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Phillips, John

Submitted by Robert E. Phillips

Lawrence Courtney Phillips s/o 428 1/m. 3-5-1932 Florence Naomi Mueller b.10-26-1908
d/o Fred and Lillian (Austin) Mueller
d. 3-11-1936 Bur. Maple Grove Cem.
2251 Donald Phillips b. 8-25-1933 Boonville, In.
d. 8-25-1933, lived 2hrs Bur. Maple Grove Cem.

2/m Gladys Wilson
2252 Gary Wilson Phillips b. 1-28-1939 Boonville, In. d. 1-29-1939 Bur. Little Zion Cem.

3/m Mary Porter d. 2003
Bur. Lynnville Cem, Ind.

Jesse Phillips s/o 104 m. 12-10-1900 Bertha Mae Clark b. 1-29-1883
d/o Jacob and Margaret Isabel (Black) Clark
d. 1-1980,
Bur. Little Zion Cem.
1153 Lyle Phillips b. 11-5-1901 d. Bur. Maple Grove,Boonville, In.
1154 Lawrence C. Phillips b. 8-18-1905 d. 1982 Bur. Lynnville Cem. Ind.
1155 Wallace O. Phillips b. 1-31-1915 d. Fort Walton Beach, Fla. Cremated

Courtney L. Phillips s/o34 m. 5-2-1865 Methurza Ann Baughn b. 1-02-1850
d/o Richard and Mary (Pierce) Baughn
d. 06-06-1906 Bur Little Zion Cem.
424 Pauline C. Phillips b. 1868
425 Richard B. Phillips b. 3-28-1870
426 Polly Ann Phillips b. 7-13-1872 Bur. Little Zion Cem.
427 Ed Phillips b. 8-6-1874
428 Jesse Phillips b. 4-19-1877 d. 1940 Bur. Little Zion Cem.
429 Male Phillips b. 4-21-1883
430 Frederick Phillips b. 10-6-1884

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Abraham Phillips s/o 16 m. 8-19-1841 Perlina Rice b. 1825 Bur. Little Zion Cem.
104 Courtney L. Phillips b. 12-23-1848 Warrick Co. In. d. 12-29-1931 Bur. Little Zion Cem.
105 Agnes Catherine Phillips b. 4-1-1853
106 Matthew J. Phillips b. 4-11-1857
107 George N. Phillips b. abt. 1859
108 James E. Phillips b. 2-4-1861
109 Pauline Elizabeth Phillips b .9-2-1862
110 Nancy Ann Phillips b. abt. 1865

John Sherman Phillips s/o 5 m. 1-28-1799 Agnes Gentry b. 6-15- 1778 d. 1-4-1852 d. -------- Bur: Little Zion Cem
married in Surry Co, N.C. d/o Samuel Gentry, a Patriot who furnished supplies during the Revolutionary War.
Sarah Phillips b.5-9-1801 Surry Co., N.C.
d. 09-11-1873
Joseph Phillips b.1-1-1805 in Kentucky
28 Mary Polly Phillips b. 1807 in Kentucky
29 James G. Phillips b. ?? in Ohio Co., Kentucky
d. ? b. Clark Cem, Ind.
30 Frances Phillips b. abt. 1810 in Ohio Co. Kentucky d. 3-7-1882 b. Polk-Gentry Cem, In.
31 Nancy Phillips b.4-22-1811 in Kentucky d. 2-1-1890 Warrick Co. In.
32 Matthew Phillips b. 6-26-1813 in Kentucky d. 8-5-1889 b. Little Zion Cem, In.
33 Edmund Phillips b.12-1-1817 Warrick County, Indiana d. 7-12-1890 b. Little Zion Cem. In.
34 Abraham Phillips b. abt. 1821 Warrick County, Indiana d. 2-9-1894
Bur:Little Zion Cem
25 Agnes Phillips b. 6-7-1824 d. 1-19-1897

William Phillips Sr. s/o 1 b. 12-5-1740 probably in Orange Co., Va.
m. ? Mary ----?.
He served as a Pvt. of 4th Co. of North Carolina
Reg. in Revolutionary War
on muster roll dated 12-12- 1782. Term of enlistment 14 months. His will was written and probated in February Court 1826 Surry Co., N.C. Box 89B.

