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Submitted Birth Records - Prior to 1910, N-Q

If you have ancestors that were born in Warrick County, you may submit them to me for inclusion on this page. (If you have more than 10 names, if possible, please submit them in the format below.) As always, this information is submitted by contributors, use this information ONLY as a beginning for your research. 
Name, Date of Birth, Parent's names (mother's maiden if known), Email

Nairn, Charles John born 18 Oct 1861 Boonville, Warrick Co. IN to Daniel Jr. and Sarah (McCumber) Nairn, Charles grandparents are Francis and Frances (Drake) McCumber of Burlington, Racine Co. WI. Dean Nairn

Osburn, William A. Mar 1, 1849, Warden P. Osburn & Mathilda Osburn Sarah Osborne Barbee

Phelps, William Jasper Mar 23, 1853 Phoebe Pantier Bush

Phelps, Andrew Columbus August 6, 1877 Phoebe Pantier Bush

Phelps, Emma R. August 28, 1855 Phoebe Pantier Bush

Powell, Harrison Feb 9, 1890, William & Lizzie Powell John Powell

Powell, Lelia Beatrice Nov 4, 1900, Fred and IDA Dancy Powell John Powell



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