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Sprinkle, Darby, Norwood

Submitted by Tamara Kincaide

The year 1818 JOHN SPRINKLE obtained the title to 205 acres of land in Newburgh Which he had surveyed and laid out in lots. One lot sold for $35.00 to JOHN DARBY who was married to ELIZABETH SPRINKLE the daughter of JOHN.

The DARBY lot consisted of space for a home for the couple and a building to suit the needs of MR. DARBY who was the Justice of the Peace and a gunsmith. JOHN DARBY and ELIZABETH had two children JOHN H. and LOUISIANNA DARBY. LOUISIANNA married W. P. NORWOOD a steamboat captain and prominent in the firm of NORWOOD & TAYLOR Wharf boat operators. The NORWOOD'S built a home on the lot with her parents.

MRS. NORWOOD remained there her entire life some 20 years after the death of her father, His home and shop was then removed for a better view to the OHIO River.

When she passed her four children inherited the property and in 1913 HARRY DARBY the great grandson purchased the lot from her children.

In 1918 he sold the property ending 100 years of JOHN SPRINKLE descendants ownership. In 1928 he repurchased the land until 1944 when he sold it to the postmaster of Newburgh JAMES COX.



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