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additional children of William Phillips Se.
11 Female Phillips
12 Matthew Phillips b. 1770
13 Abraham Phillips b. 1768
14 Nancy Phillips b. 1772
15 William Phillips b. 1774
16 John Sherman Phillips b. abt. 1779 in Surry Co, N.C. d. 1-24- 1860 Bur. Little Zion Cem
He took active interest in all matters pertaining tothe public welfare. In 1825 he was the Inspector of Elections in Skelton Township.
17 Edmund Phillips b. 12-01-1806 Surry Co., N.C.
18 Elizabeth Phillips b. 1783
19 Lewis Phillips b. 1785
20 Sarah Phillips b. 1787
21 Joseph Phillips b. 1-30-1800 in North Carolina

Joseph Phillips Sr. b. abt.1710 in Leicestershire, England d. aft.1755 in Surry Co. N.C. or VA. m. 12-1-1733
Mary Pendelton d/o James Pendelton in England. and came to America in 1735, probably Orange Co. Va., from
Kercestershire, England
2. Bennett Phillips b. 9-8-1734 d. 11-17-1776
3. Jane Phillips b. 2-12-1736
4. Joseph Phillips Jr. b. 5-9-1738 in Orange Co., VA.
He was captain in Revolutionary War and later resided
at East Bend now Yadkin Co. N.C.
5 William Phillips Sr. b. 12-5-1740 in Orange Co., VA d. 1-1826
6. John Phillips b. 5-28-1742
7. Mary Ann Phillips b. 2-2-1748
8. Elizabeth Phillips b. 11-9-1751
9. Abraham Phillips b. 9-13-1754

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#16 John Sherman Phillips
John was the third settler in northeastern Warrick County, Indiana about 1816. Joining the land which John purchased from the goverment, we find Little Zion Cemetery north of Tennyson, Indiana, where many of the Phillips'are buried.
John's wife was Agnes Gentry of Surry County, North Carolina. James Gentry Sr. also from Surry Co., North Carolina purchased 1000 acres in 1818 and laid out the town of Gentryville, Indiana, he owned and ran a small store where Abraham Lincoln worked as a clerk.
During the migration of the Lincoln's to Illinois, they needed to cross Little Pigeon Creek west of Gentryville. The new Mrs. Lincoln was afraid to cross and my grandmother's (Bertha Clark) grandfather Masterson Clark rode his horse over, put Mrs. Lincoln up behind him and safely carried her over the creek. They then saw them safely across Polkberry Creek.
Further on what is now known as the Lincoln Trail Road, the Lincoln's stopped to gather water at a spring on the farm of John Sherman Phillips, who when found they were there, invited them to spend the night, which they did. The dinner plates used during their meals are in the museum in Boonville, Indiana and known as the "Lincoln Plates".
The Lincoln Club of Southern Indiana established an American flag pole and marker that says: " Here Thomas Lincoln and his family spent their first night outside Spencer County enroute to Illinois 1830". ( I have visited this spring and some old stones which are said to be part of the old homeplace)
John Sherman Phillips Land purchases in Warrick County, Indiana
03-10-1817 236.16 ac 06-5s-6w E/2 NW & W/2 NW Skelton Township
04-09-1825 75.42 ac 31-4s-6w W/2 SW Pigeon Township
01-07-1836 40.00 ac 05-5s-6w NE SE Skelton Township
10-07-1836 40.00 ac 32-4s-6w SW SW Pigeon Township
11-15-1836 25.00 ac ?
12-14-1836 80.00 ac 31-4s-6w E/2 SE Pigeon Township
04-16-1839 80.00 ac 31-4s-6w W/2 SE Pigeon Township
04-20-1839 37.71 ac 31-4s-6w SE SW Pigeon Township
Last Will and Testament of John Sherman Phillips
In the name of God Amen
I John Phillips of Warrick County, Indiana, do make and publish this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking all former wills by me heretofore made. My will and desire is that all my just debts be paid. The proceeds of my stock of horses, cattle and hogs I may have at the time of my death, I will and bequeath to be equally divided between my daughters, Sally Stephenson wife of Thomas Stephenson, Polly Reed wife of Amer Reed, Franky Polk wife of William Polk, Nancy Stevens wife of Solomon Stevens and Agnes Hull wife of John Hull. All the cash on hand at my death and the proceeds arising from the collection of the debts and demands due and owing to me of whatever nature or kindsoever after the payment of all my just debts and funeral expenses and expense of administration, I will and desire to be distributed as follows; To Abraham Phillips, fifty dollars and to Edmund Phillips my son, five hundred dollars, the balance to be equally divided between my sons, Edmund and Matthew.
The NE/4 of NW/4 and the NW/4 of NE/4 of Section 9, Township 4 South Range7 West, I give and bequeath to my son Joseph Phillips, his heirs and assigns forever.
The NE/4 of SE/4 of Section 20, Township 4 South Range 6 West, I give and bequeath to my son William Phillips, his heirs and assigns forever.
The S/2 of SE/4 of Section 31, Township 4 South Range 6 West, I give and bequeath to my son Matthew Phillips, his heirs and assigns forever.
The S/2 of SE/4 of Section 30, Township 4 South Range 6 West, I give and bequeath to my son Abraham Phillips, his heirs and assigns forever.
The W/2 of SW/4 and SE/4 of SW/4 of Section 31, Township 4 South Range 6 West, I give and bequeath to my son Edmund Phillips, his heirs and assigns forever.
And to the heirs of my son James Phillips deceased, I give and bequeath the W/2 of SE/4 of Section 20 in Township 4S Range 6 West, their heirs and assigns subject to the following exceptions and conditions to wit; Should any of said heirs die before they arrive of age without heirs of their own body the surviving heir or heirs to have and possess the tract of land last above described their heirs or assigns but should all of said heirs die before they arrive of age and without heirs of their own body then the tract of land last above describe to revert back to and be divided among my legal heirs.
I hereby constitute my son Edmund Phillips, J Wait, B Moore the executors of this my last will and testament.
John Phillips
his seal
Subscribed and sworn to before me this the 8th day of July 1860
Joseph Masters Clerk

