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Submitted by Tamara Kincaide

In answer to your inquiry, I will say that I was born May 11, 1848 about six miles south of Polk Patch, now Selvin, Warrick County, Indiana and for more than thirty years of my life I lived within Polk Patch and for the remainder of my life I have lived in knowing distance of this little town and I was intimately acquainted with the old people of this community in my early life and I never heard during that time any mention of any fort being built there neither was there any fort there in my time. As to say the Lincoln's went on their way to Illinois I will say that about 1882 I bought a horse from JOHN BATES who lives in the neighborhood of where the LINCOLN CITY now stands and after taking that horse home he got out and went back and COLL GASAWAY and I went after him and we found the horse it being late in the afternoon MR. JOHN CHINN who at that time lived in the old LINCOLN house then where the town of LINCOLN CITY now stands He and I being very acquainted in our boyhood days insisted on us staying over night with him which we did and during the evening he said that was the house of Lincoln lived in. That night some of his neighbors came over and stayed until late bed time and some of the principal topics were the Lincoln's and they all seem to know Lincoln and the Lincoln family and they told many interesting things to me concerning ABRAHAM LINCOLN and during the time the question was asked by MR. GASAWAY which way the LINCOLN'S went when they moved to Illinois and MR. CHINN said that they went by JONES STORE which stood three fourths mile west of where Gentryville now stands and continued west on the Corydon and Boonville road which ran west by way of what is now Folsomville and from there to Boonville they say he went north to what now is Lynnville and on to Vincennes. This was the general talk among those present that night we stayed there, for ABRAHAM LINCOLN was in his boyhood days acquainted with these men and now had moved west and now had been in congress and they talked of it as if what a boy could do by going west. They told of many things of ABE LINCOLN in his school days in that community which was very interesting to me. I give this as not only what I heard that night but afterwards I lived at Loafers Station on this Boonville and Corydon road about six miles south of Selvin and I also in that community heard the old people say the LINCOLN'S went west to Boonville on this Corydon and Boonville road. And I will further say that I never in all my life heard anybody at Selvin or Polk Patch say the Lincolns went that way when he moved to Illinois.



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