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Grimes, James

submitted by Jerri Houston

James Grimes was born in Kentucky in 1829. His father's name is unknown, but James' death certificate says his father was from England. James' mother, Elsie Hornbeck/Hornback, had James and a daughter, Permelia Rachel. After something happened to James' dad, Elsie married Peter Saltsman. I think Peter had been married before and had two children named Josephine and Carril. Together he and Elsie had Kathryn, Burl, Peter, George and John. This would have been James' half brothers and sisters. In the 1850 census, we find the family in Patoka Township, Dubois County, IN.

James married Elizabeth Ellen Smith on Dec 31, 1857. It has been stated in the family that she was a Cherokee Indian and walked here from Virginia to Gentryville. I do know that she was born in Ohio County, OH. Ellen was small at the time of their marriage. Isabell's father was William Duke, born 1789. He fought in the 1812 War and is buried at Holland, IN. Nathian's father was Jonathan Smith, born 1776 in New Jersey. In the 1850 Census in Pigeon Township, Warrick County, IN, we find the family of William Duke, wife, Mary, sons, John & Joshua, daughter, Ellen & Mary, son William & father Jonathan. So I assume they all came here from Ohio together.

Nathan joined the Civil War in Nov 1861. Shortly thereafter his daughter, Mary , was born and Isabelle died. Nathian then married Elizabeth Hall in 1856. They had son, Amos: Died young, and a son John. R. born in 1867. Nathian died in 1871.

On December 31, 1857, James Grimes married Elizabeth Ellen Smith. Their first child died and is buried at Huntingburg, TN. Bloomfield (My grandfather) was born in Dubuois County, IN in 1858. James joined the Civil War, Mar. 8, 1864. Early in the war he was accidently shot in the arm and leg. He suffered many years with this before he died in 1888. He and Ellen had the following children:
Bloomfield b. 1858 m. Louisa Hodges
John b. 1860 m. Disey Powers
Alice d. at 4 yrs, buried at Baker's Chapel
Sarah b. 1868 m Edward Jones
Amanda b. 1871 m John Smith
Thomas d. at 4 yrs. buried at Bethabara
Isabelle b. 1879 m. Albert Skelton
Rebecca b. 1882 m. Everett Broshears
Mary b. 1884 m. John Epperson
Ida and another infant died

In 1870 Census they were all living in Skelton Township. It has also been passed thru the family that our name was Grimm until James went into the Civil War. His Civil War papers do not prove this to be true.
James' son, Bloomfield, married Louisa Charlotta Hodges in 1885. They had seven children. The first five died young. Carl was born in 1902 and died at age 54. Arl was born in 1905 and died at age 84. As James died young, Bloomfield also had to raise all his brothers and sisters. It has been said he buried more family members than anyone in Warrick County.

Carl married Mildred Armstrong. This union had 3 children.

Arl married Jeanette Byers. This union had 2 children.
James' son, John, married Dicey Powers March 1883 in Warrick. After their fourth child was born they went on a wagon train to Sikeston, MO around 1890. Dicey died young in childbirth. She is buried in Sikeston. John is buried in Dexter, MO. John's children were:
Willard b. 1883
Frank b. 1884
Thomas b. 1885
Nancy b. 1887
Mary Jenny b. 1892
Belle b. 1894
Willard married Emma McKinnon in 1903. This union had 11 children.
Frank married and had a daughter, Mary Dicey. They lived in the Sikeston, MO area.
Mary Jenny Grimes married Pete Powers. This union had 9 children.
Belle Grimes married (1) James Halley and (2) Edgar Gregory. There were 6 children born to Belle from these marriages.
Nancy Elizabeth Grimes married Emmit Glass. There were 7 children born of this union.
James' daughter, Sarah married Edward Jones in 1881. They moved to Sikeston, MO. To this union was born:
James William b. 1883 m. Julia Simpson, 4 children
Thomas b. 1884
Pab b. 1886
Martin William b. 1889
Lora Belle b. 1891
Minnie b. 1892
Sam b. 1896 m. Alta Rector in 1918, 4 children
Ira b. 1900



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