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additional information John Sherman Phillips

Signed and delivered in presence of Isaac S. Moore and Thomas W. Hammond on this 23rd day of April A.D. 1852. The words I may have at the time of my death intered before signing.
Isaac Moore
Thomas W. Hammond
I, John Phillips, do by these presents make this codicil to my last will and testment. First, the terms heirs to my son James Phillips, deceased shall mean his children to wit: Lewis E., Mary, Sarah C., Agnes and Caroline Phillips.
It is also my will and desire that the above will and testament be altered in this "that all the cash on hand at my death and proceeds arising from the collection of the debts and demands due and owing to me of whatever nature or kind soever after the payment of my just debts and funeral expense and expense of administration be distributed as follows to wit;
First, I give Abraham Phillips fifty dollars and to Edmund Phillips five hundred dollars, the balance to be equally divided between my children, Joseph Phillips, Abraham Phillips, Matthew Phillips, Sally Stephenson, Polly Reed, Franky Polk, Nancy Stephenson and Agnes Hull.
I also desire that my executors are not to charge any of my children on the final settlement of my estate with any amount which I may have given them in my life time unless I have a note for the amount is regulary charged on my account,
Given under my hand and seal the 2nd day of June A.D. 1856.
John Phillips
his seal
Read in our hearing presence and the presence of said testator John Phillips and subscribed in our presence on this 2nd day of June A.D. 1856

#5 William Phillips Sr.
During the Revolutionary war and before Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown the Commonwealth of Virginia in the event a man would agree to enlist in the military for a period of 14 months, the state and government to be, would award the soldier 300 acres and 2 slaves. William chose land in Surry County, North Carolina on the border with Virginia.
Mt. Airy, N.C. is the capital seat of this County, I have visited this town and went to their court house to check records and deeds of William, a lady at the court house who helped me with the records is married to a Phillips and her husbands first name is Lawrence.
Just south of the small town is another called Boonville, and south of that is a town called Courtney, my father's middle name.
During their migration west many of the John Sherman Phillips children were born in Kentucky.
Just south of Louisville is a small town called Phillipsburg in Marion Co. Ky.
Many pioneers migrating from North Carolina came over the Cumberland Gap, following the Cumberland Trail and crossing the Ohio River at Louisville on a geological feature known as the Falls of the Ohio into Indiana.

