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Husk, William James

Submitted by Wendy Baumann Krzyzanowski

(1) 1 William James Husk
Birth: 16 Apr 1833, Daviess County, Kentucky
Death: 5 Oct 1894, Owen Tnshp, Warrick County, Indiana
Burial: Folsomville Cemetery
Occ: Blacksmith
Father: William Valentine Husk (1796-1877)
Mother: Malinda Kellams (1801-1870)

Fought with the 8th Kentucky Cavalry Company B.

Spouse: Mary Francis Barker
Birth: 1839
Death: Mar, 1859-Sep, 1863
Father: John Barker (1810-<1880)
Mother: Rebecca Lancaster (1812-1891)
Marr: 10 Oct 1854

Children: Charity (1866-)
Heelen (1859-)

Other Spouses Mary A Schoolfield

(2) 1.1 Charity Husk
Birth: Oct 1866, Kentucky

Spouse: John W Branch
Birth: Sep 1848, Tennessee

Perry County census of 1900. The Branches lived on Fifth Street in Tell City, Indiana.

Marr: 16 Nov 1879, Warrick County, Indiana

Children: Ernest W (1883-)
Elmer B (1885-)
Ancil E (1892-)

(3) 1.1.1 Ernest W Branch
Birth: 6 Jan 1883

(3) 1.1.2 Elmer B Branch
Birth: Jun 1885

(3) 1.1.3 Ancil E Branch
Birth: 14 Dec 1892

(2) 1.2a Heelen Husk*
Birth: 7 Mar 1859, Daviess County, Kentucky
Death: Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana

After Alexander was committed to an asylum, and later released, he did not go back home. Heelen moved her family to Perry County, Indiana. She divorced him and married Bahr. She later moved to Oklahoma and lived near her son, James Everett Bell.

Spouse: Alexander Albert Bell
Birth: 11 Mar 1853, Newburgh, Warrick County, Indiana
Father: James Bell (1799-1867)
Mother: Sarah (Sally) Hardesty (1825-)

Alexander was confined to a mental hospital from 1891 to 1899. Source: Court records from Warrick County, Indiana.

Marr: 20 Apr 1875, Warrick County, Indiana

Children: James Everett (1875-)
Frances Elizabeth (1877-1916)
Andrew Porter (1881-1951)
Mary Elizabeth (1883-1967)
Charles William (1886-1943)
Carl Alexander (1888-)
Mary Frances (1891-)

Other Spouses Albert Robert Barr

(3) 1.2a.1 James Everett Bell
Birth: Oct 1875, Warrick County, Indiana
Occ: Blacksmith

In 1900, James and his bride Effie are found in Warrick County, Indiana in a boarding house. Eventually settled in Oklahoma

Spouse: Effie Cohoon
Birth: Nov 1879
Marr: 15 Jul 1899, Perry County, Indiana

Children: James Russell (1901-)

(4) 1.2a.1.1 James Russell Bell
Birth: 29 Jan 1901, Tell City, Perry County, Indiana

(3) 1.2a.2 Frances Elizabeth Bell
Birth: 25 Oct 1877, Warrick County, Indiana
Death: 10 Jan 1916, Dermott City, Chicot County, Arkansas

Spouse: Lee Robert Collard
Birth: Sep 1871, Kentucky
Death: 1961, Dermott City, Chicot County, Arkansas

Perry County census of 1900. The Collards lived on Ninth Street in Tell City, Indiana.

Children: Mannie L (1895-)
Kirby (1898-)
Robert Lee (1902-)
Blossom (1906-)
Nellie (1911-)
Sylvia (1913-)

(4) 1.2a.2.1 Mannie L Collard
Birth: Oct 1895, Warrick County, Indiana

(4) 1.2a.2.2 Kirby Collard
Birth: Oct 1898, Warrick County, Indiana

(4) 1.2a.2.3 Robert Lee Collard
Birth: 1902, Chicott County, Arkansas

(4) 1.2a.2.4 Blossom Collard
Birth: 1906, Chicott County, Arkansas

(4) 1.2a.2.5 Nellie Collard
Birth: 1911, Chicott County, Arkansas

(4) 1.2a.2.6 Sylvia Collard
Birth: 1913, Chicott County, Arkansas

(3) 1.2a.3 Andrew Porter Bell
Birth: 7 Mar 1881, Folsomville, Warrick County, Indiana
Death: 11 Aug 1951, Indianapolis, Indiana

In 1900, Andrew and his bride Lucy were found living in Tell City, Perry County, Indiana with Heelen Bell and her younger children, Bessie, Charles, and Carl.

Spouse: Lucy Catherine Lowe
Birth: 28 Aug 1882, Robinson, Crawford County, Illinois
Death: 9 Aug 1969
Father: James Lowe
Mother: Nancy Cox

Children: Andrew Alfred (1900-1965)
Bernard B (1903-1990)
Neville Burville (1909-1994)
Levi O (1911-1982)
Luther P (1913-1915)
Arthur P (1916-1934)
Albert L (1919-)

(4) 1.2a.3.1 Andrew Alfred Bell
Birth: 26 Aug 1900
Death: 27 Jun 1965, San Bernardino, California

(4) 1.2a.3.2 Bernard B Bell
Birth: 27 Oct 1903, Kentucky
Death: 5 Mar 1990, Dolan Springs, Mohave County, Arizona

(4) 1.2a.3.3 Neville Burville Bell
Birth: 30 Apr 1909, Poplar Bluffs, Missouri
Death: 4 Jan 1994, Rialto, California

It is said that he was tattooed from head to foot. He was a welterweight champion boxer from 1926 to 1929.

Spouse: Louise Adaline Bilyou
Birth: 9 Sep 1913, Terre Haute, Indiana
Father: Edward Bilyou
Mother: Rhueba Gurney
Marr: 29 May 1931, Marshall, Illinois



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