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Miller, Lewis Jackson

Submitted by Tamara Kincaide
Indianapolis: Indianapolis Sentinel Co., 1899, 636 pgs.

LEWIS JACKSON MILLER has had his residence at Boonville, Warrick County, his native county in which he was born August 18, 1834. His father was David Miller, a farmer in moderate circumstances and his mothers maiden name was Bloyd, Nancy Bloyd. In the way of education young Miller secured such as was obtainable in the schools of his native county by attending them two or three months in the winter season. These schools were usually held on houses built of logs, presided over by men who could read or write and master arithmetic from addition, these studies mastered the pupils were ready for their diplomas.
The grand march of the common school system in Indiana since that time reads more like fiction than fact. Nevertheless these rude institutions of education thousands of sons of pioneers with all the schooling they received, and supplied them in so far as schooling was concerned, for the duties of life, and it is a fact worthy of notice that some of these graduates in after life became citizens of their localities and state of prominence and usefulness in the higher walks of life.

Mr. Miller worked on a farm until he reached the age of twenty four years, when he entered the store of his uncle John Lynn, of Lynnville, where he remained until 1867. At this date Mr. Miller was elected to the responsible office of county treasurer on the democratic ticket and removed to Boonville the county capitol. His services as county treasurer were recognized by his fellow citizens. He was a safe custodian of the peoples money and his integrity unquestionable and was elected again , serving two terms in succession.
At this time there was a pressing demand for banking facilities in Boonville, as the banking business of the town had been transacted in Evansville. As a result Mr. Miller in connection with others organized the Boonville Banking company. Mr. Miller being largely instrumental in establishing the institution beginning business January 1 , 1872 with Mr. Miller as cashier. The business proving profitable with steadily increasing patronage in December 1874 the Boonville Banking company became a National Bank with Miller as president, a position he has held ever since.
Mr. Miller from 1876 to 1883 served as county deputy treasurer and in 1888 was elected again the county treasurer. Mr. Miller is one of the most substantial and reliable of the businessmen of Boonville and of southern Indiana. He is a man of great means and large public spirit, ready at all times to promote the welfare of the city, county and state. In April 1858 he was united in marriage to Miss Martha C Hart, they have had nine children born to them, of whom six are living, Mrs. Miller died in 1889.



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