see William Phillips Sr. will on page 6

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Last Will and Testament of William Phillips Sr. of Surry Co., N.C.
In the name of God Amen
I William Phillips of the county of Surry and State of North Carolina. Being of perfect mind and memory and calling to mind that is appointed unto men to dye and after death to come to judgement do ordain this my last will and testament. First of all I recommend my soul to God ho gave me and my body to the dust from whence it came to be decently buried at the good will and dicretion of my friends and execitors and as to my worldy goods and substance which it has please God to bless me with my will and desire is to dispose of them in the maner folowing I gave and bequeath unto Benett Creed one clay lunk colored hors bridle and saddle one bed and furniture now called his and one cow I gave unto Polly Creed tto beds and furniture now call hers and one cow I gave unto the heirs of my son Abraham Phillips the three yongest excepted five shillings each and amt. the three youngest the sum of twenty dollars each and I gave and bequeath unto my beloved wife Mary.
Mary Phillips during her life all my estate both real and personal except what I have will to Benett and Polly Creed and my further will and desire is that after the death of my said wife Mary that my estate be equally devided amongst all my sons and daughters namely Mathew Phillips, Nancy Longino, William Phillips, John Phillips, Edmond Phillips, Elizabeth Phillips, wife of John Phillips, Lewis Phillips, Sarah Miller wife of Jacob Miller, and Joseph Phillips. But my further will is that my to daughters Elizabeth Phillips and Sarah Miller have their equal proportion of the hole estate maid out of too certain negroes if their the said negros should be living at the death of my said wife in this maner the negro girl named Hannah to be valued for to make out Elizabeth Phillips part and should she be valued to more than one equal share my daughter to pay back the over plus and one Negro girl named Ritter to be valued to make out Sarah Millers part and should she be valued more than one share my said daughter Sarah to pay back the over plus but should either of the said Negros dye in that case the said daughters to still be an equal share with the rest of the legatees and I do hereby revoke and disanull all other wills by me hereafter maid and affirm this to be my last will and testament unto which I appoint my too sons Edmond Phillips and Joseph and Jacob Miller my son in law my hole and sole executors of this my last will and testament in testimony whereof I have here unto set my hand and affixed my seal this 8th day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty five.
Syhned sealed published and declared in the presance of us ho saw him sighn and also saw wach other sighn

William X Phillips
mark Philip Rolemon Jurat
Stephen his mark Chelton
X Head, Jurat

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#1Joseph Phillips
Land sales made by the Nottaway Indians were made thru committee. Headrights in the Court of Pleas of the County functioned as immigration record for English, Scot and Irish and identify the country of origin and port of entry.
Headrights were granted of 50 acres of land per "head" or per white male over the age of 16 who transported himself to the colonies. Joseph acquired his 50 acres in Orange County Virginia on 17 February, 1735.
Joseph attested to the will of William Russell of Culpeper and Orange Counties, Va in the year of 1743.
Joseph acquired 540 acres on 7-10-1745 in Southhampton County.
Joseph sold 100 acres in Southhampton County to Charles Calthrope on 2-8-1750.
In the year 1752 Joseph and Mary Phillips transferred 800 acres to Benj. Brown of Louisa County, Va.

FFYLIB ap Jevan or FFYLIB de Levan

I have found the Phillips name in Wales, where a man with the surname FFYLIB (which was due to individual's choice of spelling), who claimed to be a nephew to Cadivor Vawr the Prince of Pembroke whose home was the old Pembroke Castle in ancient and present Wales.
In Wales in those years, a person was known by a given name and last name of father i.e., Ffylib ap Jevan (Phillips ap Jevan) having the meaning son of, (Phillips de Levan) having the meaning in French of being from the land of. I have found it both ways. Many times the names were strung out such as: Phillips ap John, his son then could be Joseph ap Phillips, his son William ap Joseph, his son Thomas ap William and so forth and so on.
Phillips families in England were at Warwick, Stafford, Leicester, Devon, Suffolk and Stratford upon Avon.
The Phillips name is of Greek origin and as old as recorded history. It may be spelled many ways. It was present when the town of Phillipi was founded by Philip II of Macedon, 359-336 B.C. Six kings of France and five kings of Spain named Philip, Three Saints named Philip. A bust of John Phillips a poet, is in Westminster Abbey's Poets' Corner where he keeps company with Shakespeare and Chaucer.
In this country we can find Phillips University, Frank Phillips College, Phillips Collections, Phillips Academy, Phillips Exeter Academy. The Phillips Foundation, Phillips Graduate Institute, Phillips Petroleum, a portrait of John Phillips in Dartmouth College Museum Galleries. Thomas Jefferson entertained British prisoner of war General William Phillips who he described as "the proudest man of the proudest nation on the face of the earth. Commodore Uriah Phillips Levy (USN 1792-1862) purchased Monticello in 1836 and bequeath the house and grounds to the US for "the people of the United States.

Attempting to trace your forefathers to the 12th century and further, lends itself to gathering information that may
be questionable and could be assumed to be factual.

This family history is submitted with acknowledgment of the following references;
USGENWEB, RootsWeb.com Inc., Ancestry.com, Marsha's Warrick Web, Ancestry World Tree Project, History of Warrick County, Records of the Recorder of Warrick County, Indiana, The Phillips Family came to Warrick Co, Indiana, by Opal B. Phillips, deceased, Thomas Jefferson An Intimate History by F.M. Brodie, my own person information.
I present this to be true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
Robert Phillips



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