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Edwards, Joshua 1779-1862

Submitted by Lou Dyer

1807: Census of Indiana Territory for 1807 by Indiana Historical Society- page 22
Dearborn County Indiana- #142 Joshua Edwards, #143 Elijah Edwards, #144 Isaac Edwards
(Dearborn County was created 1803 from Clark Co.; Clark County created 1801 from Knox; Knox was created 1790 from Northwest Territory:) In Randolph County # of person over 21 with Thos Edwards is 2; with Willm Edwards is 2. This is on page 39-

Census: 1820 Spencer County Indiana-page 15- 58 stamp on page- Joshua Edwards next to him is Dennis Coker

1828 Warrick County Indiana F#0549450 Order Bk's page 88 1828/pg 133 1830 (Warrick Created 1813 from Knox)
1828 Warrick County Indiana film#0549450 State of Indiana vs Minyard Reed- Jury: Henry Haney, Jefferson Hall, Stephen Hanby, Harvey Smith, ** Joshua Edwards, I..H ... ton, Rowland S. Ellis, Isaac Johnson, Isaac Barret, Joseph Hunsacker, Ephraim Dickey, Jacob Harpide ?.

1829 Warrick Co Indiana F#1443659-Estate Sale of Henry Shaw at John Phillips Skelton TWP 14 Mar 1829 appr:John Lasley-William Gentry /some names mentioned **Joshua Edwards,Isaac Powers, Marsham Powers,John Phillips, Henry Hart, Stephen Hamby, John Pruit, William McNeely, Zachariah Skelton, William Gentry

1837 Warrick County Indiana film#1443660 Deed Records v.3 1838-1840, v.4 1840-1842, v.5 1842- 1844 rec'd Nov. 15th 1837/39 from ** Joshua Edwards #22385 N.E.qtr S.W. qtr, Sec 25, Twp 4S R 6W recorderd Jan7 1842 v.4 page 566 -1838 William Edwards & Kitty his wife sold 40a N.E. qtr of the S.E.qtr of Sec 20 Twp 4 S. R 6 W to Edmund Philips son of John Philips (note the land descripition- Sec 25 vs Sec 20) all else is the same.Volume 3
Ledger 9 indicates E1/2 SW for 80 acres with N1/2 to above; S1/2 to JAMES LYON.

!Land: 1839 Warrick County Indiana- Land Office Shawneetown- Doc. #22585 Issue Date 1 Aug 1839 (I have a map showning this entry)******
Patentee Names:JOSHUA EDWARDS- Authority: 24 Apr 1820: Sale-Cash Entry (3Stat.566) 80 Acres
NESW Sec 28 Twp 4-S Range 6-# meridian 2nd PM

1842 Warrick County Indiana Deed Records Film #1443666 Vol 17 (I have copies)
22nd Nov 1842 William Edwards 1st part **Joshua Edwards 2nd partNW1/4 NW 1/4 S5 Twp5s R6w also SE1/4 of the NE1/4 S6 Twp5s Rsw also SW1/4of the NW1/4 S5 twp5s R6w(signed William Edwards & City Edwards)



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