler and James S are living in Scott County as well. George W St Clair died in 1922 in Chaffee, Scott Co, Missouri as stated above with his brother James as his informant.

I find it difficult to believe the last three marriages are all to the same man. Although it is definitely possible. Sarah Ellen and Sarah F are found in 1910 census records as widows. Annulments? Or divorced and representing themselves as widows, common back then I think.

I have not been able to determine what happened to either Hardin St Clair or Harden Sinclair.

One more note: Henry St Clair's son James, uncle to the James mentioned above, is found in household of James and [Talitha] Jane Hart in 1900 census. James is listed as a widow and cousin in the household. Also living in the household is John L St Clair, Jane's son from her first marriage to John W St Clair who died in the civil war. John W St Clair was the son of Nathaniel St Clair and Sidney Mills. James Hart was the son of Rev Henry Thomas Hart and Margaret St Clair. How Margaret, Nathaniel and Henry St Clair are related is unknown to me. I am still trying to straighten them all out.

I would be very grateful for any information or opinion you have that may shed any light on this family. I'm always looking for more new tips and clues. I hope you don't mind me bouncing these thoughts off of you. If there are any records you would like to review on any of these individuals or other's in Henry and Lucinda's family, please let me know. I will be happy to send them to you.



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1900 Census

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