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Fuller, Benoni Stinson

Warrick And Its Prominent People, edited by Will Fortune, 1881, pages pages 105, 106, submitted by Judy.

"Benoni Stinson Fuller was born in Warrick county, November 13, 1825. His father, Isham Fuller, was a mechanic and well-to-do farmer, who was born in North Carolina, and came to Indiana as early as 1816. He was a great lover of biblical and historical literature, and was remarkably well informed on these and kindred subjects. In 1842 he was elected Representative from Warrick county in the State Legislature, and held the office six consecutive years. He was born in 1798, and died February 14,1856. Mr. Fuller's mother was also a native of North Carolina, and was a very pious lady.

From a sketch of Mr. Fuller's life in the "Eminent Men of Indiana," we quote the following: " Mr. Fuller, as a son of pioneer parents, had few advantages for securing an education, but he had energy and industry, and soon mastered the rudiments. A few short months in the log cabin college each winter were the sum total of his early advantages, but he did much reading outside. Before he was twenty-one we find him in the school-room as a teacher, which, of itself, speaks for the way in which he spent his time. When a boy he did anything for a living, cut wood, mauled rails, burned brush, cleared land, and did all other work incident to farm life. His father gave him his time before he became of age, and he used it apparently to good advantage. He worked at home or abroad, by day or month, and was careful to husband his means and prepare himself for the future.

His public life began when he was about thirty years old. At this time he was elected Sheriff of the county and served two terms, from 1857 to 1861. In 1862, during the beginning of the troubles with the South, he was sent to the State Senate. After this he was twice elected to the Lower House, once in 1866 and again in 1868. The last time he served he was unanimously nominated President by the Democratic caucus of its members. In 1872 he was again elected State Senator. In 1874 he was chosen Congressman over Heilman, and again elected to the same position in 1876. In 1878 he declined renomination."

Mr. Fuller is the only man from Warrick county, besides Ratliff Boon, who has had the honor of representing the first congressional district in Congress, and his election over Heilman in 1874 was a glorious victory. Politically, his success has been something remarkable, but he says that he has now retired from public life, never to enter it again." 



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