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Perigo, Romey

Submitted by Sharon Shafer

It was written by Irvin E. Perigo for the Perigo Reunion, Lincoln City Park, September 20, 1936. This story also appeared in one of the local newspapers.  Romey Perigo was my 4xgrgrandfather.

The early history of our family is so full of romance & adventure that it is quite as interesting as many a story told of the early pioneers of America.

To many of us, the tales we've heard of the first Perigo, whose name was Romey, are more or less a legend.

The first we know of Romey Perigo was when he was a boy in France, and about 6 or 7 years of age. One day Romey's mother left him to take care of his baby brother for awhile. Romey, becoming tired of his task, accidentally turned over the cradle. Fearing that he would be severely punished for his carelessness, the boy ran away. Just where he wandered or what he did is not known, but not long after he left his home, Romey was picked up by some French sailors who were preparing to sail for America. The boy was unable to tell them anything of himself, except that his name was Romey Perigo. They brought him along with them from France to America.

We do not know much of the history of Romey from the time of his sailing for America, but it is known that he was cared for by someone in Maryland until he was about 18 years of age. Romey then went to Kentucky, later moving to Indiana - the home for most Perigos. While still young, this first Perigo, Romey, was married to Rhoda Hinman. To this union three children were born. Ezekial was the oldest and was born in 1802. The two others were Jonathan and Samuel. Most of us assembled here today are descendants of these three Perigos. Quite a while after the death of his wife, Rhoda, this first Perigo, Romey, married Rachael McGill. There were four children by this marriage. The oldest was Aunt Jane Bates, followed by Charles and Aunt Mary Davis. The youngest child, Richard, died early in life.

Of the later generations of Perigos, we have accurate accounts, and find them taking responsible places in the settlement and development of Kentucky, but mainly Indiana. The Perigos of the last hundred years have engaged in farming and a very large number have been teachers. Our people have engaged in various other professions. The Perigos are also well known as singers.

And wherever one sees a Perigo, he is easily recognized, and a person whom we can be glad to claim - not because of his long nose, but because of his typical Perigo qualities. It is that sincere, honest, and upright spirit which has brought many of us here today.

Irvin E. Perigo



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