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Heath, William

Descendants of William Heath
submitted by Eve Slater

Generation No. 1
1. WILLIAM1 HEATH was born May 20, 1820. He married LUCINDA HARGRAVE August 29, 1847 in Warrrick County IN, daughter of SETH HARGRAVE and SARAH LEACH. She was born October 12, 1829, and died Abt. 1851.

In 1839 William got a land patent in Ohio Twp., Warrick Co. His Land was adjacent to a land patent acquired by Henry Harrison Heath. In 1849 William left in search of gold and was never heard from again.
It seems probable that William Heath was a brother of Garret Cavender Heath and Henry Harrison Heath, but this has not been proven. They appeared in Warrick Co at the same time.Henry and William got land patents on the same day and nearby. Garret was guardian for Henry's children after his death. William took the inventory of Henry's estate upon his death. At the very least they are probably close relatives. See Garret and Henry Heath for their details.
A later census says William was born in North Carolina.

Lucinda was left alone to raise Marion Franklin when her husband went in search of gold. She didn't live long after he left, leaving Marion Franklin an orphan. Lucinda is shown on the Warrick County, Boone Twp., 1850 Census, taken 8-24-1850. She is shown as being 21 yrs. old. Actually she wouldn't have been 21 till 10-12-50. She was living with a William and Melinda Gray (Alilce Melinda Hargrave Gray was Lucinda's aunt). Lucinda is shown as having a child, Mary, age 2 who I believe is really Marion. This would have been the right age for him. When Lucinda died leaving Marion Franklin an orphan, Marion was raised by Thomas W. and Carrie Ann Leach. Lucinda's mother was Sallie Leach Hargrave so I believe this family was probably an aunt and uncle.

2. i. MARION FRANKLIN2 HEATH, b. May 09, 1848, Log Creek, Lockhart Twp, Pike Co., IN; d. October 16, 1914.
Generation No. 2
2. MARION FRANKLIN2 HEATH (WILLIAM1) was born May 09, 1848 in Log Creek, Lockhart Twp, Pike Co., IN, and died October 16, 1914. He married NANCY DORA HUGHES April 05, 1878 in Warrick Co IN. She was born May 08, 1857, and died May 28, 1934.

Marion & Nancy Heath
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Marion Franklin was a teacher. 

3. i. HANSEL ORBY DILLY3 HEATH, b. January 14, 1879, Log Creek, Lockhart Twp, Pike Co., IN; d. July 20, 1950.
Generation No. 3
3. HANSEL ORBY DILLY3 HEATH (MARION FRANKLIN2, WILLIAM1) was born January 14, 1879 in Log Creek, Lockhart Twp, Pike Co., IN, and died July 20, 1950. He married CORA PRISCILLA MILLER November 27, 1898 in Warrick Co IN, daughter of WILLIAM MILLER and ELIZABETH HUMPHREY. She was born March 15, 1880 in Log Creek, Lockhart Twp, Pike Co., IN or vicinity, and died 1967 in Lynnville, IN.

Orby Heath
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Cora Heath
He was called Orby and was known as a very independent character. He didn't like going to church. He said he could commune with God better outdoors. He was a veterenarian and also delivered his granddaughter Carolyn Sue Tevault at home. He was a farmer and landowner in Warrick county. 

Cora was a very typical country woman of her generation. One of her favorite sayings was "Pretty is, is pretty does." (except she pronounced it purdy) She was know as an excellent cook and was said to make the best pies. A fine example of her quilting still is used by a great grand daughter, a beautiful "Grandmother's Flower Garden" with the "30's green" border. Typical of these types of quilts, a variety of fabrics were used, including flour sacks, dresses, and shirts.

Children of HANSEL HEATH and CORA MILLER are:
i. JOSIE4 HEATH, b. November 30, 1899, Log Creek, Lockhart Twp, Pike Co., IN.
ii. GUSTA HEATH, b. December 07, 1902, Log Creek, Lockhart Twp, Pike Co., IN.
4. iii. ELSIE HEATH, b. January 06, 1908, Log Creek, Lockhart Twp, Pike Co., IN; d. December 1982, Evansville,IN.
iv. NOTRE L HEATH, b. October 14, 1912, Log Creek, Lockhart Twp, Pike Co., IN.
Generation No. 4
4. ELSIE4 HEATH (HANSEL ORBY DILLY3, MARION FRANKLIN2, WILLIAM1) was born January 06, 1908 in Log Creek, Lockhart Twp, Pike Co., IN, and died December 1982 in Evansville, IN. She married GERALD ETHAN TEVAULT June 23, 1929 in Chrisney, IN, son of GASHEM TEVAULT and NANCY HOPKINS. He was born June 20, 1908 in Lynnville, IN, and died 1947 in Evansville, IN.



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