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Hoover, Peter N., M. D.

This book has no cover, and no index, and no author. I bought it on Ebay; it just has the insides, but it is full of Indiana biographies. I am not researching this family, just thought I would share. I do not know anymore about these families or these surnames. NOTE: I don't know if there is any additional mention of this family in the book, it has no index. I do not want to sell this book. I am typing the biographies from it.

Typed by Lora Radiches:

Surnames in this biography are: Hoover, Sanders, Garwood, Deffendall, Jenkins, Harper, Blaze, Harvey, Barrett, Wiggs, Bowen, Brown, Clark, Orr, Ferguson, Hopkins, Lewis, Erler, 

PETER N. HOOVER, M. D. During the long period of nearly fifty years Doctor Hoover has been engaged in the practice of his profession in his native State of Indiana, and these years have been marked by faithful, able and loyal ministration in the alleviation of human suffering and distress. The Doctor now has precedence as the oldest practicing physician and surgeon in years of continuous service in the City of Boonville, judicial center of Warrick County, where he has been established in successful general practice since the year 1884 and where his personal and professional popularity is of unqualified order. Doctor Hoover was born in Pike County, Indiana, September 20, 1851, and is a son of Abraham and Mary Sanders (Garwood) Hoover, the former of whom was born in Daviess County, this state, and the latter in Kentucky. The parents of Abraham Hoover came to Indiana from their native State of Pennsylvania and were numbered among the pioneer settlers in Daviess County. Abraham Hoover was long numbered among the substantial farmers and honored citizens of Pike County and there he and his wife continued to maintain their home until their death, their children having been ten in number and all having attained to maturity. Susan R., eldest of the children, became the wife of James Deffendall, a farmer in Pike County, and she was eighty years of age at the time of her death. John W., who died at the age of fifty-four years, was a farmer in Pike County. Jesse B. passed his active life as a farmer in Pike County and died at the age of seventy-five years. Barbara Jane became the wife of David Jenkins, a farmer in Pike County and later in Missouri, and in the latter state she died, at the age of sixty years. William became a gallant young soldier of the Union in the Civil war, was captured by the enemy and was incarcerated in a Confederate prison at the time of his death, when he was but twenty-one years of age. Frank, who gave prolonged service as a teacher in the Indiana public schools, is now living retired in Topeka, Kansas, and is eighty-six years of age at the time of this writing. Elizabeth became the wife of Thomas Harper, a blacksmith, and was forty-five years of age at the time of her death. Dr. Peter N., of this review, was next in order of birth. Mary S. became the wife of John B. Blaze, a farmer in Pike County, and died at the age of forty-eight years. Sally J. is the widow of Scott Harvey, a Pike County farmer, and she celebrated her seventy-third birthday anniversary on April 23, 1931. Dr. Peter N. Hoover was reared to the sturdy discipline of the home farm and in his youth he supplemented the training of the common schools of his native county by attending Oakland Seminary. In preparation for the profession in which he has given many years of earnest and devoted service he repaired to the metropolis of Kentucky and completed a course in the Kentucky School of Medicine, in which he was graduated as a member of the class of 1881. Since thus receiving his degree of Doctor of Medicine he has, by continued study and broad and varied practical experience, kept in line with the advances made in medical and surgical science, and in 1893 he did constructive postgraduate work in the City of Philadelphia. Doctor Hoover was engaged in practice in Pike County during the first three years of his professional endeavors, and since 1884 he has maintained his home at Boonville, Warrick County, and made his ministrations count largely in communal service, his practice having long been one of substantial and representative order and he having status as the revered family physician to many of the leading families of Boonville and vicinity, where he has ministered to the second and third generations in many instances. Doctor Hoover is a veteran and honored member of the Warrick County Medical Society and the Indiana State Medical Society, as well as the American Medical Society. Loyal and liberal as a citizen and well fortified in his convictions relative to economic and governmental policies, Doctor Hoover is found staunchly arrayed in the ranks of the Republican Party. He and his wife are zealous members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. In the Masonic fraternity he has received the thirty-second degree of the Scottish Rite, besides being a Noble of Hadi Temple of the Mystic Shrine, in the City of Evansville and also a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. In the World war period he served as a member of the enlistment examining board of Warrick County and was otherwise influential in local patriotic activities. In Pike County, on the 2d of May, 1878, was solemnized the marriage of Doctor Hoover to Miss Mary E. Barrett, who likewise was born and reared in that county, where her father was a prosperous farmer. Mrs. Hoover is a daughter of the late Daniel C. and Martha (Wiggs) Barrett, the former of whom was born in Indiana and the latter in Kentucky. Individual paragraphs that follow give record concerning each of the children of Doctor and Mrs. Hoover. J. Guy, who was born February 4, 1879, is a skilled and popular physician and surgeon and is associated with his father in practice at Boonville, with standing as one of the able and popular physicians of this county. Like his father, to whom he is a valued professional coadjutor, he is a Republican in politics and affiliated with both York and Scottish Rite bodies of the Masonic fraternity, as well as Hadi Temple of the Mystic Shrine. He married Miss Ada Bowen, whose father is a railroad engineer, Charles J. Brown, and who was likewise born and reared in Indiana. Her marriage to Doctor Hoover occurred August 22, 1906, and their children are six in number: Peter Bowen, who was born July 28, 1907, is a graduate of Indiana Medical College in the class of 1930, with the M. D. degree, and is now serving his internship in Parkland Hospital at Dallas, Texas; John Clark, who was born January 13, 1909, is taking a pre-medical course in the Indiana University; Mary Ann, who was born August 24, 1911, was graduated in the Boonville High School as a member of the class of 1929; Elizabeth Jane, born August 23, 1913, and Ada Emily, born September 19, 1914, are students in the home high school; and J Guy Jr., is a seventh-grade pupil in the Boonville schools, his birth having occurred February 14, 1919. Florence, who was born in May, 1881, is the wife of Herbert Orr, who is in Government employ in Washington, D. C., and they have two children, Barrett R. and Mary Jane, aged respectively twenty-five and twenty-three years. Nola, who was born December 25, 1885, is the wife of Dr. Chester C. Ferguson, who is a dentist by profession and established in successful practice at Boonville, the three children of this union being Elizabeth, aged twenty-four years; Margaret, aged twenty-one years; and Charles, aged nineteen years. Elizabeth, born October 2, 1887, is the wife of Phelps Hopkins, who is a traveling commercial salesman, and they reside in Miami, Florida, their children being Hoover, aged twenty-two years; Frances, aged twenty-one years; and Mary Barrett, aged eighteen years. Esther, who was born October 30, 1890, is the widow of Henry Lewis, who was a druggist at Boonville, and she resides at Miami Florida, no children having been born of her marriage. Mary, youngest of the children, was born in March, 1893, is the wife of William C. Erler, who is a contractor and builder, and their one child is a winsome daughter, Mary Hoover, three years of age. 



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