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Couts, John

Submitted by Barbara Evans


Apparently John and Polly (Polly is the nickname for Mary) were neighbors. According to the early tax lists of Warren County, Kentucky 1803, the Couts and the Caldwells lived along the Trammel Creek/River. So, it seems it would be quite natural that a romance would develop, leading to their marriage on Aug. 9, 1809. Polly would have been about 19 years old, being born approximately in 1790, in Spartanburg, South Carolina. She was the child of Matthew P. and possibly Mary Caldwell.

Early Tax Lists of Warren County, Kentucky 1797-1807 Barbara Oliver Ford, Patricia Ennis Reid Bowling Green Kentucky 1986

Tax List 1803 Page 64
Collins, Richard Drakes Creek self
Caldwell, James Trammel Creek self
Collins, Henry Bays Fork self
Caldwel, Mathew Trammel River Curtis Caldwel / Self
Coutch, John Trammel River self
Collins, William Drakes Creek self

John and Mary Polly Caldwell Couts arrive in Indiana by 1813. They arrived with Boone, Collins, Anderson, Baileys, Wrights, and Grahams. John bought and owned a great deal of property, farm land. Some of which is believed to be bounty land from the War of 1812 the rest purchased probably with the funds from the sale of his Kentucky properties.

This Indenture made and entered into this twenty fourth day of November in the year of our lord, one thousand eight hundred and nineteen, between John Couts and Polly his wife of the county of Warrick and the State of Indiana of the one part, and Ratliff Boon of the county and State aforesaid of the other part, Witnessed that for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred and eighty dollars, current money of the United States, to the said John Couts and Polly his wife in hand paid, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, and said John Couts and Polly his wife, have given, granted, bargained, and Sold, and by this presents, do give, grants, bargain and Sell, Alien, release, convey, and confirm, unto the said Ratliff Boon his heirs and assigns, a certain tract on parcel of grand, situate, lying and being in the county and State of aforesaid and boundaries as follows, (To with) Beginning at the south East corner of the south west quarter or lots of section Number twenty nine in township number five south of range Number Eight West on the District of lands office, for sale at said ---- running thence West along the South boundaries of said lot or quarter section eighty pole, thence North by a straight line is the Northern boundary of said quarter to the North corner thereof thence south with the line dividing the south west and ___- East quarter of the section range and township of or said to the place of ___to have and to hold unto the said Ratliff Boon his heirs and assign for together with a and singular the appurtenance thereto belonging, or in any appertaining and the said John Couts and Polly his wife their executors, or administrators, will forever warrant and defend, the right and a title of the said tract or parcel of ground, unto the said Ratliff Boon his heir and assign, agent ___ and every person or person whatsoever. In testimony hereof the said John Couts and Polly his wife and their heirs and their hands are affirmed heir seals the day and ate herein writing.
Singed sealed, delivered his
Matthew Nealey John X Couts Seal
Joseph Deforret mark
Polly X Couts

John and Polly as Early Settlers
The History of Warrick Co. Indiana, page 27: Boone Township is by far the largest in the county and occupies a central position It is bounded on the north...n. Ohio was recognized by the early settlers, and the land entries for this township are larger in proportion than in any other part. The following is a full list, prior to and including the year 1820: John Couts, 1813, James Wright, 1816; Joshua Anderson, 1813, Ratliff Boone, 1812. Early Election On the first Monday in August, 1814, and election was held in Anderson Township-John Couts, voted for Sparks.

The History of Warrick County Indiana Pg. 27
This it must be remembered, was about two years prior to the birth of Boonville, and while the county-seat was located at Darlington. Boon Township is by far the largest in the county and occupies a central position. It is bounded...

The following is a full list, prior to and including the year of 1820 of settlers, and the land entries for this township: William Graham, 1818, Ratliff Boon, 1812; John Couts, 1813; James Wright, 1816; Joshua Anderson, 1813.
Early of Anderson Township- On the first Monday in August, 1814, an election was help for a delegate to Congress and for members of the Territorial Legislature. Forty-eight votes were cast. These seven voted for Sparks: Joseph English, Bailey Anderson, Josh Anderson and John Couts... Jennings received forty-one votes, as follows Wyatt Anderson, Anderson McFadden, Bailey Anderson.
See also her website at: Couts Family



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